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PSI-Pay is an alternative banking solution that allows its members to withdraw and deposit funds spontaneously. The company which has been operating since 2007, allows its clients to operate within the local banking network that exists in 173 countries using 44 currencies.

Services that PSI-Pay Provides:
PSI-Pay employs efficient banking staffs who have adequate experience in the sector. Their team has motivated staff who understand the alternative payments industry and banking as a whole. The alternative banking firm offers payment solutions with sponsor partners. In addition to this, the company assists various companies in managing programs of their own through the management of MasterCard and FCA. Recently the company partnered with Kerv Wearables to provide one of the first payment rings that is contactless. Phil Davies who is the banking firm’s Managing Director was pleased with the deal. Regardless of the decision of the UK to leave Brexit, the company has already planned for any eventuality that might occur. The merge with Kerv Wearables is a revolutionary move that will be recognized all over the world. The two companies are one of the pioneering entities in the alternative payments sector.

PSI-Pay was licensed in 2007 by FSA to provide payments. In 2009, the company became a main issuing member of MasterCard. Therefore, it is licensed to give out both prepaid cards for payments, contactless or PayPass programs, virtual cards and debit cards. By 2011, the company had already obtained their license from the EMI. Subsequently, they are regulated and authorized by the FCA to conduct electronic money transfers all over the European Union. However, from 2014, the alternative banking company has been authorized to provide express MasterCard services all over the European Union.

Some of the alternative banking solutions that the company provides include the following:
1. Safeguarding funds
2. Full partner sponsorship
3. Lite partner sponsorship
4. Private label programs or limited loop
5. Regulated partnership sponsorship
6. Supported functionality and products
7. Customer Loyalty
8. Payroll expense management

Through its partners, PSI Pay has been enabled to support so many establishments. The company does this through empowering activities such as managing the programs for various payment cards, distribution, marketing, sales, and many others. In addition to this, the company provides specialized services for approval, settlement, reporting and any other activities that involve MasterCard. Moreover, the company is also mandated to carry on any activities that are obligatory by the Financial Conduct Authority. These activities include mandates, audits, compliance, and reporting.

Starting a business is a difficult process. Many people dream of escaping from the typical drudgery of working for someone else. The technology industry booming with new companies.

Eric Pulier has had many years of experience working in the field of technology. With this experience, he has started several successful companies. Anyone who wants to start technology business should look at his method for starting companies. He spends a lot of time mentoring people who are trying to start a business.

Early Career

In the early part of his career, Eric Pulier did not know what he wanted to do. He knew that he wanted to work in  technology industry in some capacity. He bounced around to various jobs in order to gain experience. Although that was a frustrating time in his life, he now credits that experience for a lot of his success.

Eric Pulier was able to learn a lot about different aspects of the technology industry. With this knowledge, he is now able to understand different areas of his company better. In the years ahead, he will continue to rely on his knowledge as works to expand his company.


Financing is a difficult subject for business owners to understand. Some people want to borrow a lot of money at the beginning of their business journey. The problem with this strategy is that it greatly increases risk of default. In addition, it lowers the cash flow that the business will have to work with.

Eric Pulier recommends that people attempt to start a company with little or no debt. Although this may be difficult at first, it is the best way to improve your overall success in business. Eric Pulier is a great example of how to start and run a business in this industry.

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Eric Pulier has been one of the most sought after people in his field since he started working on enterprise technology way back in the 90s. He came to the attention of the Clinton administration, and they put him on the Y2K transition team. He made it easy for them to figure out how to move to the year 2000, and he has helped the government on a lot of projects including the enterprise technology that was used on a lot of different government department phones. That is why he has been so popular, and he still works to make sure that technology is progressing.

The person who is trying to make sure that they can get the right kinds of help for their computers and cell phones should use Eric Pulier’s technology, and they should look at home he is helping with the X Prize committee. This is the perfect chance for him to get the right people in the right forum to talk to them about how them will improve their technology for the public. The public has been looking for a lot of new technology that is usually made by people like Eric Pulier, and now he judges it and gives advice.

I have been one of the people who still uses the enterprise technology that he created, and he has shown me that I am able to run my business in a more efficient way. I want to be able to keep up with the times, and the only way to get that is to make sure that I will be able to keep using the things that Eric Pulier made. He has made it very easy for people like me to get a lot of work done with cell phones that I hand out to the people that work for me.

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Live Mint has reported that Visual search start-ups are beginning to become more prevalent in online commerce. These companies help consumers find exactly what they are looking for at the best prices based on pictures of actual objects in our every day lives. Have you ever told someone “Wow, I really like that bag. Where did you get it?” only to find that they can’t recall where they purchased it? That’s where visual search would come in handy. Just simply snap a picture of the bag, upload it and let the artificial intelligence in the program find you the best deals on identical or similar items. This can be very useful for people who seem to always end up getting the wrong size or the wrong items when they shop online.

There are several start-up companies around the world who are developing visual search software to serve this exact purpose. One such company is Slyce. Slyce’s Universal Scanner is among the most advanced technology available for this purpose. Using state of the art image recognition software Slyce has the ability to offer results almost instantly. Giving customers exact matches. When an exact match cannot be found, the software will find similar items with ease.

Slyce not only matches your 3D images to items and coupons online, but can also recognize 2D images such as printed material, photographs and billboards as well as 1D images like barcodes, QR codes and coupons. Slyce does all of this in order to link the customer directly to the product information in a matter of seconds no matter what the individual may be looking for.

With software like Slyce on the rise, online and in store shopping will soon become a breeze with access to the best deals, coupons, prices and items available right at our fingertips.