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Wikipedia releases an official list of the most edited pages in the English language for a given year. The most relevant information that shows up is information on sports, deaths, music releases and politics. There are other topics that are particular in a given time. It involves news and obsessions about a particular year. For the year 2016, it was no surprise that the 2016 presidential election too to the lead. Donald Trump’s page took the second spot as the most edited place. Hillary Clinton’s endorsements for the election took the third position.

Deaths have always been the most edited page on Wikipedia. The page receives multiple edits from different people every year. The total number of edits for the year 2016 was higher than the previous year. Wikipedia had approximately 18,000 edits for its 2016 Death’s page. Other pages that made to the top 20 include Kanye West’s latest album and Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The famous painter Vincent van Gough was also a subject of revision for a large part of the year.

In the coming years, it is expected that Donald Trump’s page will receive several edits in the coming years. History has it that the president’s page comes under more scrutiny. The Wikimedia Foundation revealed that George W Bush’s page is by far the most edited page. The page has received 45,862 Wiki edits since it was created. With controversies surrounding Donald Trump’s life, his presidency should see him receive several revisions. Wikipedia comes as a reliable source of news information. It has become increasingly important because we live in an era where fake news has become prevalent. Wikipedia thus created a Fake News Page. The page received 1,000 edits in the first two weeks of operation.

Wikipedia is an invaluable tool for any business, organization, and individual. You can do a google search of a renowned brand and personality. In many cases, the person’s profile appears as a Wikipedia profile within the first five results. However, many companies have not adopted the platform. Companies that do so use it on a casual basis. Creating a Wikipedia page may not be as easy as it seems.

Wikipedia has several requirements for a valid page. It should have proper referencing, proper formatting and should have verifiable sources. That is why a company like Get Your Wiki comes in. Get your wiki is an online company that assists you to make a Wikipedia page for you or your company. Wikipedia page enhances the legitimacy, credibility, and prestige of your brand or you as a person. Wikipedia attracts many viewers on a daily basis. You can benefit from the page by having create your page.