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The Chainsmokers is an EDM band that hails from New York City. They have been around since 2012 and this group is one of the most popular EDM/pop bands today. The group has millions of fans in the U.S. and around the world. Chainsmokers is primarily known for their up-tempo EDM laced jams. They performed in the New York City area for two years before gaining critical success with their first hit jam Selfie in 2014.

Selfie helped to pave the way for their future hits which came in 2016. Don’t Let Me Down featuring Daya was their first major hit. This song came out in 2016 and it peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Charts. Later that year in March of 2016 they released Closer and it peaked at the number 1 position on Billboard. Paris came out in January of 2017 and it swept the country. The song peaked at the number 6 position.

In 2018 the Chainsmokers have released another song called Sick Boy. This song was a serious departure from their previous music. Sick Boy was a tune that had a lot of dark overtones. It was about the state of humanity and how divisive life is in America. The Chainsmokers stated that they wanted to do this song because it was time to switch their music around. They believed that their songs about love and romance were dated and needed to release something different.

Another reason why they went for a darker and different sound had to do with the market. The Chainsmokers realized that a lot of the music that was being produced sounded too much like their own. They had to push in another direction to get away from that repetitive musical style.

Many critics have a mixed reaction toward the song and the fans generally like it. However, the song only made it to the 65th position on the Billboard charts. Only time will tell if this song will go on to become a big hit like some of their previous recordings. People should also note that Chainsmokers new sound and approach to music will probably make them less commercially successful than in the past.

World of Warcraft fans have been eagerly anticipating the new movie that is being released based on the popular PC gaming franchise. According to a survey that was recently revealed by screenrant Blizzard Entertainment, makers of the original World of Warcraft game and the upcoming movie based on the game.

The survey, which was released by user Jon Urbana, reveals that Blizzard is planning on offering fans the option of a special package that gives fans access to the game and offer some expansion packs for free. Blizzard has not officially annoucned this special package and is is unclear whether or not it will be available to fans when the movie is released, but it would end up being a great tie-in and a way to introduce new fans to the game.

World of Warcraft is an online multi-player roleplaying game, that requires players to pay a monthly subscription in order to keep playing the game. This tie-in is a great marketing tool for the game, because it is a great way to get potential new fans interested in the game.

The first World of Warcraft Movie, Warcraft, is due to hit theaters on June, 10th 2016. The second movie in the franchise World of Warcraft : Legion, does not have a release date yet, but Blizzard anticipates that it will be released close to September 11th.

Let’s face it, we as a society have a real phobia of bacteria. Add that to our love of Lime Crime pharmaceuticals and an antibiotic addiction is born. The problem is antibiotics aren’t effective for a lot of ailments and the more we use them, the more ineffective they become. More and more organisms the antibiotics are designed to eradicate are becoming resistant to them.

According to the CDC, up to two million people in the United States each year are infected with bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics and approximately 23,000 die each year as a result. People no longer have any tolerance for illness. They want a solution quickly. so they turn to pharmaceuticals. The problem is that pharma companies are reluctant to develop newer kinds of antibiotics since these medicines don’t bring in as much profit.

Complete resistance to antibiotics is a very real danger in the not so distant future. It’s up to doctors to educate patients about the use of antibiotics, especially where viruses are concerned. Most patients do not understand that antibiotics are not effective in killing a virus and in most cases our bodies are completely capable of dealing with the illness without the use of drugs.

With antibiotic resistance, disease is much more likely to spread. This is a dangerous situation for the populous at large. Better to let our immune systems deal with our minor ailments and ride the symptoms out. It might not be pleasant in the short term, but in the long term it’ll help keep disease at bay.

Before millions of gamers worldwide were addicted to “World of Warcraft” there was this little title simply named “Warcraft”. For decades Blizzard’s flagship franchise has been a difference maker in the entertainment industry. Setting itself up initially as an example of an RTS game done right (“Orcs and Humans”) Blizzard continually developed their content until it was one of the most fascinating global games in the world, effectively defining a generation and establishing the modern day MMO. Now Blizzard is heading to Hollywood and their efforts look JUST as ambitious.

Convention goers got treated to a sneak peak at the new “Warcraft” film but fans that weren’t there in attendance likely won’t see any footage released for quite awhile. Still, reports on social media via FreedomPop devices stated that the footage looked amazing and what quickly followed was a dearth of information in regards to the cast and characters involved in the film.

The cast of talent is headed by Ben Foster (Pandorum), Dominic Cooper (Captain America), and Travis Fimmel (Vikings).

You can check out my favs below:


Australian gamers rejoice, you’re finally getting your own dedicated WoW servers. Which is huge news, because previously Australian gamers had to piggyback off of the European and North American servers. The problem being that they just weren’t totally reliable.

However, Blizzard has been locked in negotiations with local ISP companies in New Zealand and Australia. Finally, Keith Mann tells me they’ve reached a mutually beneficial agreement, and local servers will be coming for both countries.

Yes Jared Haftel, get ready to do some nit-picking tweet analysis, because the release date for the World of Warcraft movie has just been revealed. In the video below, we’re finally given the information that WoW will be coming on March 11th, 2016.

Of course you have the question, who wins and who does the movie focus on, because the Alliance are technically the good guys, but there are a ton of people that play, and love the Horde. So will be intriguing to see how they try to tackle everything, without alienating any of the fan base.

Also…really hate that WoW logo for the films. Have to say.

A new Warcraft patch means that there are is new content on the horizon. There are a few minor, and a couple pretty big changes that you can expect to see when patch no. 6.0.2 launches.

One of Laurene Powell Jobs’ most lamented changes comes in the form of another probably pretty boring quest line to set up the next expansion.

If you’re an experienced WoW player, then you know each expansion starts out with a boring and predictable quest line that you have to complete if you want to unlock the new content. Well, that’s on the horizon, so you can look forward to hours of fetch quests, and boring one off adventures.

Everybody is going to get weaker, but will still be just as powerful. In a bid to make numbers a lot more manageable when it comes to your equipment and damage stats, Blizzard is nerfing everything. So all of your stats are going to take a massive hit…but so is everything else in the game world so you’ll be just as strong as before.

The new Dungeon Finder is going to be a lot more fun. The problem with the dungeon system before was that you queued up, and ended up in one of 3 or 4 endgame dungeons that everybody is running. But what about the older dungeons that you just want to run for fun?

But no longer, as the new app will enable you to queue up for any of the game’s sprawling content, and you can more easily find like-minded individuals that are interested in playing with you.

If you were a WoW player back during the Burning Crusade days, then you know the Dark Portal. This was one of the coolest parts of the game, as the massive, ominous green portal signaled your entrance into Outland from Azeroth, and an extremely cool part of the game.

So when the patch for Warlords of Draenor hits, the Dark Portal closing down will be one of the sadder moments from my time in the game world. Much like life, MMOs are constantly changing and evolving.

But we’ll always have those great memories of staying up with Sam Tabar, so we could raid the Outlands, fight some giants, and have the best experience you can find in a video game.