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Building two brands from the ground up has not come easy for Doe Deere.

Her passion has served as the driving force to her success from the moment she became an entrepreneur.

Passion along with authenticity is what she believes is critical for all women to hold as they create the life of their dreams.

Deere is the founder of the jewelry line, Poppy Angeloff. It’s an eponymous brand that is Victorian inspired for the millennial woman.

It is steadily growing and on track to break 2018 sales. If one knows Deere, then they know that this is only the beginning.

Deere initially became an accidental entrepreneur. She and her husband founded Lime Crime cosmetics only after generating buzz from followers on her makeup artistry skills.

As she began to receive countless inquiries into how she was creating her signature and eye catching makeup looks, Deere dove head first into turning her gift into profit.

They started small and struggled to find a manufacturer that would take on a small company, but eventually they did land a manufacturer.

From there, success seemed to come overnight. Selling out their first 1,000 eye shadows in every color within a week.

For ten years, Deere and her husband owned and operated Lime Crime. In 2018 they sold the company.

Now their primary focus is expanding the Poppy brand.

After over a decade of entrepreneurship, Deere believes in holding steadfast to three rules in order to grow a business such as Lime Crime or Poppy Angeloff.

The first is maintaining passion for what you are selling.

The second is to truly put yourself in the role of the customer.

The third is to take risks.

Combined, these rules have served as the backbone for Deere going from just an idea to a multi-million dollar brand, two times over.

And it is this advice that is currently inspiring countless women to live authentically and follow their passions.

Doe Deere was able to start a beauty trend of expression through bold pigments. With no intention at all, she created cult like following of makeup lovers. Eventually, the beauty blogger began to see she could create her own brand to sell to these cult like followers. Lime Crime was born to be a brand that allowed a person’s inner unicorn to come to life. Doe Deere herself has always had a personality that is expressive and that stands from something. By her creation of this fun loving brand, she has allowed other women to feel empowered and expressive.

Doe Deere’s entrepreneur hustle is birthed out of voyage from Russia to America. Her, her mother and her sister encountered a lot of hardships to live a successful and happy life in America. Back in Russia, as a young child she always dreamt of coming to America. She saw the United States as a place of hope and new beginnings.

When Doe Deere and her family landed in the United States, when she was a teenager she quickly began to see the United States was a great place but was not always a perfectly painted picture. Her mother’s accounting income supported the family for a short period of time but eventually the family was evicted from their home. They had to find refuge in staying in shelters and eating at a food pantry.

These were the bleak but instrumental moments for the future beauty boss. Doe Deere saw the struggle. She lived through the struggle. But she did not let the struggle overcome her. Instead, she turned her passion into a career that began as beauty blogging. She began fashion designing. What really caused her to take off was her makeup company Lime Crime. What was once a beauty trend of brightly colored eyelids and hot pink lips became the foundation of what is today Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a makeup brand that supports aiding animals that have been neglected or abused. Her brand does not test on animals and her brand fights back against those that do test on animals.

Since 1929, the city of San Francisco has been home to one of the finest higher-learning institutions in the nation. This institution is rich in history as well as rich in prestige. For those who have a burning-desire for the arts, this university can definitely quench your thirst. Inspiration, talent and a strong will to excel is what flows through the veins of this school, and it has produced a plethora of notable talents such as:

  • Film Director Vicky Jenson
  • Actress Heidi Montag
  • Actress Raven-Symone
  • Fashion Designer Kara Laricks
  • Figurative Painter Asencio
  • And many others

Academy of Art  struts its stuff every year at the prestigious New York Fashion Week. Many of the schools former-graduates has put on very good shows here and last year was no difference. Academy of Art University has attended this event for a record-breaking 21 consecutive-times. That’s right! New York Fashion Week hosts some of the hottest up-and-coming talent as well as long-time favorites. This week-long affair can simply push a participant straight into the limelight. There is an enormous variety of silhouettes, ideas and craftsmanship that is being displayed to the highest degree. Academy of Art University was no different as 10 of its graduates participated by displaying two menswear lines, five womenswear lines as well as two collaborations.

New York City’s Skylight Clarkson Center was literally set ablaze, and it surely didn’t disappoint. The shows were jam-packed with contestants, with industry personnel, with celebrities and with the general public. What more could one ever ask for? Academy of Art University has set the tone for the new year. This fine institution of brilliance will continue on its blazing-path of pursuing excellence and that’s a guaranteed fact.