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Many people have heard of Brian Mulligan. He is an accomplished opera singer who has paved his way to the music business by exhibiting incredible talent. This musician is known in different countries for his unique forte in this industry, and he continues to impress his audience members every day.
Brian was born in Endicott, New York. When he was only 17, Brian starred in his first musical in high school as a singer. His music teacher during this time set him up to start seeing a vocal trainer, Todd Geer. Mulligan soon fell in love with opera singing. After showcasing his interest in music in high school, he went on to Yale University and Julliard. W. Stephen Smith was his voice instructor during college and continues to be today. Mulligan decided to be a baritone singer in the opera, and his first introduction was in 2003 at the Metropolitan Opera in the show Die Frau ohne Shatten. He was still a student at Julliard at the time, but this outstanding performance quickly launched his prosperous career.
Soon after this accomplishment, Brian became well known as a baritone opera singer. He started performing at some of the most popular opera houses in America, being applauded and praised in ever act. A few operas that Mulligan sang at were the San Francisco Opera, the Lyric Opera of Chicago, the Houston Grand Opera, and the New York City Opera. These performances won Brian a lot of career opportunities and fame.
A few of Brian’s most memorable performances include him playing Richard Nixon in Nixon in China and being the leading star in Hamlet. His opera shows have been acknowledged all over the United States and also in Ireland, where Mulligan was named a top Irish American singer in the Irish America Magazine. Brian has Irish heritage, and has stated that he loves to visit this country and has gotten inspiration from Irish singers since he was a little kid.
Brian continues to excel in his career. Whether it be a opera or a musical, Mulligan has big plans for his future. He is an exceptionally talented singer and performer, and with his competitive and inspiring attitude Brian will have no problem surpassing every milestone in his profession.

Human rights activists have become critical members of the society as they continue to oversee the liberation of oppressed people worldwide. These individuals dedicate their time and resources for the welfare of the greater society. They are selfless and fearless. Activism is a challenging field and any individual who wants to join it need to be highly motivated.
1) Figure your passion
Just like any other field, passion is what will drive any activist against all the obstacles that he will go through during his campaigns. One’s passion can be freedom of speech, education, gender equality, and many others. With passion, an aspiring activist will be able to concentrate both his energy and resources at ensuring that real change is achieved in his area of campaign.
2) Research existing effort
There is a high likelihood that there are already some actions in your area of passion. Do adequate research to identify what actions have been taken at the local, national, and world level. It is easier to work with already existing efforts rather than starting a whole new system. With already existing efforts, one can also land paid activist positions. Positions with pay will help an activist to concentrate better on his campaigns as he will not have to worry about how to pay his bills and travel expenses. Doing online searches from one’s web enabled phone or computer is the easiest way to find already existing efforts.
3) Find how you can contribute to your cause
The main aim of activism is to bring change; as an activist, you should ensure this happens. Development of ideas on how the existing problems can be solved is a great way to start. The ideas should be generated in a step by step method. It has been proven that the society accepts small changes faster than massive changes. Deciding whether you want to use radical activism or reformer activism, is also important. Radical activists stage boycotts, protests, and summits to force changes. Reformer activists on the other hand prefer to get into a system and change it from within.
4) Practice patience
Societies tend to be rigid. They always tend to fight human rights activists. A number of activists have been pushing for certain changes for years and no tangible changes have been realized. Impatient activists will usually give up within a few years rather than continuous fighting till a change is achieved. Aspiring activists should always remember that they don’t have to see immediate rewards; the reward by come much later, but as a result of their current efforts.
Yeonmi Park is an example on youtube of highly motivated human rights activists who has continued with her fight for the rights of the oppressed people in North Korea. Despite over two years of campaigns, major world leaders are yet to take an action against the regime. Park is famed for her escape from the brutal North Korean regime through the aid of human traffickers. Yeonmi Park is currently writing a book to help her campaign efforts.
Motivation is what keeps many established activists going. Aspiring activists should ensure they remain highly motivated to avoid succumbing to the challenges in the field. Working with other like minded individuals will help aspiring activists to remain motivated.

“If there is something controversial to the entire country that a company is selling, then it shouldn’t be sold any longer until there are other options for those who don’t like the product” says Christian Broda. The Confederate flag is one of those items that stores have stopped selling simply because there are so many who are associating it with slavery and racism. That’s not even what the flag is about. It’s a symbol of the freedom of the southern states from the north. Some people don’t see it like that. Just because it’s used in a different way by a small group of people, stores online like Amazon and eBay, are no longer allowing the sale of items with the Confederate flag. That means people won’t be able to post anything that has the flag on it, such as clothing or decals, and it also means that a symbol that has been in the United States for dozens of years can no longer be purchased at those companies. If one flag is removed, then all of the flags that spark any kind of controversy should be removed, but this isn’t happening as Nazi flags and items that relate to other groups aren’t being pulled. This isn’t fair to the people who are proud of their heritage, and it isn’t fair to the companies that simply want to act as a venue for people to purchase the symbols of freedom.