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Adam Goldenberg has been through a lot of changes in his marketing career, and most notably as co-CEO of Techstyle Fashion Group he and Don Ressler have changed who the company markets to by turning it into an all-inclusive brand. Goldenberg said he didn’t want the company to just be a one-size-fits-all fashion company, but rather to become a company that could give all of its customers trendy apparel that would make them feel empowered. So the company has rolled out all sizes including plus sizes and petite, and many of their athletic wear products come recommended by celebrity Kate Hudson who’s now become the owner and face of Fabletics.

Adam Goldenberg actually started marketing in a totally different niche back when he was 15 years old by starting Gamer’s Alliance right out of his own home. It was this company that led to his joining a team of developers at Intermix Media, a company that would start acquiring all kinds of e-commerce websites and later start MySpace. It was here that he met Don Ressler and started exploring all kinds of ideas to compete with other marketing and branding companies, and the two men found Alena Media which was Intermix Media’s only revenue generator.

Goldenberg and Ressler only stayed on at Intermix Media till 2005 when News Corp bought out the company, and they decided to pursue starting their own digital media marketing venture. It began with Intelligent Beauty in 2006 in which they started off several cosmetics and health brands, but in the coming years they started veering towards the fashion industry. Since they lived in Los Angeles, they came into contact frequently with fashion models and bounced ideas off of them about how they could start a company that sold trendy but inexpensive apparel for women. In 2010, that company then knoen as JustFab took off.

Goldenberg really knew nothing about all the fashion terminology, but he had a team of fashion consultants aboard, and using social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook, he and Ressler were able to get quite a base of subscribers. They also were able to grow thanks to venture capital investors who loved where the company was going, and by 2014 after a total of $285 million in investing combined with company revenue, JustFab became a billion-dollar company. Goldenberg and Ressler have since opened up brick and mortar stores and also bought out ShoeDazzle and FL2.

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