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The first Rocketship school opened in San Jose, California ten years ago. They have learned a lot, and continue to grow. Rocketship believes in personalized learning, and they make visits to the homes of the students every year to promote a strong family relationship. The focus of the school is elementary education, and they feel engaging the parents outside of the classroom, and creating a demand for parents in public education is very important. Their program for parent leadership helps families use their power to help public schools of high-quality thrive, hold leaders accountable for their actions, and demand political attention. They have enabled parents to advocate for quality education, and they have been successful.

Rocketship Education welcomes students of all races, ethnicities, creeds, and classes. Although they see the value in diversity, they do not believe a student should have to stray from their community to attend a school of high-quality. Rocketship has an excellent program for disabled students, and helps them integrate into the classroom. Their flex model has created a learning environment based on excellent teachers, setting goals, constant learning, and actionable feedback. Their teachers embrace feedback, are tenacious learners, and master their skills. Rocketship takes pride in being a public school, and they wear their name as a badge of honor.

Rocketship Education is recognized as public elementary charter schools. Their network is non-profit, and they work with communities with low incomes who do not have much access to high-quality schools. Rocketship Education was founded as a nonprofit corporation in 2006. Their goal is the elimination of any gap in achievement with the creation of a school model that is sustainable, and scalable. The achievement of the students is critical to the country’s underserved communities. The instructional model of Rocketship is led by teachers, and supported by leading to the development of a lifelong advocacy between parents, students, and the community. They are working hard to eliminate the gap in achievement.