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Life is a journey that has a funny way of humbling us… or rather smoothing out our rough edges while simultaneously traumatizing us. The forms in which these events that help us to move forward (or hold us back on occasion) vary greatly. For some it is in the form of a mental health illness, and for others there exist a struggle to release themselves from past wrongs or inflictions. Even so, sometimes as individuals we just need someone to talk to and who can help us through strenuous times.

Unlike traditional face-to-face therapy, Talkspace provides individuals with an innovative app that allows for individuals to correspond with licensed mental health counselors via text, phone call, email, and numerous other platforms. It would appear that the versatility and personalization of the app may allow for those with too busy of a schedule, or individuals who do not wish to leave their homes with a way to seek the help that they need.

Because individuals are communicating with certified therapists the app is not free. Those who wish to utilize the services offered must pay $125 a month. This is a small price for bringing the therapist’s office to the person in need. Each person that chooses to use the app has a brief discussion with a representative to help determine which therapist would be the best match. If it is not a good match, the individual can change therapists.

Lastly, Talkspace offers many therapists with a wide range of specialties. Some therapists specialize in treating depression. It can be argued that using the app for therapy could decrease the sense of shame or stigmatism felt when fighting depression. Similarly, there are other therapist who specialize in border line personality disorder and the struggles that accompany the disorder. Try Talkspace today!