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Those suffering from lung disorders now have access to stem cell treatment thanks to The Lung Institute. Recently, Jack Coleman represented his company as a defender of the stem cell industry in the United States. He shared tales of how difficult research has been thanks to the regulatory agencies.

According to, it is certain that stem cell companies like The Lung institute will impact the current medical system. More efficient treatments may become available to desperate patients at a much cheaper price. Traditional treatments have been expensive almost never cure the patient. The amount of profit involved has turned the medical community away from cheaper cures.

Jack Coleman was present at the convention to dish out the details about the stem cell research situation from their point of view. Treatment plans are often difficult to present to the market, and even clinical trials are hard to start. The system needs to become more modern in order to invite effective and alternative treatments.

Thanks to stem cell research, the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease has become extremely trivial to treat. Old methods have basically left patients without any hope of surviving, so the institute decided to do something. The lungs are extremely limited for up taking oxygen in sick patients. Many are left stuck to their oxygen machines without the ability to get out of bed. Pneumonia also runs rampant amongst COPD patients due to their vulnerable state.

Smoking has wreaked havoc on older generations and now we are seeing the consequences. Smoking causes inflammation in the lungs that will eventually lead to diseases like COPD. Medical experts in the past had made a killing thanks to the demand of ill smokers. We need more companies like The Lung institute to fight for the right to treat with stems cells.

Pollution in living environments may also make such lung diseases worse. Those that have neglected their living space are now paying for it with their damaged lungs.

The Lung Institute has allowed many patients to survive with their condition when they were left for dead. Some of the more successful patients are able to stop using oxygen for long periods of time. For more info, visit the Lung Institute’s Facebook page.