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Relaxing after a whole day of work or school that one moment that most of us look forward at the end of the day. Most of the time, these relaxation moments include relaxing music, great food, and great entertainment such as a great movie to stream or a great book to read. Most of us prefer to just spend the rest of the day with our families or loved ones, telling stories and laughing at jokes.

Another way to enhance the relaxing vibes is to lit a scented candle in the room. Scents can sooth the senses and help your body and your mind relax and keep the stress away. In addition, a scent will also be a pleasant treatment for visitors you invited. With a subtle and relaxing scent, conversations will be more lighthearted and enjoyable. Scented candles are the right items to do the job. It does not only lightly give scents to your home, but it also serves as a decorative item.

Donata Meirelles loves scented candles. She can give you pieces of advice about what candles are the best for each occasion, where to put the candles to make the best benefits, and what time is the perfect time to lit them. In her interview with Vogue, Meirelles shares some of her techniques for effective and efficient set up of scented candles.

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  1. Always Put A Scented Candle In The Entrance Of Your House

Just like what the famous saying stated, the first impression lasts. The entrance of the house is where the first impression starts. If you want your visitors to feel cozy the moment they enter your house, putting the candles near the entrance will do the trick. Just lit the candles before the arrival so the house is already scented when the visitors arrive.

  1. Put A Scented Candle On Frequently-Used Areas

One of Donata Meirelles advice is to put a candle on frequently-used areas. This helps the common rooms smell more fragrant and relaxing. One for the common room and one for the library or washroom is enough. However, do not put a candle in bedrooms as it will disturb sleep or get someone sick after long exposure.

  1. Light The Candles At Dusk

According to Donata Meirelles, the dusk is the perfect place to light the candles because family members usually arrive at home at this time.

  1. Picking The Best Brands

Meirelles recommends brands such as Tania Bulhoes, Jo Malone, and Diptyque for homes. She prefers Ralph Lauren’s Classic Holiday in enclosed and small places like apartments.


If you’ve ever been in a house where mildew or dust fill the rooms smell you can understand the importance of some of the tips from Vogue Brazil director to keep the mustiness out and fresh vibrant scents retained in a room. Different room scents when entering the home or when guest come to your home communicate in a wordless manner the warmth of the greeting as well as what is expected in the rest of the house. Having a fresh and vibrant scent to welcome guests, family and friends, even your own family, brings a warm and lively sense to all who enter your home. A fresh scent is very important to create first impressions or to enliven the person who comes to your home. Donata Meirelles of Vogue Brazil offers several tips to keep the home warm and welcoming.

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Strategic Locations

Donata Meirelles mentions that the entrance into the home is one of the most vital places to keep fresh scents alive since it introduces your guest to the rest of the home. A fresh scent communicated to your guest offers a warm, receptive atmosphere, according to Donata Meirelles. When a person enters a home the first sensual impression received is from the eyes, sounds, and sights. Equally important are the first scents the person receives. Unless it is in the middle of Spring and fresh natural scents fill the air candles are a perfect way to present a warm and refreshing and unspoken welcome to your visitors and guests.

Frequented Rooms

Donata also suggests keeping freshly scented candles in the main room, as well as in your library and washrooms, since these rooms are visited more regularly in the home. It is not necessary to place scented candles in the bedroom in order to not disturb sleep nor to get a person sick.

Time to Place your Scented Candles

According to Donata Meirelles, there is a proper time to place your scented candles throughout the designated areas in the home. Donata recommends early dusk so that when returning from work the scent will have permeated these areas and offer a warm welcome when entering the home.

Suggested Scented Candle Brands?

Donata recommends several candle manufacturers, which she uses in her own home and those are candles created by Tania Bulhoes, Jo Malone and Ralph Lauren. Each recommended candlemaker has a variety of scents to offer like juniper, lavender, orchid or jasmine.

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One of the best aspects of fashion is not just finding clothes that look good. It is also finding clothes that feel good to the touch as well as looking good. As a matter of fact, there are people whom if they were given the choice would rather have clothes that feel good as opposed to clothes that look good. One of the most senseless things that people can do is torture themselves in order to look good. Fortunately, there are celebrities and fashion designers that understand that looking good does not have to be torture.


Kate Hudson has looked at all of the factors that go into how good clothing is going to feel for people. Among the factors that go into it is the type of fabric that goes into the clothing. Different types of fabric are going to feel different. For one thing, the more comfortable types of fabric are going to elevate moods because of the comfort level that it brings. When people are dressed in ways that look good and feel comfortable, they are more likely to be in a really good mood as opposed to clothes that don’t feel so comfortable.


Another factor in clothing is how well it allows people to move. For one thing, people need to be able to move when they are working out. Fortunately, Kate Hudson has founded Fabletics in order to help with the clothes that bring out greater movement in people getting exercise. This makes it easier for people to get in shape and enjoy their self image. After all, one does not have to look dumpy in order to get some exercise. While it can be tempting to leave all of the good clothes for occasions where people meet and socialize, better looking clothes tend to be better fitting clothes.


People who wear clothes from Fabletics are going to feel a greater sense of confidence because of the types of fabric that are used and the creativity that goes into the construction of the styles. Another thing is that the clothes are durable and built to last. Therefore, they can withstand many cycles of washing. This is one of the reasons that people are willing to shop at Fabletics. They will not only buy inexpensive clothing, but they will also be able to save money in the long run because of how durable and long lasting these styles are.

Succeeding in an industry where a single retailer controls 20% of the market cannot be easy. However, Fabletics is proving all the naysayers wrong. It has managed to grow into a brand worth more than $250 million in spite of tough competition. It has done this by being able to exploit the ‘activewear’ movement and provide customers with what they want. Besides that, it uses a subscription model that encourages more sales to its customers.

The old way of doing business involved high-end brands that were defined by expensive attires and quality. However, that method of doing business just does not work in the modern era. In a time of economic downturn, pragmatism is quite important. For a company to be considered valuable, it must concentrate on things such as customer experience, gamification, exclusive design, last-mile service, and brand recognition to win over customers. Fabletics has managed to open physical stores in places such as Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, and California.

According to Gregg Throgmartin, the General Manager of Fabletics thinks that the company’s ability to re-imagine what a modern high-end clothing brand is what has kept them ahead. Besides that, he says the membership model designed by Fabletics has allowed them to offer on-trend fashion pieces at half the price of their competitors.


Reverse Show Rooming is working for Fabletics


Unlike its competitors who are being destroyed by showrooming, it is working for Fabletics. In other places, people browse for items but end up purchasing cheap knockoffs elsewhere. Fabletics has managed to re-engineer the model so that it leads to high conversion. When a customer walks into a Fabletics store, 30-50% of the time, they are already a member. Additionally, the company has a strategy to ensure that another 25% who walk out leave as members. When a customer is shopping for an item at the store, it is added to their online cart. Fabletics has developed a model where the online store and the physical store have been merged.


Online Data Combined with Culture is Spurring Growth


Fabletics understands the value of showing the right content to the right people. Thus, Fabletics collects data on its customers and stocks its stores with the corresponding clothes. However, that is not the only way Fabletics grows its brand. It also uses people such as Kate Hudson, to give the brand a human face.


About Fabletics


Fabletics specializes in the sale of fitness wear. The company provides a monthly membership model to its customers. When you join as a VIP member, your first outfit will only cost you $25. Additionally, you qualify for some fine discounts. Each month you will have to pay between $49-59 a month to get a 2-3 piece outfit for you.

Upon signing up, you are given a survey. The company wants to find out details about you such as the styles of outfits that you like, and your types of workouts. With that data, the company will pick outfits for you at the start of every month. On months when you do not have the cash, you will not be charged anything.

For a very long time, purchasing lip balm involved looking through supermarket or drug store aisles for little Chapstick cylindrical tubes. The lip balm sticks were quite ordinary with active constituent lists plastered on the packaging material. The lipsticks originally came in tasteless flavors and spring for mint or cherry flavors.

Later on, there came the age of the EOS pastel-colored spreads of lip balm. This new brand took over the market in the Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Amazon and Ulta. In fact, most celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Kim Kardashian, and Miley Cyrus were spotted utilizing this new brand of lip balm. EOS lip balm has since been fashionable with most of its brands featured in many fashion and beauty magazines.

The company that was initially created by only two hundred and fifty million expenditure is now the second best marketing lip balm company in the United States. A study by the Kline acknowledges the EOS lip balm company to have individually pushed for its growth in the ever-changing oral care division. The lip balm company currently makes multi-million transactions weekly and has promising future expectations. Motivated by the market for organic and natural products, the Corporation predicts billion dollar steady increments by the year 2020.

Sanjiv Mehra, the company managing partner and co-founder, believes that his business has taken significant steps in building up the necessary information on the business products and distribution methods. The co-founder also understands that it is essential for consumers to know a little bit more about what the business is and what values it stands for.

The company points out that the corporation is devoted to creating products specially made for the woman daily experience. The Corporation endeavors to fashion innovative products that create variants of the market products.

Mehra points out that in doing so, the company commits to presenting products that are longer lasting, consistently pleasurable, and effective.

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What many people of activewear products in the market is that they have nothing to offer. Most companies that sell activewear only sell the traditional and boring athletic clothing. Gym lovers and exercises have loved other products in the market other than the activewear clothing. However, this was before Fabletics got into the market of selling activewear clothing. Once Fabletics got into the market, it sold highly fashionable activewear clothing loved by both men and women. The company has grown to establish a name for itself as a leading brand for sportswear clothing. The company itself was started by a leading actress, exerciser, mother of two and fashion pacesetter, Kate Hudson. She leads the company in advertising its products through her monthly product picks.


Fabletics has grown in popularity mainly due to the quality and affordability in their products. Customers have highly praised products sold by the company for their low and affordable prices. The company has grown to be highly successful in its business endeavors as it has captured a large market base. According to its co-founder, Kate Hudson, she hopes that the success experienced by the company will be replicated in the next five years. The company has plans to open more than 100 stores across different parts of the world.


So what is the secret behind Fabletics success? According to the general manager at Fabletics, he thinks that building a technology-forward and reimagine brand of high-quality product ensures excellent products by the company. From the very first day, the membership model provided by the company has allowed it to offer personalized clothing at half-price its competitors. Many people that have purchased products with the company have been extremely delighted with the nature of services provided by the firm.


Customers have taken a full advantage of the virtual shopping experience made available at the main website. Upon completion of the online shopping, one can collect the products at the brick and mortar stores or have them shipped to their particular location. Signing up for the VIP membership has allowed many customers enjoy exclusive services offered by the program. While realizing that membership is not for everyone, the company has built physical retail stores that do not prefer shopping online. Anyone can shop any product online as a guest. Both way, one still gets the products and excellent services availed by the company. Fabletics has found the best way to merge both offline and e-commerce customers.

Reverse-show rooming is new concept used by Fabletics to bring customers to their stores or showrooms in reverse order. The traditional retail company shows their customers their products in the store, and customers are expected to find the company online. Show rooming is an excellent method of creating an online presence, but Fabletics performs the process in reverse. This article explains how Fabletics is defeating Amazon with reverse-show rooming.

#1: They Wish To Expand To True Showrooms

Fabletics is expanding to over 100 stores in North America is quite a move for the company, and they will ensure over 50% of their customers are online customers. The stores will increase sales by quite a bit because online customers will come to the showroom looking at the possibility of trying something on. Customers understand their measurements in relation to the brand’s style, and they will buy in the store with far more frequency.

#2: Fabletics Has Universal Appeal

Fabletics has universal appeal that sees Kate Hudson as the face of the brand in quite a lot of their advertisements. She looks amazing as she did 15 years ago, and she has created a brand that will appeal to every woman. Women understand that Kate is a style icon who works quite hard on her appearance, and she wears her own clothing. She wishes to have a sleek body that is complemented in the proper manner, and Fabletics does so for her body.

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#3: Fabletics Has A Singular Mission

Fabletics is not a divided company as Amazon and the competition are. Kate Hudson created the company with a mission in-mind. She wishes to aid a woman who wants her body to look beautiful in every piece of clothing she wears, and Kate created a brand that will offer women more options when they walk into a store. Online subscriptions are only one part of the reverse-show rooming process, and women walking in the store may shop with the company in two different ways.

#4: Online Subscriptions Supplement In-Person Shopping

Online subscriptions from Fabletics are one part of what a woman wears every day. She may receive her package in the mail, take her clothing to the store and match new pieces to her online order. Women who use varied methods to shop for their clothing will find differing pieces online and in the store. A woman who shops in the store looks around at pieces that will join with her current style to create something more exciting and vibrant. Her online order will complement the pieces she purchased in the store, and the two come together to create one wardrobe.

The online subscription service at Fabletics is reverse-show rooming every customer using an expansion to brick and mortar stores. Their in-person customers are often their online customers, and they will reach women who are curious to see the brand up close and personal. Kate Hudson’s vision for the company offers women far better options for dressing every day in comfortable, affordable a chic articles of clothing.

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All ladies know how difficult it is to find makeup products that are a perfect fit for them. Most ladies end up trying out a wide range of products before they can actually find a good match. In a number of cases, you are likely to encounter products that are simply a wrong match. Sometimes, you may find yourself wearing makeup that makes you look like a totally different person, in a bad way.

Makeup should make you feel better about yourself, not worse. Beauty products are meant to bring out the positive aspects of your face and body. Each product you use should highlight your inner beauty. This means that if you end up looking and feeling bad after wearing beauty products, there is something you are not doing right. The reason for your bad experience with makeup may simply be the fact that you shop in the wrong places.

You can change your experience with beauty products by shopping in a store or from a company that understands what its clients need. There are some sellers who may simply want to make a sale without really caring what products they sell to their clients. Some may only want to push their products from their stores or online sales platforms. All these is always done at the expense of the buyer.

To avoid any bad experiences with makeup, look for a company that makes products suitable for your use. You need to find a manufacturer and seller who takes into account the small issues you care about. Makeup lovers desire products that will make them appear flawless throughout the day. No one has the time and energy to keep powdering their face and redoing their lipstick during a busy day.

Every woman loves a unique kind of product that really stands out among friends and workmates. You definitely want your friends to ask you what you have been using on your face once you meet them. The truth is that not every makeup company can provide you with products that satisfy the above description, unlike Lime Crime on Amazon. Not all products will make you feel like you are supposed to.

Lime Crime is a company that shares not only your ideas about ideal makeup, but also other dreams you have about making yourself a better and more successful individual. The kind of products made by this company are meant to steer you into a successful life since they will make you feel confident as you engage in your daily activities.

The company manufactures products that make it very easy for you to focus on other aspects of your life since you do not have to worry about how you look. The products the company has in stock last for the entire day which means they do not need to be touched up every second. The company has makeup for your eyes, nails and lips. You can shop for everything you like from them without having to go elsewhere for different products. Always purchase your makeup from a company that understands you.