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Susan McGalla has taken on the Pittsburgh Steelers Director of Strategic Planning position. In doing so, she has offered up the opportunity for Steeler fans to purchase merchandise that fits to their own individual style. Some of the items available for purchase include Pandora jewelry, charms, and notable labels such as Tommy Bahama, Nike Golf, and Victoria’s Secret. Equally important, many items come in alternative colors such as pink, neon yellow and metallic gold versus the standard Steeler black.

Prior to joining on with the Pittsburgh Steeler organization on, Susan McGalla was the President of American Eagle Outfitters for 15 years and the Chief Executive Officer at Wet Seal. Her past experience in the merchandizing and in the branding fields was brought onboard to upgrade the Steelers online site. McGalla utilized focus groups to better understand what the Steelers fan is looking to purchase not only on game day, but during the work week to show off their team support. For instance, Susan McGalla on facebook made available team apparel for males to wear to work, while at the same time, brought to the website apparel for females focusing on a more feminine look that includes a fit that assists all types of figures.

The Steelers website ( was launched by McGalla this summer after the request from Steelers President Dan Rooney to rebuild the existing website. McGalla’s goal was to make the website the best in class which includes a fast and easy to shop experience. One can search for Steelers apparel by price, vendor, and category in order to narrow down the product the Steeler’s fan is seeking out. The products are licensed by the National Football League (NFL), and McGalla has made certain some of the items include a secondary NFL logo.

Susan McGalla marketed the Steeler products as those worn by the Steelers players and coaches whether on or off the field. During NFL training camp, the players and coaches identified items they liked and were then photographed wearing each item. McGalla decided upon this approach after receiving feedback from Steeler fans via email, on line chats, and the Steelers Facebook page.

Susan McGalla is an American Businesswoman and expert consult who currently is the director of strategic planning and growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She is the founder and president of P3 Executive Consulting LLC.It advices people within and outside the retail business on branding and profiling, supply and organization. She was the former CEO of Wet Seal and worked as the president of American Eagle Outfitters. She is married to Stephen McGalla and lives in Pittsburgh with him and the two children. Mrs McGalla was born in 1961 and grew up in a family of 2 boys and a football coach father. It was a pretty high octane family in which her gender never really mattered. This environment shaped her perspective to what she is today. She received her in BA from Mount Union University. She then joined Joseph Horne Company in 1986.She was to work here till 1994 when she joined the American Eagle Outfitters. By then, it was an exclusively male attire company. She managed to convince them to start a women’s division where she was assigned, by then there were no female board members. Through sheer hard work, dedication and results, she has managed to reach a place, any women can only dream. She was made the chief merchandising officer in January 2003.By January of 2007; she was named the President and Chief Merchandising Officer of American Eagle Outfitters. McGalla grew revenue from $ 340 million to more than $ 3 billion. The profit rose to $ 400 million, the stores to 1100 and over 28,000 employees. She had a remarkable career at the Eagle and by March 2009, it was time to leave. She founded an independent consultancy for the retail industry. In January 2011, she was back in the corporate the world. This time as the C.E.O of Wet Seal inc.It was at that time a struggling outfit. She was also expectant with her second born. Against all odds, she led the company on a recovery path. In 2013, she decided to relaunch her consultancy dream with P3 Executive Consulting LLC. She also recently took up a post at her childhood team the Pittsburgh steers. Susan McGalla is a woman who has had it all,a successful career and a family. The formula for her success has eluded many women .On being asked what makes her an exceptional woman, she replied because she never carries a chip on her saying what to expect as a woman. She believes in dedication, hard work and results. That’s what drives her. She has encouraged young girls everywhere to seek higher education. It’s the secret to infinite possibilities. With growth, women will find strength in numbers. Women in the workplace have been found to be less ambitious. She encourages them to have goals and strive towards those objectives courageously. She also advises women to ignore the glass ceiling but instead concentrate on work ethic. With hard work and the right team, anyone will go far.