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Many people consider bitcoin to be the future currency. This new technology holds a lot of promise for moving money privately, safely, and free from government intervention. One problem with this digital currency is that it cannot process huge transactions quickly. According to Ted Bauman, the popularity of bitcoin could wane due to its slow processing speeds. Ted Bauman addressed the bit coin issue in the Bauman Letter, an article where he shares his business insights. He urged his followers to think of a time where bitcoin would be a widely accepted currency. He also did not hesitate to highlight one of the major drawbacks with this digital currency.

For example, think of having to make a payment at a machine so you can exit a parking lot. Let’s say you do not have your wallet or any cash or credit cards. On the other hand, let’s say the machine supports cryptocurrency. You decide to pay using bitcoin. After making the payment, you wait for over five minutes before your payment is processed and you are allowed to exit the parking garage. This is what Ted Bauman considers to be bitcoin’s major flaw.

Bitcoin Vs Credit Card Money Processing

When you compare bitcoin processing with credit card money processing, you will find a huge gap. For example, the Visa credit card can process up to 1,700 transactions per second compared to bitcoin’s seven transactions per second. Bit coin transactions take up to ten minutes and in busier times you could wait for up to 40 minutes. This slow processing speed could make people distance themselves from bitcoin.

How Can Bitcoin’s Major Flaw Be Rectified?

According to Ted Bauman the solution for the slow processing speed can be solved by reducing the amount of data that is processed in every mining block. Alternatively, increasing the size of every data block could increase the processing speeds substantially.

About Ted Bauman

Ted went to Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013 where he currently works as the editor of Plan B Club, Alpha Stock Alert, and the Bauman Letter. Bauman specializes in privacy, asset protection, low risk investment, and migration issues. Ted was born in Washington D.C. and immigrated to South Africa in his youthful days. He graduated with a postgraduate degree in Economics and History at the University of Cape Town. Bauman currently lives in Atlanta GA with his family. Click here.

Gareth Henry is an investor and a businessman. He excels in mathematics. Mathematics were always his main focus in everything that he did. He had a passion for mathematics. Henry is currently living and working in New York at a company. He is working as the managing director at this company. This company excels in investments. Gareth Henry attended a college called Heriot-Watt University. He thoroughly enjoyed his time at this college and wanted to help future students with their time spent at the college, so he started a scholarship in his name. He also decided to start a mentoring program at the school so that he could help prospective students.

He wanted to make sure that they received the education that they needed, and get placed into a good job upon graduation. After Henry graduated from Heriot-Watt University he was quick to jump into his first job. He worked many different jobs before settling down at Fortress Investment Firm. Gareth Henry always excelled in investing. He knew what it took to make a good investment, how to find the right things to invest in, and when to invest in them. Henry is now spending the rest of his professional career trying to help others achieve what he has.

According to Gareth Henry is a very hard working individual who has excelled at the jobs in his life. Now he is placing his focus on helping others excel at theirs. It does not matter to him how many people he helps, if he helps out just one person then he will feel fulfilled. Gareth is an amazing example to all people that with hard work and a little determination you can achieve anything that you set your mind to. He wants to see you succeed and will help you in any way that he can. Click here.


Agera Energy was formed in the first month of 2014. A few days later; one of the worst winters in recent history began. People were forced to spend a great deal of money to stop the negative effects of the winter. Due to these incidents, the company got a chance to expand at an unbelievable rate. Most of the retail energy suppliers who had dominated the market before the start of Agera Energy didn’t relate well to their customers. Customers were tired and demanded guidance, protection, and change. One of the main reasons why these retail suppliers didn’t treat their customers well is just because they were underfunded. They didn’t have enough cash to provide their customers with the cash they wanted. From this, Agera Energy noticed a vacancy in the energy industry.

Agera Energy got into the market through the acquisition of bigger national energy suppliers. The company achieved this by pursuing several healthy acquisitions. The company trained several direct sales teams and then sent them to the marketplace. The firm did not only train their front lines, but it also showed them how to serve their energy customers appropriately. Also, they guided them on how to help customers make the most appropriate energy decisions in matters regarding energy consumption. The company made sure that they were transparent to their customers in all their activities. They knew that being transparent was important especially during this stage: the introduction stage.

They took every customer interaction with the seriousness it deserves. The company has been able to make several achievements in this area because of the manner in which it approached the market. Currently, it has about 1.8 million customers. The most important thing is that their customer has been growing and continues to grow steadily. The company is really doing well when it comes to enhancing its energy supply, invoice audit services, and efficiency. Their strategy is not only neatly packaged, but it also simple to implement. Most of the company’s products and services were designed to meet the needs of their specific customers. The ambition of the company is to offer simple contracts, efficient enrollment processes available, and transparent contracts.


With less than six months to go until the 2018 Midterms, the importance of the End Citizens United PAC to the cause of Democrats and independent voters is being shown on a regular basis. As the organization established in 2015 as a traditional PAC limiting donors to just $5,000 in donations per election cycle is endorsing progressive candidates it is also looking to highlight the illegal use of funds by candidates at all levels.End Citizens United has looked to target the constituencies of some of the biggest names in the GOP including Ted Cruz who is being challenged by little-known Democrat Beto O’Rourke. Despite his message of election finance reform not being heard in Texas on a regular basis, the first Democrat endorsed for the 2018 Midterms has cut the gap between himself and the former Presidential candidate to single digits in recent polls.

To back the calls of End Citizens United and Beto O’Rourke for a change in campaign financing, the candidate has raised an impressive $6.7 million in the first three months of 2018 with none of the money raised provided by so-called dark money sources. Alongside providing Democrats and reform-seeking candidates with a large amount of support and funding, End Citizens United are also monitoring the campaign activities of many Republican candidates. One of those recently highlighted by the PAC headed by Tiffany Muller from its Washington D.C. headquarters is former Florida Governor Rick Scott.

The Governor is seeking election to the Senate in 2018 and has been accused by Muller and her team of illegally channeling funds from the New America Super PAC created by Scott to support the work of President Trump.In a complaint filed with the Federal Election Commission, the PAC explains its view Scott is using funds from the New America Super PAC to fund his own Senate bid in a clear violation of the rules regarding election funding. By bringing the case of Rick Scott’s election finance rule breaking to light, End Citizens United is showing it will not stand by and allow members of the GOP to act as if they are above the law.

Talos Energy is a non-governmental oil and gas company located in Houston, TX. The company’s main business is offshore oil exploration and production. Talos Energy attaches great value to asset optimization. The company carries out its business in Gulf Coast and its environs as well as the Gulf of Mexico. Over the years, the company has gathered experience in the mining of fuel along the Gulf region.Before founding Talos Energy in 2012, the founders had built and sold Phoenix Exploration Co. as well as Gryphon Exploration Co. These companies were first built in the Gulf of Mexico, and they proved to be a success. Exercising control over most of their production has enabled Talos Energy to use leading practices in all aspects of their operations. This is intended to bring the following:

  • Enhance output performance on completion and work on projects.
  • Improve hydrocarbon recovery with specialized drilling and completion techniques.
  • Enhance Talos Energy’s commitment to health, safety and environmental compliance in their work.

In November 2017, Stone Energy Corporation announced that they would be merging with Talos Energy. The board of directors of both companies verified the transaction of all assists to form a premier off-shore exploration and drilling company, Talos Energy Inc. According to the Chief Executive Officer of Stone Energy Corporation, the company has continuously put efforts in an attempt of adding value to the investors’ contributions. That was through selectively engaging in deep-sea drilling to create the potential for good cash flows.

Recently, Stone Corporation explored Mt. Providence Well and The Derbio Well. That will supposedly improve the valuation results of the next financial year.Timothy Duncan, the Chief Executive Officer of Talos Energy, affirms that the idea of a reverse merger works perfectly for them. One of the advantages is the pool of talented persons that they can get into Talos Energy. The alliance also enables them to use a structure that makes public equity markets more accessible. The Stone Energy Corporation’s shares will be exchanged directly for the Talos Energy’s shares.

The principal of Fortress Investment Group is responsible for making sure people understand all the things they can use to get better in different situations. Peter Briger is the principal and knows how he can make things easier on those who are in the business. He also knows what will happen to him if he makes the right choices. He plans to continue pushing forward and making sure people see everything he can do for the company. It’s his way of promoting a positive experience that gives him the ability to keep pushing forward. While he knows how to help people with these options, he also knows what it means to give them the options they need.

There are times when Fortress Investment Group must push forward to help all their clients. Peter Briger knew this when he started working for the company. In fact, it’s one of the reasons he started working with Fortress Investment Group. He saw them as a great company dedicated to the experiences they had to make their clients happier and that lined up with all his goals. No matter what Peter Briger did, he felt confident he could continue helping everyone with the experiences they had. It was his way of making things better and giving people everything they needed. For Peter Briger to do this, he had to prepare to make positive choices. He knew it would take a lot of work, but it would be helpful in the end.

Peter Briger spent a lot of time learning about everything he needed to do and everything that would make sense. As long as Peter Briger knew how to help people, the experience paid off. It was his goal to always give back and make the community a better place. Fortress Investment Group is better because of all the hard work Peter Briger put into it.There are other people Peter Briger works with that also help him. He didn’t get to the top of the billionaire list by doing it all on his own. When he needs help, he isn’t afraid to ask for it. He spends his time showing people things get better and showing them how everything changes based on the experiences they have. Peter Briger makes a goal and sticks to it. He wants to show people how that goal will work and how things will get better no matter what they’re doing.

learn more about him : http://petebriger.com/

Peter Briger is one of the leading executives of the firm Fortress Investment Group. He joined the firm in 1998 and immediately served as part of its management committee. Briger has also been a part of the board of directors since November of 2006. Peter brings many years of experience and expertise to the firm. For many years, he has held a number of high ranking positions in the finance industry. As a result, he has been able to use his leadership skills to help Fortress set strategies and policies to consistently reach its goals. Over the course of his career, Peter has worked at large investment banking firms where he was able to establish himself as a top finance professional. Along with being a finance professional and executive, Peter is also quite active in his community as he regularly participates in both philanthropic and community causes.One of the most notable experiences of Peter Briger’s career was when he worked at Goldman Sachs. He attained the position as a partner in 1996 which allowed him to provide more comprehensive management of the firm.

When he was working at Goldman Sachs, he would be part of numerous committees. Many of these were committees that geared towards the Asian markets. During his stint at Goldman Sachs, Peter would serve on these committees in order to help establish a better presence in Asia as well as help clients take advantage of a number of highly lucrative investment opportunities. Briger would help a number of clients take advantage of undervalued securities that would allow them to get high returns. It would also help Goldman Sachs expand its business as well. After Peter left Goldman Sachs after 15 years, he would then move on to become part of another investment firm. He would join Fortress Investment Group which was a young firm at the time. Briger became a part of its top management as soon as he started at the firm. Today he serves as the principal and co chief executive officer. This position allows him to provide the overall direction and administration of the firm.

As of today, Briger supervises the credit department of the firm. Peter manages over 300 investment professionals who focus on undervalued assets and distressed credit based securities.Before he began his career, Peter attended Princeton University where he would receive a bachelor’s degree. He would then attend business school at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. As well as having an extensive educational background, Peter has also been involved in a number of community organizations. He has provided support for the Central Park Conservancy and has also devoted resources to helping low income families in San Francisco with housing. Briger is also a member of the Princeton University Investment Company as well. As a member of these groups, Peter has been able to make a positive impact on his local community on a regular basis. They have also allowed Peter to establish himself as one of the more well rounded business professionals too.