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Michael Jackson has a plethora of different hit songs during a very lengthy career. He made his name known around the globe, and people have been able to duplicate the style that he possessed by watching his videos. There are certainly entertainers like Sergio Cortes that have made it their duty to do the best possible imitations that they can do as a tribute to Jackson.

Some fans like to see Sergio do “Thriller.” Others may scream and shout when he does “Dirty Diana.” There are so many hits from the Michael Jackson catalog that Sergio can pull together. Right now he is working on what he calls the “Human Nature Tour” and a lot of fans of Michael Jackson are trying to see what this buzz is about. Jackson had a good streak during the time that he produced songs like “Bad” and “The Way You Make Me Feel.” In his “Man in the Mirror” days it seemed like Michael Jackson could do no wrong. Sergio has managed to give the crowd this youthful Michael Jackson impersonation and that is what makes him one of the best in the industry.

Sergio has evolved over the years, and he has stood out as a performer that knows the right songs to pick for his performances. He has managed to become a masterful showman because he knows how to pick the right songs. His lineup is of songs for the big numbers that really showed Jackson at his best. When he performs “Smooth Criminal” with all of those dancers in place it is like you are looking at Jackson himself. You will wonder in amazement at how he is able to lean forward and look so much like MJ as he effortlessly appears to defy gravity. The tilt of the hat and his exciting choreography makes him one of the most precise Michael Jackson performers out there.

Impersonating Michael Jackson is not an easy task, but Sergio Cortes knows how to make it look easy. He makes it look so easy that it has become just as much of a thrill to watch his online videos as it is to watch old Michael Jackson footage. Most fans will look at Jackson perform something like “Billie Jean” and then search for a Sergio Cortes performance of “Billie Jean.” It will be amazing for fans to see such an exact representation from Cortes.

Impersonating involves doing things like someone and this has been a practice that has been seen among many people. Mostly, when an artiste proves influential, there will emerge people who will want to perform like him/her. Impersonating for a good cause is not a bad practice, so it is a practice that has been broadcasted for a long time now. One of the greatest and most effective impersonators is Sergio Cortes, who has managed to perform like the late king of pop, Michael Jackson. Sergio Cortes is a well reputed person, who rose to fame for the love he showed for the legendary pop musician. His influence has drawn a large following and many people have fallen in love with his performances.

At a small age, Sergio Cortes came to the realization that he could perform like Michael Jackson. He realized his ability t sing and dance exactly like the singer, whom he loved so much. His love for Michael motivated him to practice even more and to learn more skills that could help him dance and sing like Michael. This is something that later earned Sergio Cortes a great name. He is currently the best impersonator of the late singer and has been able to get contracts to perform in different events. He says that he is planning on developing his career and this has been evident in the way he has been able to perfectly play as Michael in all his performances.

Sergio Cortes was born and raised in Barcelona, where he also performs most of his shows today. He fell in love with the music and performance of late Michael Jackson, following closely all his performances and song releases. He gained fame and recognition in 2012 when he did a performance that was meant to remember and show some respect to the late favorite musician. Many people were impressed by the show and it drew them to emotional lengths that led to Sergio Cortes getting the best reception for his performances.

All he holds for the future remains as an imagination and different people have been speculating that he could make new songs to sound exactly like Jackson. His voice and movement while dancing matches perfectly with what Michael Jackson used to do. Sergio Cortes is rated as the best impersonator for Michael Jackson, and this is something that has been verified by his prowess in the different shows he has performed.

Michael Jackson was bad. Really bad. There’ll never be another entertainer quite like him. His passing has left many people depressed and nostalgic. But there is an entertainer that has the moves and some of the magic that reminds many people of Michael. His name is Sergio Cortes and many people say he is the best Michael Jackson impersonator on the planet. Born in Barcelona, Spain, Sergio Cortes looks, dances, moves, and sings just like Michael Jackson. In fact he does it so well he draws sold out audiences whenever he performs.

Sergio Cortes has always looked like Michael Jackson. Plus he has been practicing Michael’s moves ever since he was a child. At first he just did it to entertain his friends and family. Gradually more and more people wanted to see him dance. He began attracting local, then national and international audiences. Finally someone uploaded a video of him dancing to the internet. The reaction was immediate and incredible. Overnight he became known worldwide. Journalists wanted to interview him. Stories about him began to appear in the newspapers. Agents wanted to represent him. He was invited to perform on live shows and television programs. He had become a full-fledged celebrity.

These days Cortes lives in Brazil. People all over South America flock to his shows. There are hundreds of his videos on the internet. People pay any price to see him perform. Some schedule their South American vacations around his performances. Thousands say he is the closest thing to Michael Jackson they have ever seen. He has performed all over the world. Michael Jackson has even hired him. He’s now a bona fide star. His latest show has him performing the Michael Jackson classics in Italy and throughout Europe with backup singers, dancers, and a light show. He is keeping Michael’s legacy alive.

It’s more than the costumes and dance moves that make Sergio Cortes look like Michael. His hair, face, and body naturally look like Michael Jackson. While other impersonatorseleb need makeup or surgery to look like Michael, Cortes naturally looks that way. Plus he has mastered Michael’s moves and mannerisms. It’s amazing how much they look alike. Sergio Cortes never thought he would be making a living impersonating Michael. He started mimicking Michael just for fun. Now he is doing his moves in front of thousands of screaming fans and people worldwide want to his shows.