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Dick DeVos has been all over the place with his career in the past 40 years. While he started out at his father’s company Amway in the 1980s as the Vice President of Sales, he has moved into his own entrepreneurship and started his own investment firm. He helps out companies that want to make the world a better place, such as Boxed Water. He has also worked hard for his hometown and continues to support businesses and education in Michigan.


Grand Rapids may not even be on the map if it wasn’t for Dick DeVos. After his work at Amway, he resigned and returned to his hometown where he noticed that the downtown was quite slow in traffic. Business leaders were complaining at the lack of commerce, and many of the businesses were leaving. During this time, there were a lot of issues in Michigan with the economy because several factories and plants were moving out of state or out of the country for cheaper labor.


This caused a considerable crisis for many Michigan communities, especially in the western part of the state. Grand Rapids was going through its own recession when DeVos decided to change everything around. He first started working with the business leaders to create more opportunities for growth in the business district. This meant opening up a new convention center, sports arena, and entertainment hall. Now that these areas were bringing in traffic, DeVos would execute the next part of his plan.


He began to work with the CEO of the airport nearby. Throughout the 1990s, the airport had been in decline, but after DeVos started to partner with the CEO, ticket sales went up. Part of this was because he phoned the CEO of AirTran Airways and convinced him to open up several new destinations at the Grand Rapids terminal. This would lead to new flights to Orlando, Las Vegas, Denver, and St. Louis. Since all of these were favorite business conference locations, DeVos saw the opportunity to bring in business travelers to Grand Rapids and their new convention center.


The new plan worked, but there were tons of new ticket sales from other audiences as well. The airport needed to expand, and through DeVos’ planning, he was able to bring in a $45 million investment that would enabled the Gateway Transformation Project. It was this strategy that caught the attention of the FAA.


DeVos started working with the FAA in September 2017. He has been meeting with their Management Advisory Council to help with new policies, regulations, and growth ideas for aviation in America. Each quarter the council meets with the FAA to discuss new policies and ideas. This has led to the renovation of the GSO Tower and many other airport projects.


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There aren’t many people who know exactly how Betsy DeVos feels. She’s a woman who has done and seen so much throughout the course of her life. She hasn’t even come close to stopping, either. She has many plans in the works. The people around her have an abundance of them as well. Thankfully, DeVos has a close friend in her wonderful husband, Dick. Dick’s a lot like she is. He’s been a tireless figure in the American political scene for a lengthy span of time. People recognize him from his days back in the Midwest in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He was a lobbying pioneer of sorts back then. He took part in lobbying that covered many bases in the city. His lobbying frequently involved discussions of big construction projects that were on the horizon.


Mrs. DeVos has a penchant for philanthropy that’s probably rivaled only by her husband’s fondness of it. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is the name of a highly regarded not-for-profit that’s in operations in the United States at the moment. It’s not a new group in any sense, either. It’s been around since the late eighties, interestingly enough. DeVos’ interest in it hasn’t waned even for a second. She and her husband work nonstop to make donations to the group and to all of its assorted missions. The organization puts a lot of care into the arts in the United States. It puts a lot of care into all kinds of diverse cultural matters.


DeVos is a Secretary of Education in the United States. She’s the only individual in the nation who has the role. President Donald Trump selected her with good reason. He was able to pinpoint her sense of determination. She has a tenacity that’s not at all common in human beings. Most people cannot identify with her ability to tackle all sorts of things all at once. She’s without a doubt a bona fide multitasker. Her husband is, too. DeVos knows how to talk about all kinds of subjects simultaneously. She knows how to talk about all facets of the United States’ sizable educational system. She talks to parents and family members in general about educational choice and all of its positive factors. She talks to people everywhere about educational vouchers and their ins and outs. She even talks to them about the universe of charter schools. Charter schools are close to the DeVos family. Dick established a charter school he actually can call his own. This is the West Michigan Aviation Academy of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Since it’s at the city’s vast airport, it suits travelers perfectly. It suits aviation lovers to a T as well. It gets stronger all the time.


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Dick DeVos is no stranger to making attempts to change both public institutions as well as policy. This most notably began in 1991 when he lobbied against a multipurpose sports arena north of Grand Rapids, Michigan, fearing the long term repercussions it may have had on the city. This led to the formation of Grand Action, a committee of influential business leaders. As GOP mega-donors, the DeVos family has proven to be very influential within the political realm in both the labor and education fields. While Betsy pushed for charter school policy, Dick Devos led the way to Michigan’s transformation into a right-to-work state. In the past 30 years the Devos’ foundation is also credited with donations of $138.7 million going to leadership programs, the arts, health, as well as various policy initiatives centered on education reform. Mr. DeVos went so far as to open an aviation based public charter school in 2010, backed fervently by his wife.This has seen enormous support from the community. It is tuition free, and boasts some of the highest levels of diversity as well as multicultural inclusion in the state. It also tests in the top 10 in SAT scores within the county. He co-founded the Great Lakes Education project, which is a school choice advocacy organization.

Mr. DeVos is also credited with turning the Gerald Ford Airport around. This was, in large part, accomplished by his wooing of airline giant Southwest Airlines and subsequent convincing of them to offer routes out of Grand Rapids. This in turn lowered air fares while steadily growing the passenger size. Over time, this has gotten the attention of the FAA. With all of his efforts into revitalizing an ailing airport in combination with his background as a pilot and former CEO of Amway, the organization decided to appoint him to the top position in a civilian panel on aviation. He will serve in a volunteer capacity on the panel for three years with several other public and private sector leaders totaling over a century of combined invaluable experience within their respective fields. It is believed that Mr. DeVos will bring a combination of strong leadership traits and industry insight as well as his inherent deep roots in the field of aviation to the FAA’s panel.


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In the year 1972, Vinod Gupta quit his job at commodore and started his first company called Business Research Services and American Business List. He had two employees that worked part time. 13 years later almost every yellow pages book added them to their data base.

Years after working hard and utilizing his profits to grow his company, ABL had the ability to go public in 1993. The next year, ABI made seventy five million in shares and revenues. The business only got bigger and bigger, had thousands of employees in 1997 and eventually went pass 108 million. See This Page for more information.

ABL grew more and started to encircle so much more than just ordinary business directories. With the fast interior growth and gaining of several other data based marketing companies, ABL turned into infoUSA then infoGROUP and fully covered Canada and the United States of America. infoGROUP made sure all information was verified making their lists more accurate, especially in the business market where information changes rapidly as years go by. infoGROUP Was eventually bought at the price of six hundred eighty million dollars, which was valued at much less when it first opened.

Nowadays, Mr. Gupta is pretty well known in India and the United States as one of the best businessman and philanthropists. He was awarded several honorary doctorates from several universities such as Monterey Institute of international studies, and IIT u of Nebraska. He worked as a trustee for Kennedy center for performing arts and was praised by president Bill Colton.

He was accepted to work as a UD consul general to Bermuda and was voted to be the US ambassador of Fiji but couldn’t because of other business fidelity. Gupta is still involved with civic arrangements. Currently Vinod Gupta has three children and is married to a woman by the name of Laurel Gupta.


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Mina came to age in a family that loved baking, and she fell in love with the food industry from the family passions. Today, she is a career woman who has earned her spot as an accomplished caterer in America.

Though Mina did not stick to baking only, she has diversified her brand to include all kinds of food for all types of occasions. She is the author of various menus and will invite you for menu tasting once you contact her for catering. Not only does she believe in top-notch service for her diverse client base, she thinks that everybody deserves to eat mouthwatering and healthy food. Junking is not her style.

Whether you are a bride that has fallen head over heels in love, a corporate boss seeking to impress a client or hosting a day out with the boys or girls, Mina ensures that you get your money’s worth. Her career is her daily life.


The food industry has scandals from poor delivery systems, lousy food, small portions or unhygienic food preparation conditions. Scandals, however, are not Mina’s story as she has successfully run the Saint Germaine catering business since its inception without a dissatisfied customer coming back to complain. She started small and now is at the top managing food equipment worth millions and quite some focused staff. Her business is operational in four states, her recognition as one of the top forty women under the age of forty in the business world is phenomenal. She also wowed the enterprising world enough, for her to win the award under the women category. There is no stopping this woman that begun her climb from the dirt and is now dining with the crème de la crème of society.

She Believes in

Her philanthropy is empowering women, and women handle all aspects of Saint Germain Caterers. She believes that America holds opportunities for everyone that is keen enough to pursue it. Finally, she feels that it is never too early or too late to start a business.

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She has a food blog dedicated to food. She hosts menu tastings every month to extend her clientele base. She is also involved in the designing of the Saint Germaine website, to broaden their horizons further.