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Alexis Kennedy is an entrepreneur in the video game industry. His first company was Failbetter Games. This company’s most popular games were Fallen London and Sunless Sea. He then co-founded Weather Factory in 2017. This company is dedicated to creating narrative games using an indie aesthetic. In addition to designing these games, he also writes the dialog in them.

He has spoken around the world at universities and conferences. The topics Alexis Kennedy discusses include narrative design and interactive writing. He has used these skills in other games such as Dragon Age: The Last Court, Dragon Age “Joplin”, The Night Circus, Machine Cares!, and StoryNexus.

Alexis Kennedy’s first game at Weather Factory was Cultist Simulator. It can be played on mobile devices and Windows. On Windows, it can be downloaded from Steam, The Humble Store, GOG, and The Windows version is $19.99 and the mobile version is $6.99.

Cultist Simulator takes place in a 1920s-themed setting. Players can seek out power, beauty, knowledge, or revenge. It has over 110,000 words and, besides English, can also be read in Chinese and Russian.

This Lovecraftian card game has won multiple awards since first being released on May 31, 2018. Develop Star Awards gave it their Best Game Design and Best Innovation recognition. It was nominated for Debut Game and Game Innovation for the Bafta Game awards. Cultist Simulator was a finalist for BIG’s Best Gameplay, Best Game, and Innovation awards.

Alexis Kennedy is presently working on the next game to be released by his studio, which is Book of Hours. This will be a combat-free roleplaying game that takes place in an occult library. The library was largely destroyed in a fire, ruining its collection of books. The player is tasked with rebuilding the collection. It is a non-linear story about the power of books.