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Rich History of Innovation

OSI Industries has over 100 years of innovation history in the food production and food packing industry. It is at the ranked as one of the top privately-owned companies in the world by Forbes worth in recent figures at $6B. It is known primarily in the past 65 years as a producer of choice by Ray Kroc himself for his McDonalds franchises. Recently in a co-production agreement between OSI Industries and Impossible Foods OSI Industries will now co-produce the Impossible Burger in its Chicago plant. The Impossible Burger is the first al plant-based burger among recent years producers of plant-based burgers to have all the characteristics of a beef burger, yet it retains 100% of its plant-based ingredients without any additives.

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The Impossible Burger Debut

The Impossible Burger made a big wave in 2016 when Impossible Burger presented it to food critics, Michelin chefs, and food purveyors in its debit showing in Celebrity Chef’s owned and operated restaurant in New York, the Momofuku Nishi. After the well-received debut of the Impossible Burger, growing demand for the Impossible Burger became evident at the headquarters of Impossible Foods who received close to 1000 orders for its flagship burger. By 2019 the number of requests had grown tenfold, and Impossible Foods was unable to keep up with order at its own 68000 square foot Impossible Burger production plant in Oakland. Impossible Foods immediately made a co-production agreement with OSI Industries who has demonstrated a long history of innovation, excellent service, an eye for quality, and an international distribution network.

A Second Impossible Burger Production Plant

OSI Industries immediately began fitting one of its Chicago plants to meet all the specifications of Impossible Foods for a second production plant in the United States. According to Sheetal Shah, speaking for Impossible Foods, the Chicago production space meets the specifications almost precisely as the original production facility of Impossible Foods in Oakland. Mr. Shah also mentioned how Impossible Foods looks forward to working with the legendary food packer and wants to learn from its 100 years of innovations as they move forward in this co-production arrangement. Mr. Shah also mentioned other burger purveyors are taking this opportunity to place their version of the Impossible Burger on their menus. Burger King will launch the Impossible Whopper in 7,500 of its restaurants later this year.


In an era where diets change often for the average consumer, the OSI Food Solutions has made the groundbreaking move to join the sustainable food movement. Under the guidance of Chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin, this change entails integrating new technological advancements in production that are environmentally friendly. He’s also been working on new relationships that will retain the company’s hold in the food manufacturing industry.

Most notable to date is the co-manufacturing partnership with Impossible Foods. Impossible Foods is a Silicon Valley-based company that manufactures plant-based meat alternatives. In recent, it has supplied to chain restaurants like Burger King, Del Taco, and most recently, neighborhood supermarkets. This partnership has allowed Impossible Foods to expand and develop new products.

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Both Lavin and OSI Food Solutions have also received numerous industry awards for their sustainable efforts. Most notably, the North American Meat Institute (NAMI) recognized two of its facilities, one in Geneva, IL, for its innovative environmental practices. Lavin himself has also received individual accolades for his accomplishments within the company.

Using technology in production is something that OSI Food Solutions has been doing for more than a half-century when they began as one of the main suppliers for McDonald’s. While operating as Otto & Sons in the late 1960s, a system using liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezing was implemented as a way to increase food production. It would also help to expedite the process of safe storage and transportation of meat products across the nation.

It was also around this period Lavin came on board as an investor. His previous banking experience played a solid role in financing the new West Chicago building, which was dedicated to servicing McDonald’s. Afterward, he would become a partner, as Otto & Sons became the OSI Group, known today as OSI Food Solutions.

When it comes to success, Lavin credits OSI’s 20,000 workers that work at 65 facilities in 17 countries. While humbly mentioning that his workers are the most important part of a business, he also boasts that employee turnover is minimal. In addition to a busy schedule, Lavin is also dedicated to a number of causes, which include The Ronald McDonald House and numerous charities in the Chicago area.


We can see that a few of these companies have debt that is more than 2x their EBITDA. In such a situation, one would see that it is necessary to have for revenues happening on a regular basis. Increased revenues would help to pay off debts.

One must understand why a company like the OSI Group has good prospects. After al

l, an investor or an employee only has so much time in this world. The OSI Group may be a company to look into after finding out that it has dealt with large corporations that serve burgers within this world.

When an investor understands the obvious elements of a company like the OSI Group then they can dig deeper into the company. The OSI Group is not a government-sponsored enterprise. This specific company operates in the meatpacking and processing area of the world. It is a commercial operation and thus it is one that that deals with other businesses and not directly with a specific consumer.

The company has several lines of business but has always stuck to its core lines of business since it was started. This is one business that is needed and will thrive as long as there is a demand for meat.

Remember that this is a private company as well.

One must realize that a company must have competitive advantages for investors to get involved. If a company does not have competitive advantages then an investor would have to think twice as to why they are interested in having the company as a part of a portfolio. With a lower cost of funds than others, that can serve as a competitive advantage, overall efficiencies can serve as a competitive advantage. There are many other factors that can serve as competitive advantages to a company like the OSI Group.

Private enterprise can be lucrative but there must always be some sort of edge that translates into proper and real value across the board.

One company like the entity being discussed does have scale. The scale is important because that means that it is known and will continue to be prevalent The Sustainability Vision of Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI Group

Mina came to age in a family that loved baking, and she fell in love with the food industry from the family passions. Today, she is a career woman who has earned her spot as an accomplished caterer in America.

Though Mina did not stick to baking only, she has diversified her brand to include all kinds of food for all types of occasions. She is the author of various menus and will invite you for menu tasting once you contact her for catering. Not only does she believe in top-notch service for her diverse client base, she thinks that everybody deserves to eat mouthwatering and healthy food. Junking is not her style.

Whether you are a bride that has fallen head over heels in love, a corporate boss seeking to impress a client or hosting a day out with the boys or girls, Mina ensures that you get your money’s worth. Her career is her daily life.


The food industry has scandals from poor delivery systems, lousy food, small portions or unhygienic food preparation conditions. Scandals, however, are not Mina’s story as she has successfully run the Saint Germaine catering business since its inception without a dissatisfied customer coming back to complain. She started small and now is at the top managing food equipment worth millions and quite some focused staff. Her business is operational in four states, her recognition as one of the top forty women under the age of forty in the business world is phenomenal. She also wowed the enterprising world enough, for her to win the award under the women category. There is no stopping this woman that begun her climb from the dirt and is now dining with the crème de la crème of society.

She Believes in

Her philanthropy is empowering women, and women handle all aspects of Saint Germain Caterers. She believes that America holds opportunities for everyone that is keen enough to pursue it. Finally, she feels that it is never too early or too late to start a business.

More about Mina

She has a food blog dedicated to food. She hosts menu tastings every month to extend her clientele base. She is also involved in the designing of the Saint Germaine website, to broaden their horizons further.