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Do you have a brilliant innovative idea and are looking for some inspiration before you can embark on the journey to invest in it, articles on entrepreneurs like Greg Secker is what you need to be reading. He is a reputable businessman who has amassed a lot of wealth as an entrepreneur, trading wizard and international speaker and he loves to share the money that he has amassed, through his Greg Secker Foundation. He gains a lot of joy in empower in the less fortunate to make a sustainable living.


As can be seen from the success journey of Greg Secker, getting a good education is very important. Education gives you the basic knowledge and experience that you need in order to start a successful career. For Greg Secker, he attended University of Nottingham and graduated with an undergraduate degree in Agricultural and Food Sciences. This is irrelevant to what he does today, but it gave him the basic knowledge and a platform for his career to get started.


Secondly, you have to have some sort of experience in running a business. Even if you have the most creative idea, it will not be successful if you don’t know how to manage it. So, you have to be humble and be willing to work for other people to get the experience. Greg Secker started out working for Thomas Cook financial service. But, he wanted something out of his career and the way to get it was to innovate a new product for the company and this would get him recognition and a rise in his career ladder. And, his hard work paid off. He was enrolled in the foreign exchange division, managing his VFD platform.


His innovativeness got him to be recognized by one of the biggest investment bank, Mellon Financial Corporation. As the Vice President of the company, he would seat behind Forex trade screens all day, and this was not satisfying for him. To tap his full potential, he began a trading floor from his home. And, three years along, he quit his job to concentrate on teaching people about trading.