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USAHEALTH Advisors says pizza is one of the most common foods in the U.S. It is a simple and satisfying meal, but we need to keep in mind where we are getting our pizza from. Pizza may seem the same and completely harmless no matter if it comes from a takeout restaurant or the frozen isle at the supermarket, however that is not true. The amount of refined carbohydrates in pizza crust is why medical experts say the pizza is an extremely unhealthy choice.

USHEALTH Advisors explains that the majority of the vitamins and nutrients are no longer present in the flour that is used for pizza dough. The remaining product is a substance that will settle right in our abdomen. Even though belly fat can be caused by many things, it’s these empty carbohydrates from foods like pizza that contributes to weight gain and bloating. Pizza lovers should keep these facts in mind whenever there is a chance to choose whole wheat instead. See more on twitter.

USHEALTH Advisors report that food with high fat and sodium content is also a problem. In pizza, about 28% of the daily suggested amount of fat and 30% of sodium is already crammed into a single five-ounce serving. The best way to avoid all of the unhealthy consumption from eating to-go pizza is to make your own pizza at home.

According to the USHEALTH Advisors blog, you can make your crust from scratch with a mix of white and whole wheat flour. Add canned tomatoes as sauce to reduce the amount of sugar, and top the pizza with various fresh vegetables to make the pizza packed with nutrition. Another added benefit is the ability to control the amount and type of cheese. You can switch to your choice of low fat or even give it a vegan topping.

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Organo Gold isn’t the type of company that’s fond of any limitations or restrictions whatsoever. The Ferndale, Washington organization is one that’s all about taking things up a notch. Bernardo Chua can eagerly attest to that. As Organo Gold’s head, he’s a person who doesn’t give up easily. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

Organo Gold responds to people who are keen on drinking coffee. It responds to people who are eager to test out brand new concepts that are on the horizon as well. People who want to savor coffee that’s like nothing they’ve had in the past often turn into huge Organo Gold supporters. Read:

Jeunesse is a direct selling skincare brand distributed through its worldwide network of distributors. The Jeunesse line of products was developed in connection with several leading doctors who specialize in preventative and anti-aging medicine. The company provides many incentives for its distributors who reach certain achievement levels in the amount of products they sell. The most prestigious one is the Diamond Discovery trip which is held each summer for Jeunesse distributors at the Diamond Director level. The Jeunesse Kids Foundation is the company’s philanthropic outreach. It is focused on breaking the cycle of poverty to lift children towards a better future.

There are eight Jeunesse skincare collections: Finiti, Instantly Ageless, Luminesce, NV, Reserve, RVL, and Zen Bodi. Zen Bodi is a line of weight management products designed to be used alongside an active exercise regimen. The Zen Pro Protein Powder combines rice, pea proteins, and whey. It comes in vanilla and chocolate flavors and is sweetened with stevia leaf extract. Zen Pro was developed to be easily digested in protein shakes. Zen Shape supplements are another element of the Zen Bodi system.

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RESERVE is an antoixidant fruit blend with a sweet berry taste. Antioxidants combat the oxidation process that produces free radicals and can damage the body’s cells. RESERVE, like the Zen Bodi collection, is designed to complement a healthy, active lifestyle. The main ingredients in the RESERVE blend, including dark sweet cherries and blueberries, are balanced by aloe vera, grape seed extract, and green tea to provide full-body support.

Instantly Ageless is a cream designed to reduce the appearance of aging on the skin, including fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration. A live demo on the Jeunesse website shows the cream working in just a few minutes. Each vial can be used more than once and on different areas of the face.,-FL-jobs.html

Dr. Johanan Rand, President of the Medical Centre since 2010, an expert in integrated medicine. Studied at Howard University college of medicine, did his internship at St. Barnabas Medical Centre. With his knowledge, he is accredited to practice medicine in New Jersey. Dr. Johanan Rand social media acknowledgement enables him advice and connects with people worldwide. His facility deals with patients with ageing problems and also weight reduction concerns. He is considerate and thoughtful to his patients. He acts as a mentor to his patients at his 50 years of age.

Dr. Johanan Rand has passion in assisting patients with getting on problems by providing them with relevant information to provide comfort. In the Medical Centre, he advocates for ways to cut weight. His desire in the field enables him to develop certain instructions that help avert diseases, restore health and guarantee healthy ageing. He comes up with HCG diet (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) a hormone produced when a woman is expectant and protects the embryo. HCG supplements make patients lose extra fat and may not necessarily feel hungry after consuming a limited calorie meal. It also prevents deterioration of the muscle. He recommends this method for people who want to lose weight within a short period.

Dr. Johanan Rand says that people have both good and bad hormones. Bad hormones accumulate as the person grows old while good hormone levels reduce. Examples of insulin, cortisol are bad hormones, good hormones are testosterone, human growth hormone. He balances the two hormones, and the patients are seen to be more energetic. The benefits of this include less chances of cancer and heart disease. Dr. Johanan Rand also treats patients with ageing conditions such as less memory retention, low libido and anxiety among others. He ensures that the good hormones are brought back by giving bioidentical hormones to the patient. These hormones are said to be safe compared to synthetic hormones.

Dr. Johanan Rand also advocates for physical exercises since it increases lean body mass. The increase will then cause a decrease in fat and prevent illnesses such as diabetes. The workers will have to conduct a blood test, after experimenting, the patient can advise on a better diet and an exercise program.