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Nothing turns me on more than a man with beautiful hair. I think we all have fetishes especially when it comes to the opposite sex and my fetish just happens to be men with beautiful hair. I’s creepy but I guess that makes me a creep. When I first start dating a guy I will even go as far as snoop through is bathroom whenever I first go to his home just to see what kind of hair care products he does or does not use. I have always been a believer that you can tell a lot about a man by his hair and I don’t care who judges me I stand by that.
Recently, while on a date with a potential suitor we got into a pretty heated debate about Wen By Chaz []. I have seen on the sephora beauty market and heard about Wen By Chaz products over the last few years but this particular guy was convinced that there was no way the product could work on a regular man’s hair. Sure, he had seen it work on celebrity women and men but he had doubts hat it could work for anyone else. I’ve been a fan of Chaz Dean for years so I believed the product worked and while I had never tried it I was convinced I could find someone who had.

Today was my lucky day. I stumbled across this article in Bustle.