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Gino Pozzo is not only the owner of England’s Watford Football club but also one of the most popular figures in the sporting world. He was born in Italy from a football enthusiast’s family. Gino was related to Udinese football club thanks to her mother. At 18 years old, Gino Pozzo moved to the United States where he pursued his master’s degree from Harvard University. He later relocated to Spain after marrying a Catalan where he spent 20 years but in 2013, Gino together with his wife and their three children moved to London where he would become actively involved in the operations of his new football club.

The family legacy

The Pozzo family is globally renowned for their love for football. In 1986, Gino’s father purchased the Udinese club in Italy which marked the beginning of sports club ownership business. He bought the club from the profits obtained from their family business. Prior to buying the club, the family had been actively involved in the woodwork industry for many generations. Currently, the family owns and manages a business dealing with electrical appliances in Spain. In addition to sports, the family is also involved in property and finance mergers. Initially, the purchase of Udinese was mainly fueled by emotional commitment and passion aimed at helping the club to overcome the difficult financial period that it was experiencing. Under the hard work and leadership of Gianpaolo, Udinese impressively rose from Series B in only three seasons to the Champion League. The experience from Udinese Calcio has helped the family in the management of Watford.

Gino Pozzo is the mastermind behind the success and growth of the clubs. He has played an important role in the international expansion of the family business. In 2009, he was the catalyst behind the acquisition of Granada F.C. which was struggling with a debt of 12 million euros. The club was in third division at the moment. Under Gino’s leadership the club rose from Segunda B for the first time in 35 years to Primera Liga.