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Starting in 2001, Traveling Vineyard is marketed as a direct-sell enterprise, enabling and promising remote/flexible work shifts. The creation of their business revolves around the act of wine-tasting and the social nature of a wine tasting.

As many clients that are interested in wine-tasting, a further market exists for in home wine-tasting, a revolutionary idea. Wine guides, the name of Traveling Vineyards employees, are trained and then sent to customers’ homes for in-person promotion and heavy wine-tasting. This is different from fellow direct sales competitors because engaging in wine is a relaxing process, combined with the intimacy of a personal home, and has spelled industry success for Traveling Vineyard.

To become a wine guide, the website offers a form field that will submit requests for more information. The website also offers hints steps to becoming an in-home wine guide, requiring food and wine pairing knowledge and completion of a sommology course.

Working for Traveling Vineyard would definitely offer work flexibility and freedom. If a consumer is a wine enthusiast, then a sales position could be advantageous. Being able to appreciate wine and drink responsibly is a skill that is admired and desired by many. For one that loves the concept and might have a limited background, this could be the opportunity to learn more about wine and meet fellow wine enthusiasts.

Traveling Vineyard has an active online social presence with Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn pages. The Traveling Vineyard website includes a blog for consumer response and an instant chat window.