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Isabel dos Santos is an Angolan businesswoman who is the president of Unitel. She spoke at length in Europe, where she emphasized the importance of technology to Africa. She reiterated that after the mobile telecommunications revolution in Africa, the next revolution would be a digital revolution. It is therefore imperative that the masses be sensitized over this agenda and moreover on how to help them understand how to use it.

Isabel dos Santos shared this at the Africa Summit 2019 organized by conservatives and reformists who are a political affiliation in the European Parliament. She expressed deep concern about how Africa at large was nurturing young talents. It is time that the unmistakable brain drain was addressed so that talent could thrive in Africa and propel the continent forward. Technology would greatly improve the transport sector in many urban centers in Africa if the creation of smart cities was encouraged and online platforms were created with which affordability, comfort and efficiency were made available to the people at the touch of a button. Read more about Isabel Dos Santos at about.me

E-commerce would also come to replace traditional vendors as more and more transactions become digital. Technology in the agricultural sector would thrive as state of the art gadgetry are introduced regulating costs, encouraging technology, and the sector would surge forward. Governments should be prepared and empowered with skills in technology so that they don’t fear change but embrace it.

Isabel dos Santos is irrefutably recognized as the single most successful female business leader in Africa. Her wide influence in Angola, her home country, has seen more than 50,000 new jobs created. Dedicating both her resources and efforts to projects in and around Angola has brought her recognition and opened doors for her to speak in various forums around the world. The ECR Africa Summit 2019 is one of such unforeseen opportunities where she pushed for greater infrastructural development in digitization.

Isabel dos Santos cherishes entrepreneurship deeply. She encourages grassroots economic development, which is only manageable when the youth are educated on the need to create jobs rather than to seek one and furnished with the necessary resources.

Learn more: https://www.jornaldenegocios.pt/empresas/detalhe/gestor-de-isabel-dos-santos-estamos-para-ficar-em-portugal

There aren’t many people who know exactly how Betsy DeVos feels. She’s a woman who has done and seen so much throughout the course of her life. She hasn’t even come close to stopping, either. She has many plans in the works. The people around her have an abundance of them as well. Thankfully, DeVos has a close friend in her wonderful husband, Dick. Dick’s a lot like she is. He’s been a tireless figure in the American political scene for a lengthy span of time. People recognize him from his days back in the Midwest in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He was a lobbying pioneer of sorts back then. He took part in lobbying that covered many bases in the city. His lobbying frequently involved discussions of big construction projects that were on the horizon.


Mrs. DeVos has a penchant for philanthropy that’s probably rivaled only by her husband’s fondness of it. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is the name of a highly regarded not-for-profit that’s in operations in the United States at the moment. It’s not a new group in any sense, either. It’s been around since the late eighties, interestingly enough. DeVos’ interest in it hasn’t waned even for a second. She and her husband work nonstop to make donations to the group and to all of its assorted missions. The organization puts a lot of care into the arts in the United States. It puts a lot of care into all kinds of diverse cultural matters.


DeVos is a Secretary of Education in the United States. She’s the only individual in the nation who has the role. President Donald Trump selected her with good reason. He was able to pinpoint her sense of determination. She has a tenacity that’s not at all common in human beings. Most people cannot identify with her ability to tackle all sorts of things all at once. She’s without a doubt a bona fide multitasker. Her husband is, too. DeVos knows how to talk about all kinds of subjects simultaneously. She knows how to talk about all facets of the United States’ sizable educational system. She talks to parents and family members in general about educational choice and all of its positive factors. She talks to people everywhere about educational vouchers and their ins and outs. She even talks to them about the universe of charter schools. Charter schools are close to the DeVos family. Dick established a charter school he actually can call his own. This is the West Michigan Aviation Academy of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Since it’s at the city’s vast airport, it suits travelers perfectly. It suits aviation lovers to a T as well. It gets stronger all the time.


To learn more, visit www.betsydevos.com.

Chris Burch has traveled the world, and outside of owning his own hotel, he now has a home in Paris that was once a hotel. The 1608 Hotel Particulier, a historic house outside of Paris was spotted and coveted by the tycoon Chris Burch. The next step was turning it into a family home that boast all things unique.

The hotel was home to stunning antiques, including a chandelier from the 18th century. The noteworthy interior was the icing on the cake for Chris Burch, who had always wanted to have a getaway of his own in Paris. Having his design in mind, he knew it did not exist at the moment.

His friend Marco Scarani and his partner Jamie Creel knew what Burch was looking for. Taking a trip to Senlis, a quiet town built on cobblestone streets, Burch and his two friends discovered that this 1608 hotel was for sale.

Once Burch, Scarani and Creel laid eyes on the hotel, it was a winner. This neighborhood just outside of Paris was captivating for Burch, and he knew that with the right touches it would become a family home of his own.

Although Scarani felt it was too much to work with, Burch saw that it could become a home to his family with six children. He fell in love with hotel, accepting that it needed work in every area to become the home he had dreamed of having in France.

Stratford Shields has become a pioneer within the municipal fund industry for well over twenty decades. He’s served on the civil fund sector institution as Treasurer, Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Securities Industry Financial Markets Association (SIMFA) Enforcement Division. He directed the attempt to generate a voluntary prohibit one of securities firms to get rid of the visual appeal of pay-to-play by banning financial donations for mail ballot elections. Stratford has additionally functioned as a major investment banker at the municipal fund and privatization are as for example landmark trades for things just like the Ohio State University because of the own $483 million 50-year concession of its own parking system that was awarded”Deal of the Year” by the Bond Buyer at the sounding unconventional financing. Within his municipal fund livelihood, he’s functioned as lead investment banker to get more than $30 billion of trades for customers including cities, states, universities and hospital systems and airports, toll roads, sewer and water things, state construction funds, along with student loan agencies, amongst others. He aided these customers with charge plans and trade structuring to accomplish optimal financing outcomes. In his own career, he’s served as the pinnacle of Public Finance in two leading Wall Street firms including Morgan Stanley for five years at which he directed a turnaround campaign that improved the businesses direct handled negotiated positions from #10 to a frequent no 4. He’s currently a Managing Director in the Public Finance Investment Banking team at Loop Capital Markets (a Chicago based company ) covering important customers in the North East and Midwest. Before Being a public fund banker, he functioned in politics and authorities together with his past position being President of this State Controlling Board and also Deputy Director of the Ohio Office of Management and Budget.

Richard Liu Qiangdong started his business by taking risks and being open to a variety of opportunities. After he graduated college, he started his career by working for a herbal supplement company where he worked as a Director of Service and Computers. He also learned more about programming and coding where he saw the development of the e-commerce industry, and he thought of ways of how to grow along with it. Richard Liu became even more passionate about entrepreneurship by renting his own retail space and started selling magneto-optical products. He eventually became successful with his venture and expanded his small retail space. However, there was a widespread of SARS or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome outbreak all over China and this became the business’ downfall.

On the bright side, Richard Liu Qiangdong did not let the outbreak affect him and his positive mindset. Instead, he saw this as an opportunity for progress and the numerous benefits of technological advancements during that time. He decided to transform his entire business model by adapting in the world of the Internet and saw how customers would rather spend their time shopping stress-free inside their homes. Richard Liu diminished all of his retail spaces and started focusing on his endeavors on selling his products through the e-commerce platform and created his own website which we now know as JD.com.

Richard Liu Qiangdong kept a keen eye on developing other platforms and cutting-edge solutions that will give customers the best experience while they are shopping at JD.com. Richard Liu and his employees focus on meeting and exceeding the expectations of their customers on a daily basis as well as forming solid relationships with different organizations and companies worldwide.

Richard Liu recently developed drones for their delivery services and partnered with multiple companies to provide people a wide range of quality goods and unparalleled customer service. Jingdong or JD.com continues to sell authentic and authorized goods and ensures that each of their customers will experience online shopping like never before. Over one billion people go to his website regularly and they sell millions of goods each day.

Relaxing after a whole day of work or school that one moment that most of us look forward at the end of the day. Most of the time, these relaxation moments include relaxing music, great food, and great entertainment such as a great movie to stream or a great book to read. Most of us prefer to just spend the rest of the day with our families or loved ones, telling stories and laughing at jokes.

Another way to enhance the relaxing vibes is to lit a scented candle in the room. Scents can sooth the senses and help your body and your mind relax and keep the stress away. In addition, a scent will also be a pleasant treatment for visitors you invited. With a subtle and relaxing scent, conversations will be more lighthearted and enjoyable. Scented candles are the right items to do the job. It does not only lightly give scents to your home, but it also serves as a decorative item.

Donata Meirelles loves scented candles. She can give you pieces of advice about what candles are the best for each occasion, where to put the candles to make the best benefits, and what time is the perfect time to lit them. In her interview with Vogue, Meirelles shares some of her techniques for effective and efficient set up of scented candles.

Learn more about Donata Meirelles at angel.co

  1. Always Put A Scented Candle In The Entrance Of Your House

Just like what the famous saying stated, the first impression lasts. The entrance of the house is where the first impression starts. If you want your visitors to feel cozy the moment they enter your house, putting the candles near the entrance will do the trick. Just lit the candles before the arrival so the house is already scented when the visitors arrive.

  1. Put A Scented Candle On Frequently-Used Areas

One of Donata Meirelles advice is to put a candle on frequently-used areas. This helps the common rooms smell more fragrant and relaxing. One for the common room and one for the library or washroom is enough. However, do not put a candle in bedrooms as it will disturb sleep or get someone sick after long exposure.

  1. Light The Candles At Dusk

According to Donata Meirelles, the dusk is the perfect place to light the candles because family members usually arrive at home at this time.

  1. Picking The Best Brands

Meirelles recommends brands such as Tania Bulhoes, Jo Malone, and Diptyque for homes. She prefers Ralph Lauren’s Classic Holiday in enclosed and small places like apartments.

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When nurturing a startup business, you need a professional strategic adviser to help you beat around the corners. Guidance of a financial professional consultant like Maarten De Jeu will do no harm. The financial adviser based in Chicago has mastered the art of product development. He has vast experience in financial management. The iconic businessman is a managing partner and a co-founder of SVM Business Advisory.


Marten was a co-chairman at the Science Spins Program at the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI). The main aim of the program was to familiarize visitors with the history of the bicycle. This is the largest museum in the western hemisphere. The museum, through its Farrell Fellow’s Internship, engages teens in Chicago in scientific learning.


The popular internship is held during the summer months. The internship takes a duration of more than five weeks. The coursework covers a wide range of topics such as public speaking, leadership development, science, and public speaking. The programs equip students with skills to present interactive science activities in their local areas and the museum.


The program has played a major role in enabling students to participate in events. In the year 2014, more than 40 teens joined forces to take part in America’s Got Bubbles. The show plays a major role in providing knowledge of the chemistry of bubbles. The students of Farrell fellows program devote their time to social activities. The students visited more than 17 libraries throughout Chicago and taught kids to make carnival tents using newspapers.


Maarten De Jeu is a shining beacon in the realm of business development. He has made a name in the field of international strategy and corporate development. The dedicated businessman has guided several international firms in growth development. Maarten attended schools in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. He joined Leiden University where he earned his M.A in social science which he majored in public administration. In search of more knowledge, he joined Oxford university said business school where he graduated with an executive MBA.


Upon completing his formal education, Maarten De Jeu submerged himself in the work environment, specifically in the field of finance. Leveraging on a code of ethics, integrity and transparency Maarten grew his skills in finance and strategic development. He has helped a number of companies in Asia and Europe in formulating initiatives and strategies. He served in TVDK management consultants; a consulting firm based in Amsterdam. The firm specializes in international strategy.


Maarten kicked off his career life as an analyst. Due to his dedication, he quickly rose up to the position of a senior associate. In search of greener pastures, Maarten moved to Aviva plc in London. During his tenure, he developed several initiatives and strategies for the company expansion in Europe and Asia. Learn more: https://www.classicchicagomagazine.com/over-the-moon-msis-columbian-ball/maarten-de-jeu-and-smita-shah_john-wheeler-museum-of-science-and-industry-chicago/


Since the advertisements are short and easy, they are simple to produce and need no rocket science. A whole lot of educational advertisements may also be found under the classified ad section. Classified advertisement is a little message or advertisement that’s put in newspapers, magazines or periodicals. Advertisement, one other essential feature of business which can’t be ignored is done in the finest possible manner here without spending an excessive amount of time and money.  leolist

Importance It Holds Before you choose the ad classified, you may want to learn about the value of classified ads. On the flip side, if the ad isn’t getting any press, you might be marketing it to the erroneous web page, or perhaps it only needs just a little improving. Put simply, you can be certain that a single ad is displayed on several sites.

Every business produces huge assortment of its products as well as the shopkeepers available on the market near your house might not have the capability to keep every one of the types of every one of the companies given they have only a small space. Additionally, you can present your company on social networking sites like facebook, twitter and linkedIn. It’s possible to install to visit businesses and ask an expert service that will help you. For the reason, it’s wise to get the most out of the available and completely free on-line promotion methods to market your small business. For beginners who demand business from every potential resource. A great deal of little and medium-sized businesses choose classified advertisements to market. Video marketing also is an efficient means to boost up your organization online.

Advertising goes quite a distance in business advertising. It is a tool of marketing that is used to create awareness about a product or service. What you will notice with internet advertising is the fact that it is a lot better and effective in comparison to conventional advertising techniques in almost each and every way.

There are various types of trailers available based on size and weight capacity. You’re able to come across steel-body trailers or you’ll be able to choose aluminum trailers. Building Quality Backlinks There are plenty of ways on the best way to build quality backlinks for your site. To begin with, spot the merchandise or services that you would like to sell, pen down a quick Ad not more than 500 words which elucidate your services and products.

On-line market has given the possiblity to purchase goods with no difficulty. By using latest online market it is straightforward to search for any sort of product you wish to purchase within virtually no moment. You should try and present your merchandise or services whatever you’re providing from the benefit viewpoint. The consumers can claim the amount from them and they are obligated by law to return them of the original items or pay the compemsation. You will receive high-quality services, but at very cheap rates which will be helpful for your company. Different types of Private Security Services Security services are broken up into many types and people usually select the service according to their choice and requirement.

The principal issue is to reduce junk mail or publishing too many identical ads at once. Totally free ads publishing is seen as an easy and sure opportunity approach to take up yourbusiness business enterprise. On the same day that you begin with your campaign it is going to be possible to get started seeing results. For example, if you operate a Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign, you are only going to pay whenever someone clicks on your advertisement and actually visits your site. If you are prepared, you can begin a successful online marketing campaign utilizing several search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

When it has to do with online, you’re not just restricted to the usage of texts only. The best method of short-term technique is to use social media online effectively. Besides traditional ways, internet has turned into the new and far better platform for advertising businesses. To offer you more control over your safety, the web offers monitoring feature, so you’re able to monitor your house from wherever you’re. Now, there are numerous types of sites. You ought to take proper measures to about your site or internet store. Add images to your ad if the web site allows.

When you have pages besides your principal site, then you need to link up them with the site by supplying relevant link. To Post free Classified Ads, you need to properly choose an internet page or a paper that has large visitors to concentrate on your requirements. The internet page has to be well-known and have good traffic so that one may acquire quick effect.

Louis R. Chênevert is a businessman with Canadian nationality; he was born in Quebec. He studied at HEC Montreal and attained a bachelor’s degree in business administration specializing in production management in 1979. He received a doctorate from Concordia University in 2014. Besides his career, he has worked as a chairman, chief executive officer and president of different companies.


Louis Chênevert started his career at general motors’ where he worked for 14 years as a supervisor in an assembly plant. The job was difficult; however, he learned people’s power and their race towards making a difference if management listened to them. The employees had the potential of unlocking opportunities and solving problems. It is through this experience that he managed to rise through several ranks and shaped his operations.


First, he worked with, Pratt & Whitney as a president from 1999 to 2006; he was elected as director of Integrated Technologies. Later he was selected as an as a chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and he was then chosen as the president of the same company in 2008 and served in the position until 2014 when he retired.

After his retirement from United Technologies as a president, he joined Sachs a banking division as an industry advisor and worked from 2015 to 2017. He is also a member of the business council forum and serves in the board of directors of Cargill. Chenevert was honored with a congressional foundation in 2017 and become the chairman of Yale, a cancer center advisory board.

When Chevevert was the CEO of a multinational company, he brought out many ideas with crucial executives and small strategic groups that had a profound understanding of the needs of the customers. He had a passion for delivering quality products in the product cycle and this approach resulted in significant change in making decisions that strengthened the portfolio.

Louis brings ideas to live by focusing on operational talents as well as engineering important ideas that produce results exceeding customer expectations. He also focuses on maintaining small teams for natural executive leadership to pursue game-changing products. Through intense review and concentrating on key objectives, the results were attained.


A site supplies necessary info regarding you, your solution and also your product or services. Having a small company, without a website can indicate a substantial loss in your possibility to create revenues as well as likewise customers.

In the pasts, creating a website is a difficult job for the company proprietor. Today, any type of person can develop a website, additionally you don’t have history knowledge in site style.

With WordPress, you can generate your internet site in just a number of actions.

Choose a domain name and also register.

Think of a name that you desire for your web site. As an instance, www.abc.com. You wish to make certain that your domain name is readily available and also have no duplicate.

You can examine your domain timetable via Bluehost. You might take enrollment of the.com variation of your firm name if it is used.

If it’s not, you could select various other suffixes, including.net or.info. Keep in mind that site visitors are made use of to inputting website that ends up with.com. Making use of a various suffix might lead to client loss.

Bear in mind these guidelines when choosing a solution name for your website:

  • Web search engine like Google uses significance to domain names. When planning, think about words that individuals may utilize when trying to find you. Do not select to generalize names. Specify along with unique, but don’t make it testing to imply.
  • Your domain requires to be very easy to bear in mind as well as also pronounce. Do not make it long and additionally hard to bear in mind. Make it quick and also overlook punctuation. When preparing for a domain name, think about something that reverberates simply by hearing it.
  • You might utilize your area to find a distinct LINK. If you have actually tried the first 2 options for your domain, yet failed, attempt utilizing this technique. You might include your city or location to the field. For example, if your xyz shop is based in New york city City, New York City, register your domain as www.xyzstorenewyork.com.

Choose which site will absolutely arrange you.

The 2nd action is determining the host for your site. A host is a site that stores details about your web site and also moves it to your site visitors press release distribution.

Both recommended hosts are Weebly as well as Bluehost. Prior to choosing a host, guarantee what your organization demands.

Arrange your web content.

After picking regarding your domain name and likewise host, it’s currently time to pick the kind of content that you will certainly position on your website. This is among the most crucial parts of developing a site due to the fact that it can be tiresome to develop the product that you’ll be put on each web page.

Fortunately is that contemporary web website does not require to have a lot of messages. Usage simple formats as well as also choices.

Ensure that your website complies with the common design of pages:

  • Homepage: Website visitors should certainly see your firm name, location as well as a short pitch regarding your company. Clarify why you are numerous from various other services in your field.
  • Products and services: This is the listing of services and products that you supply. Consist of a description of products/ services in one to 5 sentences. Similarly, consist of the expense.
  • Regarding us: Create the history of your business and additionally memberships or associations you are consisted of with. You might in addition contain consumers reviews to raise credibility.
  • Call us: Provide your site visitors the ways to call you utilizing your e-mail or phone number. You need to supply your mailing address and the hrs you run your company. It’s additionally helpful if you can contain a Google map of your place.

Pick your logo layout.

Your logo design is your firm’s recognition. By just seeing your logo design, they need to acknowledge that it’s your brand name.

When choosing for your company logo layout meticulously pick the design, shade, font design as well as also design that shows your firm identification and also message. You intend to ensure that the logo mirrors your brand.

Style your website.

Now you will certainly be able to see exactly how your internet site looks by positioning all the aspects together. Always keep in mind that website visitors decide to stay or to leave a site in an issue of 3 secs.

You need to create an influence listed here the time to ensure that the site visitors remain longer than 3 secs. To do this, abide by these tips when developing your site:
Make use of a call-to-action button. You call for to consist of CTA button that aids website visitors to do the list below task.

Offer smooth navigation. You desire your site visitors to have a satisfying experience in your website, so you need to ensure that they can discover what they are looking for, have appropriate food selections as well as full information.

Pages ought to pack swiftly. Guarantee that your pages evacuate swiftly. Site visitors do not invest an extended period of time to wait on the pages to open. If your pages take a long period of time to open, you’ll likely shed website visitors in addition to possible sales.