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The fashion industry has experienced rapid change over the years. However, it has proved hard to find good models that fit the clients’ descriptions for a fashion show. In 2010, Justin Brown, the current president of Brown Agency inc., formed Austin Statesman models Inc. After four years in operation, and after gaining a good reputation in the fashion industry, Wilhelmina Austin acquired Hayman Talent South, which was also dealing with models and lifestyle service provision, to form the current Brown Agency. Since its formation, the Agency has employed more than 20,000 models creating jobs to the local people and linking them to the fashion houses.

In 2015, the agency held a runway into print and on-screen models. More than 1000 clients around the globe went for the event which marked a new beginning of the Brown Agency in the fashion industry. The agency is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and has been in operation for seven years. The agency also deals with photography, professional networking, media and entertainment, creative advertisement, and fashion. The Brown Agency, with the leadership of the Brown family, has been able to achieve the goal of being the leading agency in fashion and print media. With only seven years in operation, the company has created more than 90,000 temporary and permanent jobs.

The Brown Agency has held as many as 150 auditions for different fashion clients and has always given the best since they are the best in the fashion field. The agency has held as many as five parties which have been attended by large numbers of models and clients creating cordial relations that have seen them rise in the fashion industry. As a part of their corporate social Responsibility, the agency has contributed too many local projects with the aim of making the living standards better every day.

Brown Agency has been the place where people learn new designs and new fashions. People love the clarity of the photographs and the models’ fresh looks. With the companies’ principle of the going concern, the Agency has invested in the future by using integrated technological devices.