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White Shark Media is a Digital Marketing Agency that is making waves within the online advertisement and monitoring industry. The White Shark Media Blog details how they primarily focus on improving the online presence of small and medium sized business through the use of improved websites and targeted advertisements. Their main goal is to bring the best results to their customers at an affordable price. They pride themselves on their impeccable customer service and are always looking for ways in which they can make a better experience for their clients. While they were once just a small agency, they have grown in size and are now helping businesses in several countries to improve and grow their businesses.

They are able to keep up with their clients using their impressive algorithm for online activity. Through a specialized use of proprietary software, reporting software, Google Analytics, and keyword tracking, they are able to determine exactly how to help their clients and bring them more activity and customers. The company has made huge improvements since its founding in 2011 and have been able to drive head first in the SMB market within Latin American and the United States of America. In order to manage their customers with the best possible service, White Shark Media has a complete team of bilingual employees. They now have over 150 people in their employment and these employees are located in three countries. Each individual is highly experienced and trained in the subject matters of Display advertisement, Google Analytics, AdWords, and Search processors. They continue to grow rapidly due to their esteemed system and service that they provide to their clients.

In 2012, White Shark Media was so successful that they were put on Google’s radar and asked to visit the headquarters of Google. A team at Google worked with White Shark Media and helped them improve their growth and client care even more. This collaboration led to White Shark Media being awarded an honor by google. They were give the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partnership two years later in 2014. This was a huge honor because very few companies were awarded with this type of recognition.