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The trabuco is very similar to a catapult and both were common Medieval war machines. The mechanism of a Trabuco works by having a counterweight pull down an arm which in turn hurtles the intended projectile in a large sling on the other end. These projectiles could be anything that could fit in the sling. Probably the most common were boulders, parts of ruins, and fireballs. It is known that on several occasions diseased corpses were used. Although the world’s militaries have long since ceased using the trabuco in battle, they are still used for recreational purposes such as the popular Pumpkin Throwing. Girded with the right instructions, you can construct your own Trabuco.

One way is to make the base of wood with a length and width that will vary according to how big you want it to be. You can then form the rest of the body of the Trabuco out of PVC pipe. However, if you intend to build a large one, you will want to consider if you have enough space to hurtle the projectile on Regardless of the size, you will want to take into consideration whether or not this is something that will be transported from place to place. If so, you will want to construct the Trabuco so that it can be disassembled.

The world’s first recorded Trabucos in China were entirely human powered. The largest known of this variety was a huge described in an ancient military treatise as one that was operated by 250 people. Although this is the biggest of this kind on record on, there were apparently other really big ones at this time. However, these were also apparently rare since they depended on the operation of so many people. In addition, all of these people had to be in exact sync at all times or the Trabuco wouldn’t be as effective. This was so hard to do that this kind of Trabuco soon stopped being used.

But this change when the hybrid Trabuco was invented. The hybrid Trabuco made it so that a counterweight levied on the short end of the arm would cause the slung end to catapult. Thus, this did away with the need for people to pull ropes to propel the projectile. The first record of the hybrid Trabuco being used in battle was in the thirteenth century on This too disappeared in military matters with the invention of gunpowder.

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