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After arriving to Oakland, CA. on a turbulent flight, it was necessary to unwind with wine. The effects of the wine lingered the next morning. Becoming a coffee lover usually starts with needing caffeine to help wake up. It’s a bit disappointing when the family you’re visiting doesn’t have the same appreciation for coffee. The smell of freshly brewed coffee is a pleasant way to help lift our head off of the pillow, especially after a good red blend.

How does one sleep until 10:05 a.m. when you have an appointment at noon? Easy…when you don’t smell coffee in the air. She sensed a look of disappointment and said, “You need some coffee!” She pulled a black box of Organo Gold out of the pantry. She said her husband lives with prostate cancer and Organo Gold is the healthiest alternative to satisfy his coffee cravings.

Although Organo Gold was instant coffee, it was bold and flavorful. The jolt of Organo Gold promoted a timely and energetic drive to the destination.

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