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Victoria Doramus is a market trend analyst who has worked in the media industry for many years. She served Peter Berg as his personal assistant and has worked with Stila Cosmetics, Trendera, and Mindshare. She is also a digital and print media pro, and she found success after a lifetime of battling with drug and alcohol addiction. Today, she serves as a recovery expert who draws on her own life experience to help people in need. Doramus studied at the University of Colorado – Boulder and earned a degree in mass communication and journalism while there. Her first job was with Mindshare as an assistant media planner where she worked directly with her clients to come up with content that would further the branding efforts of companies.

Victoria Doramus eventually moved on to work with Stila Cosmetics as a creative consultant and then decided to work with Creative Agency. She has always had a way with combining her interests and skills in order to best serve the companies she works with and used all of these in order to help build up Trendera and its brand. Doramus has always loved writing and worked as a freelance writer and a ghostwriter for many years. Some of her work appears in the Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, and USA Today. She also helped to put together a spread of popular books that have been widely read.

While Victoria Doramus (@victoriadoramus) was very successful, she was also battling with addiction during most of her working career. In 2011, she went to a rehab center in Tucson, Arizona but continued to use cocaine and Adderall. It took her hitting rock bottom to understand that she needed to make some long-term changes in her life. After attending more rehabs, she began to understand the nature of addiction and began to do the work to rise above hers. In 2017, she went to the Burning Tree recovery center where she followed the 12 steps to get herself clean. Today, Victoria Doramus is an inspiration to many people who once felt no hope, and she plans on continuing to make an impact in the lives of people who have succumbed to their addictions.

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Vijay Eswaran says that change is a vibrational thing. What this means is that when you start making changes to your life, it will start affecting all areas of your life, including your physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. In addition, it will bring about more changes. Change brings about change. The more you change, the more you will be willing to make even more changes for the better, even in other areas of your life.

The truth is, says Vijay Eswaran, that at the beginning, you will think that a certain change is a major change. You will be afraid of making that change. You finally gather up the courage to step forward and make that change. However, once you have made that change, it will no longer seem like such a big change. Down the road, your expectations and your standards will change. You will be far ahead of your old place in life. You will now be in a new place, and in that new place, the old change will seem small, not big. You will be faced with further changes that will seem big. However, after you have made those changes, those changes will seem small as well. Change brings about change.

Some may ask whether change can be bad sometimes. Of course it can. However, not changing is even worse. When you are not changing, you are stagnant. You are dying. You need to change. Even if it turns out for the bad, you are a person who knows how to change, so you will also know how to start changing for the better again. You are a human, and humans constantly need to keep moving. You can not stay in one place for too long, not just physically, but spiritually and mentally as well. If you leave your hometown for a number of years, it will have changed when you come back. That is why you also need to change. If you did not change while you are away, you will have difficulty adapting to the new changes.

Susan McGalla is the perfect example of the saying what a man can do a woman can do better. Born in East, Liverpool, Ohio she was raised together with two brothers by a father who was a football coach. No one cut her any slack because she was a girl and growing up she understood that when it comes to work, there are no jobs for men or women, everyone creates their opportunities. She attended Mount Union College where she received a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing.

She began her career working in different managerial and marketing positions at Joseph Home Company from 1986-1994 and later that year joined American Eagle Outfitters. She first held the position of divisional merchandise buyer in women’s clothing. During this period all the executive slots were occupied by men and Susan McGalla had to work her way up the ranks to become its Chief Merchandising Officer and President. As a career woman, she is an inspiration to other women, and according to her, most of them seek an authentic perspective and would like to be seen as executives and not just women. Susan left American Eagle Outfitters in 2009 and joined Wet Seal Inc. as its president in 2011. When she left the company, McGalla founded P3 Executive Consulting and holds the position of Creative Development and vice-president of Business Strategy at Pittsburgh Steelers.

Women initiatives that seek to support them miss the main issue that is women supporting women in business and according to Susan McGalla creating sponsorship changes will assist in breaking the cycle of gender discrimination cycle. The Sponsor would advocate for women to lead important projects and assignments while still mentoring the women making organizations gender-diverse. Susan herself has never thought she was entitled to anything because she was a woman or carry a chip over her shoulder due to prejudices. She works on empowering more women to take up executive roles in their organizations, and she has spoken in numerous women conferences asking the women to emulate her approach and attitude as they traverse the male-dominated work environment.

As every sector gets more competitive and people continue to look for new marketing methods to increase their sales and revenue, using unique marketing mediums has become essential. It is where the online marketing comes in. It is cheaper than traditional forms of marketing and the impact of online marketing, when done correctly, lasts for a very long time to come. There are many companies out there that provide online marketing services and offers free first consultancy as well, but one must always choose a trusted name in the search engine marketing industry. It is because it is a service that has an abstract form that cannot be measured by layman quickly, and the results you get from the search engine marketing techniques may not last for the substantial amount of time if implemented implicitly.

White Shark Media is a trusted search engine marketing firm that has been around for many years and has provided search engine marketing services to numerous small to medium-sized businesses. The company understands the importance of online marketing in today’s world and has helped multiple companies to sea-change their turnover entirely by assisting them to reach out to new clients and explore new markets. Search engine marketing supports the company’s website to rank higher on the search engine pages and improves the branding and marketing efforts of the company as well. More and more people get to know your company through the online marketing techniques implemented by White Shark Media. It is evident from the White Shark Media Reviews of various clients of the company that the firm gives hundred percent to every project they take up.

If you are serious about taking your business to the next level and want to ensure that you get the kind of popularity and positive response you expect from online marketing, then consulting and hiring White Shark Media is an ideal option.