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Michael Jackson is topping the list of artists with a large number of impersonators. Among the greatest of them all is Sergio Cortes. He is a Spanish-born artist with an impressive resemblance to the pop idol Michael. Sergio discusses his career in fitting the life of pop’s greatest artist.


The world awoke to the news of Michael’s death in Los Angeles at his prestigious mansion. News said that Michael had died while sleeping at his mansion. There were several unsuccessful attempts to save his life from his doctor known as Conrad Murray. Michael was taken in critical condition to Ronald Reagan hospital where he was declared dead around 2 am in the morning.


According to an article published in, Sergio notes that knowing Michael was the beginning of his career. He met the pop singer as a child when Michael was performing in the famous Jackson Five shows. The Spanish artist is 43 years old. Imitating a person you have never met is not that easy. Sergio depended on the interests and images he had of Michaels shows. His young ages were characterized by a vibrant desire to perfect his moves as those of Michael.


Sergio has two good things that every impersonator needs. A good and talent voice similar to that of Michael and a good resemblance that is very similar to Michael. Those who have watched his videos may have a difficult time differentiating the real Michael and Sergio. He has perfected his moves and songs so great that the fans have an approval of him to succeed Michael. Through his brilliant performance, the artist has travelled in various places around the world. He performs the tribute to Jackson shows.


Sergio life revolves around entertaining his fans. He says that he references Michael in his life. The fans also describe his songs and dances as impressive. On the fans disclosed to that Sergio is the greatest impersonator of Michael he has ever seen. The fans use his Facebook fan page to book performance shows and invite Sergio to tour their country. The page currently has over 16000 followers.


Cortes notes that the death of Michael was an excellent low to his career. He discloses that he misses the real Michael and his performances. Sergio admits that his performances are a true tribute to Jackson. They are also a way of helping the fans bear with the grief.

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Sergio Cortes is one of the premiere impersonators in the world today. He world famous for his impersonation of Michael Jackson, and a recent article in R7 highlights an interview with Sergio that helps his fans understand how he goes about his process. Impersonating the king of pop is one of the hardest jobs in the world, but Sergio seems to have done it with a class and flair that is astonishing. This article explores how Sergio Cortes became the finest impersonator known to man.

#1: Sergio Has Altered His Look

Sergio took great pains to ensure that his look was consistent with that of Michael Jackson, and anyone who sees pictures of Sergio will be struck by how similar he looks to Michael. The appearance is almost uncanny even when someone gets close to Sergio, and the look is perfect for the stage. Anyone who comes to a show done by Sergio will feel as though they are in the presence of Michael Jackson because Sergio has done such great work on his appearance.

#2: Sergio Sings Very Well

Sergio is one of the best singers anyone will hear live. His live shows are based on the music of Michael Jackson, and Sergio sings as if he is Michael. This amazing gift that Sergio has is something that few people can replicate. He is able to make many of Michael’s greatest hits sound like they are coming from the master himself, and Sergio adheres to studio recording style as much as possible.

#3: Sergio Dances, Too

Sergio Cortes is an excellent dancer who has been able to learn the dance moves of Michael Jackson to accompany his music. The combination of both music and dance allows Sergio’s shows to appear more authentic, and Sergio uses his dance moves to highlight the amazing attire he wears. Sergio knows that appearing to be Michael is one thing, but Sergio has created a persona that cuts to the core of who Michael was.

Sergio Cortes finishes off every show with a beautiful outfit that makes him look like Michael Jackson on tour. The clothing is added to music and dance that is first rate, and Sergio helps people feel like they are getting back in touch with one of the greatest entertainers of all times. Going to a show by Sergio Cortes allows music lovers to enjoy an appearance by Michael Jackson once more.

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When Sergio was a teenager, he was asked to wear a Michael Jackson costume. Photos of Sergio in the MJ costume were startling accurate and were exceptionally impressive. This realization profoundly changed the rest of his life. The passion in Sergio Cortes for Michael’s music quickly developed into an additional vocation. Sergio already exhibited an inherent aptitude for singing, composing and performing. He proceeded to accumulate invitations to perform on American Idol in numerous countries. His incredible resemblance to the King of Pop and his growing influence of Michael’s music created a natural transition into becoming the world’s best Michael Jackson impersonator.

Impersonating such a great icon is neither easy nor is it for everyone. The similarity was such that in 2009 he was honored as one of America’s best late singer doubles. Sergio Cortes’ destiny had been confirmed. The clothes, the voice, and his very mannerism were virtually identical. He continues to perfect Michael Jackson’s walk, dance, presentation and even how MJ would interact with fans. Cortes finds it very rewarding to present his best imitation to those around the world who embrace the eminence of his music, stage, film and make his depiction less like a profession and more comparable to an honor and a privilege.

Sergio Cortes confesses that he was extremely upset after the passing of Michael Jackson. “It is even crueler when you have identified and have empathized with the eccentricities of such a beloved idol. You know all about his life and have assimilated him as part of your everyday existence. It was a devastation on my life, “says Sergio Cortes. He hoped his performances would offer fans of the late singer time and occasion to overcome the pain of the sudden and tragic loss together.

Today, the Spanish 43-year old’s resemblance to the pop idol has secured Sergio Cortes with frequent shows and performances. His popularity has grown to more than 16,000 followers on his Facebook page. It is the social networks where Sergio divulges his work, talks to the enthusiastic supporters and welcomes proposals for new appearances.

Follow the link to read the original interview with Sergio Cortes by the e-publication on February 5, 2015, in Spanish. Discover even more by joining his many friends, fans and follower thru his Twitter and Facebook groups where he continues to share his life as well as the love and magical bonds of the phenomenon celebrated within the Michael Jackson legacy.


There’s a few words which carry a heavy emotional charge for people. One of the biggest is immortality. The oldest existing epic in human history is all about the search for immortality. Of course one of the most amazing things about that epic is the fact that it has survived for around 5000 years. The words of the epic’s composer have outlasted the rise and fall of his own empire and countless others. And this shows how immortality can be achieved through art. But this might be a minor example compared to something truly remarkable that we see in modern times. But to understand how modern artists are finding immortality in their art one must look at the life of Sergio Cortes.

Sergio Cortes has a particular nickname for good reason. He’s most often known as MJ impersonator Sergio Cortes. The fact that his life is so often intertwined with Michael Jackson is evidence of a new way of art surviving the artist. Jackson passed away some time ago. But his life’s work continues. And in some ways he’s just as present in the world as ever. This might seem like an inherent contradiction. But it’s easy to understand by spending any amount of time with Sergio Cortes. Because meeting Sergio Cortes really is like meeting Michael Jackson. Cortes looks almost exactly like Jackson, he walks like him and talks like him. And of course the performances are remarkably similar as well. Many people wonder how someone can be so similar to another person. The answer has a bit to do with luck, a bit with lifelong exposure, and a lot to do with a combination of insight and hard work. And of course the worldwide fame of Jackson himself played a large part in ensuring Cortes had a chance to hone his talents.

When Sergio Cortes was a child people would often comment on how much he looked like a young Michael Jackson. Cortes could have almost walked right out of a Jackson 5 video. People commented on it so much that Cortes began to really study Jackson’s life. In doing so he learned how to imitate Jackson in all aspects of life. This continued into his high school years. By this point the press began to notice and Cortes worked even harder to portray Jackson in every aspect of life. And in doing so he’s been able to grant Jackson an immortality of sorts.

Michael Jackson has a plethora of different hit songs during a very lengthy career. He made his name known around the globe, and people have been able to duplicate the style that he possessed by watching his videos. There are certainly entertainers like Sergio Cortes that have made it their duty to do the best possible imitations that they can do as a tribute to Jackson.

Some fans like to see Sergio do “Thriller.” Others may scream and shout when he does “Dirty Diana.” There are so many hits from the Michael Jackson catalog that Sergio can pull together. Right now he is working on what he calls the “Human Nature Tour” and a lot of fans of Michael Jackson are trying to see what this buzz is about. Jackson had a good streak during the time that he produced songs like “Bad” and “The Way You Make Me Feel.” In his “Man in the Mirror” days it seemed like Michael Jackson could do no wrong. Sergio has managed to give the crowd this youthful Michael Jackson impersonation and that is what makes him one of the best in the industry.

Sergio has evolved over the years, and he has stood out as a performer that knows the right songs to pick for his performances. He has managed to become a masterful showman because he knows how to pick the right songs. His lineup is of songs for the big numbers that really showed Jackson at his best. When he performs “Smooth Criminal” with all of those dancers in place it is like you are looking at Jackson himself. You will wonder in amazement at how he is able to lean forward and look so much like MJ as he effortlessly appears to defy gravity. The tilt of the hat and his exciting choreography makes him one of the most precise Michael Jackson performers out there.

Impersonating Michael Jackson is not an easy task, but Sergio Cortes knows how to make it look easy. He makes it look so easy that it has become just as much of a thrill to watch his online videos as it is to watch old Michael Jackson footage. Most fans will look at Jackson perform something like “Billie Jean” and then search for a Sergio Cortes performance of “Billie Jean.” It will be amazing for fans to see such an exact representation from Cortes.

Impersonating involves doing things like someone and this has been a practice that has been seen among many people. Mostly, when an artiste proves influential, there will emerge people who will want to perform like him/her. Impersonating for a good cause is not a bad practice, so it is a practice that has been broadcasted for a long time now. One of the greatest and most effective impersonators is Sergio Cortes, who has managed to perform like the late king of pop, Michael Jackson. Sergio Cortes is a well reputed person, who rose to fame for the love he showed for the legendary pop musician. His influence has drawn a large following and many people have fallen in love with his performances.

At a small age, Sergio Cortes came to the realization that he could perform like Michael Jackson. He realized his ability t sing and dance exactly like the singer, whom he loved so much. His love for Michael motivated him to practice even more and to learn more skills that could help him dance and sing like Michael. This is something that later earned Sergio Cortes a great name. He is currently the best impersonator of the late singer and has been able to get contracts to perform in different events. He says that he is planning on developing his career and this has been evident in the way he has been able to perfectly play as Michael in all his performances.

Sergio Cortes was born and raised in Barcelona, where he also performs most of his shows today. He fell in love with the music and performance of late Michael Jackson, following closely all his performances and song releases. He gained fame and recognition in 2012 when he did a performance that was meant to remember and show some respect to the late favorite musician. Many people were impressed by the show and it drew them to emotional lengths that led to Sergio Cortes getting the best reception for his performances.

All he holds for the future remains as an imagination and different people have been speculating that he could make new songs to sound exactly like Jackson. His voice and movement while dancing matches perfectly with what Michael Jackson used to do. Sergio Cortes is rated as the best impersonator for Michael Jackson, and this is something that has been verified by his prowess in the different shows he has performed.