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Recently, the Brazilian economy has been boosted in response to the various new policies that the government has adopted. At the start of this year, it was announced that the government has planned to give subsidies to those enterprises that have been working for the welfare of people and the development of the country. The government has collaborated with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development in order to give concessions to these companies. In lieu to this, Felipe Montoro Jens took an interview with Edison Carlos who is the president of It Brazil. This company has always focused on providing basic sanitation solutions to the public of Brazil. The prime purpose of the interview was to highlight the benefits the sanitation industry will experience due to the new governmental policies being implemented.



According to Edison Carlos, the new allowances that the government has decided for the companies will help the sanitation industry with the new funds that can be used to bring new developments in this field. More than ninety percent of the total sanitation work is done through public funding. This trend needs to be changed. The new grants will help the industry to get more resources to undertake the projects on a very large scale. The administrative aspect of the companies will also be benefitted from these funds. The National Bank for the Economic and Social Development will cater each and every company individually so that their financial needs can be met and they can progress well in the industry.


Felipe Montoro Jens is a well-known figure in the Brazilian infrastructure industry owing to the fact that he is one of the boards of directors of a very famous engineering company. He has plenty of knowledge regarding the Brazilian economy and regularly takes up interviews to get more information about various aspects of the country.