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Early Success

Alex Hern has been in the technology industry for nearly two decades. He is an innovative entrepreneur with a passion & initiative for success. Early on in his career, Hern cofounded Inktomi which sold to Yahoo. In addition, Alex Hern has served and still serves on many boards for technology companies and aids in their success. He has cofounded a handful of companies which have gone on to do great things. Recently, Alex Hern founded a virtual reality company based out of San Diego, CA called Tsunami. He is the current CEO of the tech organization. The virtual reality industry is one that has extreme potential and could likely be involved in several aspects of life in the future. As a visionary leader with years of experience in the industry, Hern has witnesses the unlimited capabilities of virtual reality and wants to capitalize on the opportunities the industry has to offer. Learn more about Alex Hern at Bloomberg.

Tsunami Virtual Reality Inc.

The virtual reality industry can be used in several aspects of life. The technology can be used for individuals & almost every category in business. It can be used to simulate trainings, and product testing. There are many opportunities for the product in business. Tsunami has products which focus primarily on business opportunities. Tsunami aims to transform the workplace and help assist organizations in many business practices.

It can simplify virtual business meetings, create 3D simulations of products, and increase visualization tools. The convenience and simplicity that the virtual products bring to the table are impressive. Alex Hern is overseeing the organization and has high hopes for the future success of the organization. He has an excellent track record of success in the market. With the guidance that Alex Hern offers, the company has the resources to be successful. Learn more about Alex at