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With numerous demands on money and time, it becomes easy for an individual to get lost in the daily activities especially when it is common sense to invest in long-term, investment schemes. That is where the right insight from a professional financial advisor makes a big difference. At Agora Financial, the team is equipped with the knowledge to offer the right advice regarding investment. The company has been thriving on this aspect for decades.


Bill Bonner founded Agora Financial in 1979. He is an experienced financial writer. Bill has authored Empire of Debt in addition to Financial Reckoning Day. Under his leadership, Agora Financial has become a leading financial advisor in Maryland. The company produces books and publications made for investors who aspire to predict market conditions before investing their resources in various businesses. Some of the publications come in the form of conferences, books, and commentaries.


Agora Financial creates a personalized plan for clients and their families. The plan is designed to assist clients in achieving their financial objectives in life. Agora Financial will suggest practical solutions meant to help clients grow while protecting their wealth at the same time.


From 1999, Agora Financial has hosted the yearly Agora Financial Investment Symposium. The event is usually held in Vancouver. Being the largest event for the company, it is attended by financial experts. Experienced speakers also flock the event to offer speeches regarding wise investment. Some of the past speakers include Doug Casey and Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Every year, the symposium is dubbed ‘A Tale of Two Americas.’

Growth in Competition

Throughout history, Agora Financial has consistently, beaten most of the media’s financial teams. Readers have testified that the company is well aware of the current tech bubble, the housing situations and the available credit facilities in finance. Agora Financial handles a broad spectrum of accounts in finance.


The Agora is Agora Financial’s parent company. It moved to Mount Vernon in 1994. Until now, the company has expanded its operations to include thousands of clients in the area. The management converted multiple mansions into office space. Bill Bonner contributed to the modernization of Agora Financial by maintaining its opulence and charming environment.

Additional Information

To understand the market conditions before investing, you need an experienced financial advisor who can predict the future of the stock market. Agora Financial provides you with newsletters and editorials for guidance. The company invests in modern communications platforms for user’s best understanding.

At 52 years of age, David Giertz has an experience of 30 years in his finance career. During his career he has served as the senior Vice president of Nationwide Financial distribution and Sales Nationwide Life Insurance Company since April 2013. Additionally, he has also served as the president of Financial Distributors since March 2013. Due to his financial expertise on he has also served as Director, senior vice president and president in many organizations.

David Giertz is a financial advisor having passed the required four exams and currently works for Nationwide Investment Service Corporation. He is a registered broker and offers his services to the organizations involved in selling and buying of securities such as bonds, shares and debentures. He engages with firms that are registered as security dealers and can trade on behave of these firms or on his own account. David seems to conduct all his businesses in a professional manner and has not had any disclosures to the body that regularizes financial advisors. Disclosures involves telling of any issues that may prevent proper performance of the financial advisors. According to, the issues raised under the disclosure section include customer complaints, personal interests, and professional conduct among other issues.

David Giertz speaks about people’s misconception about social security and states that the issue results in less income or unanticipated taxes to the retirees. In this case he advises people to have a retirement plan that will maximize the benefits that people get from social security. The plan involves an activity that generates income to ensure that people secure their livelihoods after retirement. He emphasizes that social security is a sensitive issue and that people should handle it with care to avoid disappointments when they retire. David Giertz further emphasizes that people should not rely on just what they get as social security but should have a way of making the best out of what they get.

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There is a thing with rich people and giving back to the society. When a person has achieved his dreams, the only thing left is to help the less privileged in the society. While this may not apply to all rich men, Keith Mann has dedicated himself to the life of giving when he is not in business. For this reason, he recently took another step in helping the brilliant, bright and poor students acquire a four-year college education. He recently launched a scholarship program that will be referred to as the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. He launched this scholarship together with his wife, Keely.

Keith Mann has been involved in other philanthropic activities in the past. For instance, he stood with the NYPD when they were attacked by the public by sending them lunch several times. He sent the lunch two times as he knew that people tend to forget one act of kindness. His brother in law happens to be a police officer at the department. During this act, Keith Mann asked the public to stand with the police as they face a lot of challenges while trying to protect them from the bad people.

The scholarship that Keith Mann established will be accomplished with the help of an institution called the Uncommon Schools. The requirements of this scholarship require the needy student to write an essay detailing how they will benefit from the scholarship. In return, the successful student will receive a grant of $5,000 that will be used to cover the tuition expenses. Keith Mann has been in the executive search industry since the early 2000s. For this period, he has managed to master every trick there is to learn in the industry. Keith Mann says that he brings his ideas to life by finding a need and looking for ways to fulfill the need.

In each year, he has to deal with over 200 clients from all over the world and attend to different problems. One thing that has enabled him to succeed in the industry is the use of technology into his business. He says that this helps him stay ahead of the competitors.

Equities First Holdings is one of the companies which work towards the development of stock-based loans as one of the most innovative strategies to counter the effects of the harsh economic crisis. For the enterprise, they have worked to see the traction of the stock-based loans during the harsh economic conditions. During this time, banks have their lending capabilities cut down. Moreover, they also have made specific entities which have their increment of interest rates to have their clients scared away from the loan application process. However, we must understand that the banks are doing their sole duty to protect the world from the crisis. While we may enjoy the rainfall, we must always be prepared for the drought season. For this reason, the cut down the lending capabilities to help mitigate the effects of the economic crisis.

For borrowers who fail to comply with the credit-based rules during an economic crisis, they must seek ways of meeting their needs using the stock-based loans. Stock based loans are better because they provide a hedge between the loan and the lender. This is because they often work to develop higher relationships between the interest rates which allow the borrower to enjoy the proceeds of the loans.

There are many characteristics associated with the stock-based loans. As a matter of fact, they are characterized by low-interest rates. For this reason, they help the borrower make the most out of the loan. The stock-based loans also have a non-purpose feature that lets the borrower secure the fast working capital without stating the intended use of the loan. For this reason, you will always get a better place to make the most out of the loan. They are also characterized by the non-recourse feature that lets the borrowers disengage their lending from the borrower to make good use of the loans. For this reason, you can walk away from the loan without having any obligation to the lender.

Al Christy, the Founder and President of Equities First Holdings, has seen that many people have no clear distinction between the stock-based loans and margin loans. While they use stocks as collateral, they are never the same.

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Equities First Holdings is an international leader when it comes to alternative shareholder financing solutions. The company has transformed the lives of many people in the economic climate where most of the banks and other lending institutions have decided to tighten their lending criteria. The company services are suitable for the investors who are looking to raise capital fast, or those who cannot access the credit based loans because they do not quality. The company has become very popular for offering these group of people alternatives.

There are some options for this category in the modern times. However, most of the lenders have cut their lending options, increased their interest rates and some have even tightened their loan qualifications to survive the harsh economic times. The founder and chief executive officer of the successful equities lending institution, Al Christy says that he has realized that the loans that have been collateralized by stocks as the best and innovative borrowing alternative to the individuals who need to raise their working capital. According to Al Christy, the stock-based loans have proved to be better because they have a higher to loan value ratio compared to the traditional type of loans. Al Christy also believes that the loans from organization have become popular because they offer the consumer a fixed interest rate, and this provides certainty during their transaction life.

Christy says that during a three-year loan term, there might be market fluctuations, and they can have serious effects on the loans. However, the stock-based loans offer the consumer a hedge because they have a lower risk in the downside market. This proves that the stock-based loans are safer for the consumer compared to the other. The borrower can walk away from their loan at any given time, even when the value of the stocks has depreciated.

The borrower is also allowed to keep all the initial loan proceeds without having any obligations to the lender. Equities First Holdings has made several successful transactions since it was founded several years ago, and this is a sign that people like the services they are offered by the organization. The process of acquiring these loans is also very transparent and fast.

Investment banking is a type of financial program which is targeted towards serving businesses in obtaining financing and extending their investment portfolios. It is mostly effective in higher financial solutions by helping companies in gaining access to investment capital markets in order to increase capital for business expansion or other desires. This occurs in the type of stock choices and bond exchanges. However, investment funding and wholesale business products are aspects of the situation as well.

Investment banking is more than one particular program. It includes an array of products, including advertising, marketing, exchanging, and underwriting bonds and stocks. The benefits of investment banking consist of offering innovative ways financially for government bodies, businesses, individuals, and not-for-profit companies. Investment banks underwrite new equity and debt securities for all kinds of organizations. They also help in facilitating mergers and acquisitions, in selling securities, and help broker trading and reorganizations for private investors and institutions. Investment banking would provide solutions in making purchases, managing assets, and advising mergers. They will also prepare the necessary paperwork for clients. It consists of the back office, middle office, and front office of activities.

About: Martin Lustgarten

With Venezuelan and Austrian heritages, Martin Lustgarten is a well known business owner in investment banking. He lives in Ponte Vedra, Florida, a very elite and expensive community along the oceanfront. He is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Lustgarten, Martin.Lustgarten, Martin bank is very successful and has been since the beginning. They work well will investors in closing huge financial offers to acquire financing from alternative sources. They are over various global business projects, and they have connections all over Hong Kong, Singapore, and Panama. He has also used his investment banking business to help individuals in areas where there are challenges in gaining access to global trade.

Investing in Brazil is a really simple process for most people when they get advice from the right place. Igor Cornelsen helps people make good decisions, and he offers tips for people who are trying to get into the Brazilian markets. The World Cup and Olympics are making it a high time for people to invest in Brazil, and it is becoming very easy for people to make money when they get into Brazil while the prices are low.

Igor Cornelsen explains to people how they can invest their money in Brazil is a pretty effective way, and he teaches them about the rules they have to follow when they are doing this work. The work can get pretty complicated if people are not careful, and it makes more sense for them to make sure that they are clear on the rules on before they make a move.

Anyone who is not sure how to get the work done needs to be sure that they are going to get the help they need before they make a specific investment. They will be able to ask Mr. Cornelsen what he would do in a certain situation. He will show people how they are going to make the most money in Brazil, and Igor Cornelsen will offer insight into the country that people need if they plan to be as efficient as possible.

Igor Cornelsen also knows how to do research on what should be done when people are investing. He helps people understand how their investing can be simple, and he shows people how to talk to locals who will explain how things are going to get done. Igor Cornelsen talks to people all the time who explain what will be going on with a building project or a new business in any area. The locals knows what is going on, and they offer good advice.

Igor Cornelsen helps people learn how to make the most money from every investment, and he works with people who are unsure of how to begin. He can show them what to do when they are trying to make money, and he can help them get around pitfalls that usually come up.

There are a lot of obstacles that get in the way when people are trying to invest in Brazil, and it would make more sense for people to ask him for help instead of doing it on their own. Everyone who is trying to make money in Brazil should start investing today. These people can get good results from their investments in Brazil with Mr. Cornelsen, and he acts as a broker for all his clients. He helps everyone in Brazil make more money with his sage advice and personal experience.