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Most of the insurance service providers use the ‘one size fit all’ technique. This locks out individuals who are deserving of the coverage. With USHEALTH Group , all clients are unique, and they require a different form of service. That is the reason why the company strives to offer personalized services to all its customers.

USHEALTH was established to offer insurance coverage plans to all persons regardless of their financial status. Due to the different services that they offer, the Company has grown to be America’s first choice. The mission of the Company is to Help Other People Every day. Affordability, reliability, and quality services are the hallmarks of the Company.

USHEALTH Group has won different awards for their excellent services. In February 2017, the Company received the Stevie Gold Award for their sales and outstanding customer service. In early January, they also won gold in the 2016 One Planet Business and Professional Excellence awards .

The President and C.E.O of the Company, Troy McQuagge, was also honored as the C.E.O of the year at the One Planet awards. Troy has won various awards over the years for being an outstanding C.E.O.

USHEALTH Advisors is the arm of the Company that handles the sales and marketing of the plans offered by the Company. Over the years, the department has received recognition for their excellent customer service. USHEALTH Advisors have been ranked among the top 50 call centers in the region.

The products

It is their great plans that propelled the company to achieve great success. The different plans include:

PremierChoice: it is suitable for all persons as it has no annual deductibles to satisfy

Life Protector: life insurance cover to protect your family. It is renewed after every ten years

Income Protector: provides support to enable you to pay off your expenses after an accident or illness

Accident Protector: the cover will cater for the expenses that occur after an accident

MedGuard: this is a five-year renewable term life insurance cover. In the event of a critical illness, the cover may accelerate to a death benefit.



Secure Advantage

Essential Health Benefit

Mexico is another country in a long list of countries that are experiencing a Zika virus outbreak. There are 121 reported cases of Zika in the Southern states of Mexico, but health officials think there are many more unreported cases. Brazilian medical expert Sergio Cortes posted an article on his website that said unreported cases of the virus outnumber report cases by at least 10 to 1.
Pregnant women are the main concern as the virus works it way through South, Central and North America. There is strong evidence that the Zika virus may play an important role in the increase in the number of microcephaly cases in the infected countries. New studies show that the virus invades the amniotic fluid during pregnancies and it is also capable of entering the brains of fetuses. Scientist say the virus enters the brain, but it is not found in any other part of the fetal body. Dr. Cortes tweeted that information to his followers. The Zika virus in the brains of fetuses could stops brain development, and that is one of the side effects of microcephaly.
But researchers aren’t sure if the virus acts the same way in every human. In fact, some of the evidence shows it does act differently. Most people have the virus in their blood, but in some cases, it is hard to detect. But most infected people have the virus in saliva and urine, according to a post on the Dr. Cortes LinkedIn page.
There is also evidence that the Zika virus can cause neurological disorders. French researchers discovered an increase in the number of Guillain-Barré syndrome cases in French Polynesia after an outbreak of the virus in 2013. Even though the initial symptoms of the virus are considered mild, there is a chance infected individuals may suffer other health complications that are a direct result of Zika activity in the body. Dr. Cortes said no one is sure how the long the virus stays in the body. There is some evidence that points to the virus going into a dormant state in humans and then reappearing at another point in time, according to a post on the Dr. Cortes Facebook page.
The question on the minds of researchers is how long it effects the immune system. Some scientist believe more long-term studies are needed, but the French study does help bring the Guillain-Barré syndrome issue into the spotlight. Brazil has reported more than 4,700 cases of microcephaly so far, but the actual number of Guillain-Barré syndrome cases is still under investigation, according to Dr. Cortes.
The obvious concern over the spread of the Zika virus is well-founded. There are more unanswered questions than answered question, and that makes developing a vaccine a difficult process, according to medical experts like Dr. Cortes.

CEO of Ski Valley Holdings, Andy Wirth expressed his gratitude to Reno City Council for voting in support of the Clean Power Plan, through an Op-ed that was published by the Reno Gazette-Journal.
Andy said, it is a move that will help the country advance from the use of traditional coal energy and using clean, renewable energy. The vote made the council an important entity in the Clean Power Plan movement. He went further to acknowledge that times have changed in a big way, with a healthy, new sustainable and growing economy giving everyone in the region a chance.
He said that the stakeholder companies are utilizing the elected officials and Region utilities in creating a clean energy economy. Andy insisted on the need for clean energy now and not as a thing of the future. He expressed his belief that a vibrant and healthy economy is fuelled by strong policies like Clean Power Plan. He stressed on actual leadership, long-term, rational and logical thinking from the elected leaders.
Andy believes that it can make the region an example of clean energy in the creation of a strong economy. People are still burning coal for the production of electricity, which leads to the low-quality air that people breathe, the drought, forest fires, and carbon footprint, which contribute to the climate woes. Andy said that there is a big opportunity in sourcing for clean energy. At the same time, he challenged companies such as Microsoft, Apple, and Tesla to join in the movement and continue providing employment to the people.
Supporting the Clean Power Plan and ushering in a clean energy future will enable the economy to grow remarkably and people will benefit a great deal. Andy urged the elected officials in Congress, State Government, and civic entities to support fully maximum clean energy while at the same time helping the regional economic growth.
Andy Wirth is the chairman of Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority. He has been in the mountain resort and hotel industries for over 25 years. He is the CEO Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. Andy Wirth is also a contributor to environmental and community service organizations in the Lake Tahoe region. His focus is the improvement of the area.