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They say that the best novels or books are those that capture the emotions and experiences that a person has undergone in his or her life. Doug Levitt has lived and continues to tell the beauty and the ugly side of travelers around the world. After the tragic death of his father, it brought out the creative, adventurous and the poetic side of him that he had suppressed for so many years. This acted as a stepping stone for one of his greatest achievements today The Greyhound Diaries that brings America in sharing the struggles of others.



The Greyhound Diaries is a series of photos, web book and a one man show that began when he commenced on his 100,000 mile journey on his Greyhound bus. He set out with one mission, which was to interact with the travelers from all walks of life, races and ethnic groups and try to learn and understand the challenges that they face. On the road, he took pictures, and took records of their experiences which now make up the Greyhound Diaries.



Through the series, Doug reveals the heart wrenching and the pains that travelers have faced and continue to do so. It shows the different live stories of Americans which may not be known by the society as a whole. These diaries have impacted the lives of other people who watch and follow the diaries. The rock album created from Greyhound Diaries is indeed impactful in the lives of Americans and is a great platform to bring change into the society.



Doug Levitt comes from a well-known background, having been born and bred in Washington D.C. He comes from a political family and therefore Greyhound Diaries and what they do may surprise many. However, he has learned to use his talents and skills to bring out the experiences of other people through music and the diaries. Before embarking on this journey, he was a foreign correspondent and worked in several countries around the world for MSNBC and CNN. Doug attended Cornell University and is also an alumni of London School of Economics with a master’s degree in International Relations.