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Oncotarget is a free to access online journal that tackles various scientific researches and results. It is published weekly by the Impact Journals. It is also accessible in print upon special requests. The journal’s mission is to ensure scientific findings reach to as many people as possible. What the journal publishes is always reviewed by other peer scientists, a strategy that makes the information reliable. By being an online journal, the information is shared quickly ensuring that it is timely in fighting diseases. Oncotaget has managed to bridge the gap between different sectors while allowing all researchers to contribute to the growth of science by Mikhail Blagosklonny. The organization’s ultimate goal is for everyone to live in a world that is free of diseases.

Diet Restriction for Cellular Rejuvenation

One of the papers published by Oncotarget is on the nutritional perspective on cellular rejuvenation. Lifespan can be extended and aging process decelerated by restricting dietary energy intake. Most people confuse dietary restriction with calorie restriction. The two, however, have some significant differences. Dietary restriction involves decreasing the amount of food allocated. Calorie restriction means altering the nutritional composition thereby reducing the energy component of the food. In the study, mice fed on dietary restriction were let to undergo some fasting periods. These periods are believed to have effects on the extension of the lifespan. During fasting, the nutrient-sensing anabolic pathway is deactivated, which is a reason for lifespan prolonging effect. The indicator in play here is the inhibition of mTOR activity.

The Findings

mTOR is a pathway that promotes growth, which is triggered by the circulation of amino acids, insulin, and other growth factors. It, however, inhibits autophagy and enhances metabolic derangement, counteracting cellular cleansing. mTOR hyper activation can, however, cause aging. On the other hand, overeating, ad libitum feeding, can grow an aging phenotype as evidenced by mice that were obese after being overfed. The accelerated aging was also seen after feeding them with diets that had more energy. The use of diet restriction on a diet- induced obese mice caused an abolishment of the mTOR pathway. The chaperone-mediated autophagy that usually declines with age was also induced. The end finding was that diet restriction leads to cellular rejuvenation.

Most of the insurance service providers use the ‘one size fit all’ technique. This locks out individuals who are deserving of the coverage. With USHEALTH Group , all clients are unique, and they require a different form of service. That is the reason why the company strives to offer personalized services to all its customers.

USHEALTH was established to offer insurance coverage plans to all persons regardless of their financial status. Due to the different services that they offer, the Company has grown to be America’s first choice. The mission of the Company is to Help Other People Every day. Affordability, reliability, and quality services are the hallmarks of the Company.

USHEALTH Group has won different awards for their excellent services. In February 2017, the Company received the Stevie Gold Award for their sales and outstanding customer service. In early January, they also won gold in the 2016 One Planet Business and Professional Excellence awards .

The President and C.E.O of the Company, Troy McQuagge, was also honored as the C.E.O of the year at the One Planet awards. Troy has won various awards over the years for being an outstanding C.E.O.

USHEALTH Advisors is the arm of the Company that handles the sales and marketing of the plans offered by the Company. Over the years, the department has received recognition for their excellent customer service. USHEALTH Advisors have been ranked among the top 50 call centers in the region.

The products

It is their great plans that propelled the company to achieve great success. The different plans include:

PremierChoice: it is suitable for all persons as it has no annual deductibles to satisfy

Life Protector: life insurance cover to protect your family. It is renewed after every ten years

Income Protector: provides support to enable you to pay off your expenses after an accident or illness

Accident Protector: the cover will cater for the expenses that occur after an accident

MedGuard: this is a five-year renewable term life insurance cover. In the event of a critical illness, the cover may accelerate to a death benefit.



Secure Advantage

Essential Health Benefit

I have a long history of pain management. For eight years, I have dealt with the pain that shot through my lower back, but I could never seem to get it under control, even with the use of many pain medications. There was a time that my doctor had me on Morphine, Soma, Baclofen, Ativan, Hydrocodone, and Methadone. These pain medications had me loopy, and I couldn’t seem to live with them or without them. The problem was that even with all of these medications my pain still wasn’t manageable. I was still in pain, and I had to take the medications right at the hours prescribed to make the pain bearable. I had been to doctor after doctor, and they all just kept prescribing me medications. Pain medications were not what I wanted. I wanted to get off of the medications and get a surgery that would help the pain. My diagnosis was severe spinal scoliosis. My last doctor sent me to the Methadone Clinic so that I could get off all of the medications that I was on. While the Methadone Clinic helped me to get off of those medications, they still didn’t solve my pain problems. I still needed a more permanent solution. I began searching the web for solutions that would work for me. I wanted a solution that would be permanent I searched on cantechletter, and a solution that would relieve the pain enough to let me go on with my life. After searching for days, I stumbled across the Nobilis Health website. I saw that they dealt with surgeries related to spinal conditions, and I figured that they seemed reputable, so I decided that I would give them a call. They were amazing from the minute they answered the phone to the rest of the time that I worked with them. I went into the Nobilis Health center, and I was amazed at how well they handled my symptoms and my case. I made sure they knew all about what the previous doctors had done for me. I made sure they understood that I didn’t want to be on pain medications anymore and that I just wanted to heal and find a more permanent solution. The doctor offered a surgery that would help treat spinal scoliosis. They said it would help lower the pain and that it would help me live a life that was more normal too. The doctor talked to me like he understood me, and that made me feel great. The Kirby Surgical Center was there for me when I needed them. I will refer them to others, and I will tell everyone how great this center is. I am no longer in extreme pain all day and night, and I don’t have to think about my pain all of the time. In fact, it is a bit strange getting used to life without chronic pain, but I’m sure that I will get the hang of it. Nobilis Health is the place for everyone to go if they want a story with a happy ending like mine.