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Andrew Rolfe is a hard-working professional who is based in New York, New York. He lives and works in the City That Never Sleeps. He has a prominent career in the private equity and venture capital worlds. Andrew Rolfe also has a deep commitment to doing good for the planet. He serves as the Chairman of a widely known non-profit organization that’s called the Ubuntu Education Fund. The Ubuntu Education Fund, like Andrew Rolfe, is located in New York City on Broadway. The group also has branches in both the United Kingdom and South Africa. Its United Kingdom presence is in London. Its South African presence, on the other hand, is in Port Elizabeth.

Andrew Rolfe has been involved with the Ubuntu Education Fund since March of 2007. The goal of the Ubuntu Education Fund is to assist the weak children who live in Port Elizabeth in South Africa. The group strives to assist the young residents of the Algoa Bay city who do not have any parents. The people who make up the Ubuntu Education Fund team work hard to give these children access to resources that can open them up to brighter futures with better opportunities. The Ubuntu Education Fund was established back in 1999 by the duo of Malizole “Banks” Gwaxula and Jacob Lief. The Ubuntu Education Fund has a diligent and motivated team on its side. Members of the organization’s driven crew include Director Beth Honig, CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Tarryn Mthimkhulu, Deputy President Gcobani Zonke and, last but not least, Director Travis Randall. There are quite a few other standout individuals who are part of this highly respected organization as well.

Andrew Rolfe is a busy person who likes to do whatever he can to help the citizens of this vast world. That’s part of the reason the Ubuntu Education Fund means so much to him. Rolfe is a wildly successful businessman who has many skills and abilities. Some of his plentiful areas of expertise include mergers and acquisitions, corporate development, investment banking, corporate finance, strategic planning and business planning. Giving back to the planet is something that’s close to his heart.

There is a new breed of leadership in the country of Mexico, and it is evidenced by their willingness to allow new, foreign companies into their oil fields. Competition has always been a good thing, because sure enough new advancements will inevitably come. Talos Enery is one living testimonial of that important concept, and they have just emerged in a mighty way as one of the leaders in Mexico’s oil reform.

First the first time in eight decades, a private company has sunk a new offshore oil well in Mexican waters. They made the stunning announcement last May, and it was a joint venture between London-based Premier Oil, Houston’s Talos Energy, and Mexico’s Sierra Oil and Gas. Previously, the oil and gas exploration activities of Mexico were wholly reserved for Petroleos Mexicano, a company that had placed a monopoly on Mexico’s oil drilling and exploration since Mexico nationalized oil activities in 1938.

The Zama-1 well is in the Sureste Basin in the state of Tabasco and holds an estimated 100 million to 500 million barrels of crude. Drilling will likely take up to ninety days to complete, and the three companies of Premier Oil, Talos Energy and Sierra Oil and Gas all won the right to work on the project. The activity will come at a cost of $16 million, and many engineers are excited at the prospect of drilling in the Zama-1 for a variety of reasons.

First of all, the well has an extremely high geological chance for success. Secondly, Talos Energy owns a large 35% stake in the venture, and finally it has developed a good reputation among engineers in the area as well.

Talos Energy is the operator of the well, and they have developed a solid reputation over the years for getting the job done right. They were established in 2012 and they have hit the ground running ever since. Located in Houston, they own over 33,000 square miles in their portfolio. They realize that the more tools in their arsenal, the better chances they have to optimize their oil holdings and fill the world’s energy needs.

Clearabee is the biggest rubbish clearance and removal company in London. Their value and response time are unbeatable. Since their vehicles are all over London they can be onsite within hours including weekends and evenings. They can remove nearly anything from your business or home.


Clearabee does not have congestion charges and keep any extras as low as possible. They divert 100 percent of their collected waste from landfills so their rubbish clearance is affordable and eco friendly.


Having your rubbish collected by Clearabee is simple and easy. Just email or call their friendly customer service team Monday through Saturday including evenings and early in the morning. You can book their services, ask questions or receive helpful advice. The London staff is friendly and always delighted to receive photos for any estimate you require.


Clearabee will give you your final quote when they arrive. Their rubbish clearance teams are fast once they begin to assess your waste. Clearabee is happy to finalize your price and extremely flexible. If it turns out you have additional waste they will remove that as well.


All of your rubbish will be removed easily and professionally regardless if more than one trip to a Transfer Station is required. They have such a large number of vehicles located in London that getting another team onsite for your junk removal happens rather quickly.


This is the fast and easy alternative you have been look for to have your rubbish removed. One phone call is all it takes to get the process started.

In 2006, Eloise Monaghan launched a new Australia-based lingerie company and, before long, the brand’s offerings were making their way around the globe. Taking advantage of the e-commerce trade, Honey Birdette has been making its way into American bedrooms, spicing up the sex lives of couples throughout the United States. Until now, however, U.K. residents haven’t had that same access to the products offered by Ms. Monaghan’s company.
As far as U.S. customers go, they will still have access to the same great products, but Eloise adds that the website has been revamped with an emphasis on customer service. To that end, Honey Birdette will offer faster delivery service across the U.S. Orders over $50 will be delivered at no additional cost.
Ms. Monaghan also has her eye on the United Kingdom, hoping to add that untapped market to the Honey Birdette customer base. The company will open 10 more stores across the U.K., which is to include Westfield Stratford, Leeds, Newcastle, and Liverpool locations. All totaled, Honey Birdette will operate 40 new stores in the U.K. by the end of next year, while also looking at options for expanding further into Europe.
For Eloise Monaghan, founding Honey Birdette was just the first step in realizing her dream. She still serves as the company’s creative director and, until recently, that role has kept her tied to the day to day operations. Now, as the lingerie company begins to take on a life of its own, Eloise says she’s finally to take a step back.
Even so, the key to the popularity of Honey Birdette is the promise of “rapid fashion,” as Ms. Monaghan calls it, and that means offering at least one new item every week.
In founding Honey Birdette, Ms. Monaghan says she wanted to give women more accessibility to lingerie fashions with styles that would help women feel empowered and sexy.
Eloise has always dreamed of offering her products on a global scale, adding that the U.K. was the next logical step.
“We serve sensuality on a silver platter, with a side of class, humour and depth,” Monaghan says, when asked what sets Honey Birdette apart. “Our team of Honeys are vivacious, informative and buzzing to give every guest personalised service.”
Currently, Honey Birdette has 50 locations in Australia.

We live in a world where some people don’t care about the well-being of their fellow human beings. Not only do they mistreat or oppress people but these few also oppress animals and do not care about the environment. They are involved in all sorts of vices that include corruption, oppression of animal and human rights as well as all sorts of conflicts. While they may not care about their actions, there is a group of people out there to change this. This group is called Avaaz and has its headquarters in the great city of New York. According to the Guardian, Avaaz is one of the biggest online activist group on the internet.

The word or the name Avaaz has its origin from the Persian region meaning song or voice. The name was chosen as it can be pronounced by people of all nations and because of its meaning. The group has a unique way of funding its activities. Unlike other activist groups, Avaaz does not receive big donations from corporations but relies on the generosity of its individual members. However, the startup costs, as well as staffs salaries, were funded by other corporations prior to 2009. Up to now, the organization has managed to raise over $20 million. Avaaz has its operations in more than 30 countries with the prominent ones being United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, India, and Lebanon.

The organization manages to pass information to their members through the email as well as online public petitions they create. The organization also uses advertisements and hires a team of experienced legal advisors. Some of the notable faces within this organization include the likes of Ricken Patel, Tom Perriello, Eli Pariser and Tom Pravda. These are the founding members of this organization and are involved in the day to day operation of the organization. Other people who have a role to play in the organization include David Madden, Andrea Woodhouse, and Jeremy Heimans.

The Republic of Panama is home for more than 3.9 million people. Panama City is the largest city, and the most active city in Central America when it comes to doing business on CrunchBase. The United States plays an important role in Panama. People still remember when the U.S. decided to intervene in Panama in 1989. Many of the people living in this fascinating country are American by birth, and others come from Latin American countries as well as other countries around the world.

Mr. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a native of Venezuela but he decided to open several companies in Panama because the small country offered business people some very exciting challenges. Figueroa has five companies in Panama. He is a prominent member of the Panama business community. His mission is to help other companies expand their business models as well as mentor the young business people.

Figueroa is a hardworking businessman that wants to improve the economic and social conditions in Panama. He encourages young Venezuelan business people to come to Panama and help rebuild the economy of the country. Many of these entrepreneurs need help getting started, so Adrián José Velásquez Figueroa made the decision to post eight rules that all entrepreneurs should consider before they start doing business in Panama. Figueroa was a captain in the Venezuelan army, and he also served as the Chief of the Department of Security of the Presidential Palace, while Hugo Chavez was president of Venezuela.

The eight rules that Figueroa mentions are basic, common sense rules that all business people should follow regardless of where they are doing business. The first rule is to become a groundbreaker. Groundbreakers on have a niche that sets them apart from the business crowd. Figueroa’s second rule is to be mobile and flexible, and the Internet is a great place to follow that rule, according to Figueroa.

The third rule is to find a business partner that compliments rather than detracts. And the fourth rule is not to worry about a formal education. On the job experience is as good as a diploma. The fifth rule is to avoid shortcuts. Nothing is better than focus and hard work. The sixth rule is to keep costs low. That rule should never be violated.

The seventh rule is to have a plan for failure, and the eighth rule is to learn from mistakes and the mistakes that other businesses make.

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It is evident that inefficient service delivery annoys many people, but for e.Bricks ventures, this can turn out to be a business venture. The Brazilian firm venture capital plans to invest R $ 300 million in start-ups whose technologies are considered to have the capability in helping enhance the quality in the major regions. For segments were described as targets with top priority: financial amenities, education, health and small and medium enterprises.

Pedro Sirostskiy Melzer who is the managing director of venture capital e.Bricks inform that the fund is raising phase, and the company has an excellent reception from investors. The raising of the funds is done both in Brazil and overseas and the forecast is that the first donations are made from July.

Through the other background, e.Bricks plan to come up with technological solutions that can assist in finding solutions to structural problems. For instance, 50 percent of the total population still does not own a bank account, says Peter Melzer, mitigating the interest around the Fin-tech, financial services firms through the internet.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, the leader of the RBS Group, says that, on top of offering financial assistance, the benefits of e.Bricks ventures is the experience of its chief partners. He goes on to add that capital is essential but limited. There is no set number of business to get investments from this venture. The number of companies will differ depending on the risk of the enterprises and their development ability, in addition to the maturity stage. The businesses that exhibit excellent performance might have a chance to get subsequent rounds of investments.

In spite, the teething troubles of Brazil ranching from the slump and impeaching of President Dilma Rousseff away till the outburst of zika virus, investors from other states are acutely aware of what is going on in the country.

Duda Melzer Takes Up His Role As The President of RBS Group


Attorney Dan Newlin works hard to get his clients the results they deserve. Dan started his career in law at age 20 when he went to work for the New Chicago Indiana Police and Fire Department. From there he moved to Florida working for the Orange County Sheriff earning the rank of Sheriff’s Detective. Dan is still proudly serving as a reserve Deputy Sheriff.

After graduating from Florida State College of Law he started Newlin Law in Orlando. Here he has focused his practice on accidents, workers compensation, medical negligence, disability and employment law. In the fall of 2014 he expanded his practice beyond the state of Florida to open an office in Chicago to serve the people of Illinois. Now with two offices he has 18 experienced trial attorneys ready to get the results their clients need and deserve.

Newlin Law recently obtained a record 100 million dollar verdict for the family of Danielle Sampson. Danielle was only 15 years old when she was struck by a stray bullet while sitting in the back of her family’s mini-van. The man who fired the shot was a reputed gang member with a group of men who were fleeing the scene of a home invasion. The teen spent weeks in the hospital and in rehab. She remains paralyzed unable to communicate beyond blinking her eyes. Newlin said he hoped this record verdict sent a powerful message to criminals – that they will be held responsible for their actions.

Newlin (Twitter)
Law is part of your community. Dan and his team not only work to help their clients with their legal needs, they sponsor and volunteer for many charities including the American Cancer Society, Make A Wish, March of Dimes, Special Olympics and Boys and Girls Club of America just to name a few.

Let these experienced trial attorneys review your case. You don’t pay unless you win.

It’s a widely known fact that the rich and famous spend money on authentic and exotic art, bringing home shiny pieces to place in their living rooms and proudly show off to their friends. But a few have taken on an a different art altogether of finding newer cheaper art pieces that are barely noticed at the time, and putting them back on the market when their value skyrockets due to the success of the artist or their legacy. Doing this takes the brain of a real wizard indeed, someone just like a sports coach that can see not just the potential of an athlete, but actually have a true vision of where he’ll be down the road. When it comes to recognizing artists with that same ability, businessman Adam Sender has proven with his much coveted art collection that his eyes for talent have been unmatched by anyone else.

Adam Sender has been an entrepreneur for a long time and currently owns a hedge fund managing company called Exis Capital. But some time ago, he started getting a keen interest in different art works. At first it was really nothing more than a hobby he did when he had time off. But gradually, his art collection started to build up and as more paintings came in, he began to consider selling them or displaying them at exhibits and as the appraisers scanned them over, he soon began discovering what a wealth he had amassed in art treasures. In fact, Sender once sold $19 million worth in art pieces at a 2006 auction. One of Sender’s tricks to the trade is that he is known to do searches for artists that are not totally brand new on the scene, but are still at that point where they are trying to get their work recognized. Adam Sender is a well known CEO and leader in his field.

Even though Sender does take all the precautions to protect his hidden treasures at home, he is known to loan them out to various museums, exhibits and educational institutions for various purposes. He holds originals from some of the most famous contemporary artists such as Cindy Sherman, Frank Benson, Keith Haring and Jenny Holzer. Some of the exhibitions he has visited or taken his collections to include Sotheby’s, an international art company that hosts auctions all over the world, and the Guggenheim Museum. He’s also hosted many personal exhibits in his Miami home providing lavish parties for his guests as well.

The late 20th-Century gave rise to the postmodernist movement that cast a skeptical eye on the enlightenment of the modern era. Many writers embraced the fragmented perspectives and unreliable narrators that now mark the literary period after WWII. Among this rich literary heritage are some of Brazil’s greatest writers like Clarice Lispector, Graciliano Ramos de Oliveir, and João Guimarães Rosa.

Clarice Lispector has been heralded the greatest Jewish writer since Franz Kafka. Although largely ignored by publishers during her time (no doubt due to her political stand against the Brazilian dictatorship), Lispector’s work is now renowned for its female characters who struggle with the idea of a woman’s proper role in society, her duty to her husband and children, and the quiet despair of second class citizenship. Her feminine ideology has been compared to Virgina Woolf, although Lispector objected to the likeness. As a fashion icon, Lispector was a glamorous intellectual who both represented the era and challenged it.

Another postmodern writer, Graciliano Ramos de Oliveir, is best known for his depiction of the poverty-stricken residents of Brazil. In his novel Vidas Secas (Barren Lives), Ramos uses a cyclical novel structure to underscore the never-ending hardships of poverty. As one reads the story of a struggling family of five, it is possible to read the last chapter and then return to the first chapter once again, emphasizing the futility of the struggle.

Finally, João Guimarães Rosa is consider one of the greatest Brazilian novelists of the 20th Century. His novel Grande Sertão: Veredas (The Devil to Pay in The Backlands) is heralded as the Brazilian Ulysses, the novel chronicles the life of a mercenary named Ribaldo. With over 600 pages of non-linear narrative, this novel represents fragmented perspectives and unreliable narration on an epic scale. Although widely unknown among English-speaking audiences, the novel was highly influential in Portuguese and Latin American countries.

One Brazilian writer, Jaime Garcia Dias credits Grande Sertão: Veredas as the inspiration for his literary career. Dias has published more than twenty novels including, Caiu do Céu (Fell From Heaven), Dois Caminhos (Two Ways), Canal, andDas Nuvens e Miúda (Clouds and Tiny) and has won numerous awards including the White Crane Award (2001) and the ABC Award of Brazilian Fiction (2015). That’s quite an influence from Jamie Garcia Dias for an often-overlooked piece of postmodern literature.

In our search for a broader perspective on post-modernism, academic and literary critics alike need to look beyond the traditional canon and explore the postmodern works of the Brazilian greats. Until then, we readers can take the lead and embrace the rich literary tradition of Brazil.