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Creating wealth over a period is not easy as there is a lot of research and calculation involved. Many people invest randomly with or without accurate knowledge of whether it would provide the returns they are looking for. Some of these investments end up not as expected, and people lose a lot of money. There is a way on how people should invest their money to achieve their financial objectives. Getting professional help is sometimes necessary to ensure that you do not invest in sluggish investment tools and options that are bound to be doomed later on.

In these times of economic uncertainty, it is essential that you stay aware of what is going on in the financial markets. The best source of economic updates and financial markets is the print and digital publications of Agora Financial. It is a publishing firm that was established in the year 1984 and is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. The company aims at helping the people know what is going on in the financial market so that they can make crucial investment decisions with ease. Agora Financial is one of the most reliable publishing houses in the United States and has over a million subscribers.

The company aims at providing financial information that the readers can trust. The publications of Agora Financial are meant to help people understand how the financial markets work and what can they do to achieve their financial goals without hassles. The speculations made by the experts at Agora Financial have proven to be highly useful for the readers, and they have been able to avoid significant losses. In the past, Agora Financial has made some significant market predictions that have saved the people from significant financial losses and even helped them build considerable investments that are fruitful. Agora Financial continues to help common people achieve their financial goals through strategic and reliable economic advice.

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The company Southridge Capital LLC entered a purchase agreement with the Dallas-based Elite Data Services back in 2015. The purchase agreement was of equity worth 5 million USD. Since the then, the Southridge Capital LLC has been growing more substantial in both services and proportions.

Southridge Capital LLC is working in the finance sector. It specializes in direct investment as well as advisory services for companies of the small and middle markets. The company is also strongly involved in the investment business. Since 1996, the Southridge Capital LLC has managed to invest but 2 billion in businesses around the globe and aid them with their growth.

The Dallas-based Elite Data Servies Inc. is working in the tech sector, It creates software to use in marketing and advertising of assets that they either own or control. The technology that the Elite Data Services uses is advanced and proprietary. It provides clients with marketing and advertising solutions that are designed to yield results and generate a higher revenue for the client. The Elite Data Services is working with businesses in the automotive industry, gaming, hospitality, and so on. For more details visit LinkedIn.

The tech portfolio of the Elite Data Services is rather extensive. It is enhanced with resources for content production and the company;’s expertise in software development. That positions the business to introduce a new approach to marketing models today. That has also made the Elite Data Services a highly attractive client and business partner for the Southridge Capital LLC.

According to company leader Stephen Hicks, the Elite Data Services is precisely the time of company that the Southridge LLC wants to invest in. The company fulfills the aspects of innovation and influence as well as the promise of contribution to their sector and industry in the future as well as now.

Mr. Stephen Hicks is serving as the Chairman of the Board and the Chief Executive Officer of the Sujtidhe Capital LLC. He is also the man behind the company and has been focusing on it since he founded it several years ago. The Southridge is also focused on growth and beneficial investments.

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With numerous demands on money and time, it becomes easy for an individual to get lost in the daily activities especially when it is common sense to invest in long-term, investment schemes. That is where the right insight from a professional financial advisor makes a big difference. At Agora Financial, the team is equipped with the knowledge to offer the right advice regarding investment. The company has been thriving on this aspect for decades.


Bill Bonner founded Agora Financial in 1979. He is an experienced financial writer. Bill has authored Empire of Debt in addition to Financial Reckoning Day. Under his leadership, Agora Financial has become a leading financial advisor in Maryland. The company produces books and publications made for investors who aspire to predict market conditions before investing their resources in various businesses. Some of the publications come in the form of conferences, books, and commentaries.


Agora Financial creates a personalized plan for clients and their families. The plan is designed to assist clients in achieving their financial objectives in life. Agora Financial will suggest practical solutions meant to help clients grow while protecting their wealth at the same time.


From 1999, Agora Financial has hosted the yearly Agora Financial Investment Symposium. The event is usually held in Vancouver. Being the largest event for the company, it is attended by financial experts. Experienced speakers also flock the event to offer speeches regarding wise investment. Some of the past speakers include Doug Casey and Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Every year, the symposium is dubbed ‘A Tale of Two Americas.’

Growth in Competition

Throughout history, Agora Financial has consistently, beaten most of the media’s financial teams. Readers have testified that the company is well aware of the current tech bubble, the housing situations and the available credit facilities in finance. Agora Financial handles a broad spectrum of accounts in finance.


The Agora is Agora Financial’s parent company. It moved to Mount Vernon in 1994. Until now, the company has expanded its operations to include thousands of clients in the area. The management converted multiple mansions into office space. Bill Bonner contributed to the modernization of Agora Financial by maintaining its opulence and charming environment.

Additional Information

To understand the market conditions before investing, you need an experienced financial advisor who can predict the future of the stock market. Agora Financial provides you with newsletters and editorials for guidance. The company invests in modern communications platforms for user’s best understanding.

Having a solution for all of your financial situations can be downright impossible, especially if you’re working on your own. You might be dealing with debt accumulated from credit cards, medical bills or overspending. You might have a really poor credit score that nothing at all is helping to repair. You might be growing a business that is beginning to experience financial collapse. You might have a family and need to create a solid budget and investing plan so that your money continues to grow and prevents you from living from one paycheck to the next. If this sounds a lot like you, it’s time to reach out to the pros of Southridge Capital.

Southridge is a financial solutions agency specific to both individuals and businesses. They work with the little man so that you can get better hold of your financial situation. Plus, Southridge Capital has years of experience working within this field, so they can be totally trusted to handle any situation you happen to throw at them. Now is the time for you to give this amazing company a try for yourself and see if they are there for you as they have been for a ton of other clients. They also work with clients all over the country, so just because you’re not based in Connecticut does not mean that you cannot make use of Southridge Capital and all that they offer to you.

There are a lot of clients currently utilizing the services of Southridge Capital for all that this company is worth. It’s great to finally get out of debt and get your financial life back on track without spending a ton of money just to be able to do this for yourself. There are tons of people out there who can make use of this for themselves with the help of Southridge Capital, so it’s worth looking into a company like this and seeing what they are going to be able to do for you, your family or your business so that the financial problems are finally going to be a thing of the past. Visit their Facebook and Twitter account.

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The primary aim of any and all investors is to make money from their money as it how the wealth is created. However, how to know where to put the money, especially when you are a novice when it comes to investments and finance? It is where Agora Financial comes in. They have over twenty finance and investment based publications specific to different industries that provide detailed market analysis  reports to its readers to ensure they are kept in the loop about where the market is heading and whether it is the right time to invest in the particular industry or not.

Agora Financial has predicted much popular financial news in the past and has an excellent track record of guiding its readers in the right direction when it comes to finance and investments. As the economic markets are very volatile, it is essential to have the proper guidance to know where one should invest and what investment options to stay away from. Making right investments at the right time would help in taking your finances a long way from where it is now and ensure that you can achieve the investment and financial goals with ease. Agora Financial is one of the oldest publication houses from the business world and has been around since 1979.

Agora Financial spends over a million dollars every year in just travel expenses for its reporters to travel around the world to research in-depth about what is going on in different industries. It helps in getting the firsthand knowledge about the industry updates and helps in making the right prediction regarding where the market is heading. It is this knowledge which the Agora Financial passes down to its readers, who can make use of the provided information to make the right investment decisions.

So how does a high school graduate with a C+ average build and sell hundreds of millions of dollars worth of products and services? The grace of God is the answer that Marc Sparks gives and he’s the one who has done all of this and more. He details the fact that he has no formal training to do the outstanding work that he does, but admits that he was born with a keen instinct. He’s a serial entrepreneur who has started dozens of companies and achieved a remarkable level of success. Mix in a few failures and you have an expert on startups with vast experience who’s uniquely qualified to lead others down the entrepreneurial path.

Timber Creek Capital is the private equity firm that Sparks owns and manages with a high degree of success. They provide a full range of resources to help aspiring entrepreneurs nurture their great ideas. It is a collaborative atmosphere that Sparks has cultivated and he works with several companies at a time in this endeavor. Having fun along the way is also part of the equation and Sparks works hard to cultivate this aspect as well.

Developing a viable business plan for startups is something that Marc Sparks excels in and is a large part of the work being done at Timber Creek Capital. He also helps them cultivate a successful mindset and a business culture to match. Short and long-range goals are also a part of the Timber Creek program that helps give startups the best chance to become profitable.

The journey of Marc Sparks along his entrepreneurial trail has been marked by obstacles and one story, in particular, illustrates his perseverance and mental toughness. He can remember being so poor that he was forced to buy groceries at a Texaco station with his gasoline credit card. Despite this, he also remembers the excitement with which he pursued his hopes and dreams and they became the rocket fuel that he used to reach the stratosphere of success.

Sparks shows a humble side as revealed by his willingness to teach others by recalling his own painful failures. Some of those memories were etched upon his mind and he cringed inwardly at the thought of revealing them publicly. However, he felt that the greater good was accomplished in doing so. His book which is entitled “They Can’t Eat You” reveals valuable lessons of great success and some failures that young entrepreneurs can learn from and thereby avoid making critical mistakes.

Philanthropy is another strong interest for Marc Sparks and he enjoys helping others improve their lives. His work with Habitat for Humanity allows him to make a difference in the lives of those in need of a good place to live. It also reveals a kind spirit which takes pleasure in giving back to his local community.Learn more: