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Dogs are all athletes, and like athletes, they must be fed well. If dogs are not fed well, they are not living the best life possible. It is imperative to feed a dog commiserate with their activity levels because normally, they do not store fat well. This means that they live almost exclusively from the energy derived from their food on If this is done constantly, a person can be starving their dog and not know it. This issue occurs because they are constantly expending more energy than they are consuming. Without any fat stores to burn, they are basically slowly dying.

However, dogs are resilient, and some dogs are incredibly thin when found, but can be nurtured back to health. I know this because I have dogs that are very active. We are constantly hunting, fishing and simply hiking sometimes. I noticed that my dog was winded after these walks to the point of not eating for a while after we were in.

I took him into the veterinarian, and she proposed not only feeding him much more when we are active, but she also told me that I should change to the Beneful brand of dog food. He cited its high protein content, and its many varieties, and he is right in both the amount and brand. I did not know that Beneful was a Purina product. Purina is the king of livestock and dog food in the area in which I grew up. I had no problems in changing for that alone, but my dog is finicky, and I am really happy he enjoys many of the Beneful’s varieties. I started by feeding him in an open method with Beneful’s dry. After I established how much he ate and the length of time that it took him, I adjusted accordingly. I could have guessed or listened to some authorities, but ultimately, leaving him to determine the appropriate amount for himself was the correct route for us. However, Beneful and I have made a monster.

He never quits now, and he actually throws tantrums when it is time to go home. He digs holes as an occupation almost. I had no idea of the significance of the word terrier before I changed my dog’s diet to Beneful. I do not mind because I only came in sometimes because he seemed tired and uninterested after long days. I understand now that it was because he was being chronically underfed. I feel guilty about it, but he’s better now, and I actually do not have much time to harp on it because of his new found energy. This energy is why I actually wanted a dog, but I should have known that something was wrong if I had more energy than this dog. It is a non-stop party, but it has gotten me back in top shape also. Since I changed his food, I have lost 15 pounds, and he has gained five in spite of our extended exercises. Good job Beneful.