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Beneful dog food is full of real chicken, beef, salmon, and turkey. The dog food also gives your pet a dose of vegetables to keep them healthy. Beginning with Healthy Puppy Beneful Dry dog food is a smart start to guarantee your pet is receiving the nutrition that is necessary for healthy bones and teeth. The food is also good for healthy growing of your puppy. The Healthy puppy food is full of calcium and DHA. With this combination, your puppy is guaranteed a healthy brain as well as good eyesight. This food is full of real chicken and vegetables such as carrots and peas. The rice is gentle on the stomach and guarantees the puppy will love his new food. When the puppy is over a year old he needs different types of nutrition such as protein-rich food. Beneful Dry Playful Life is full of egg and beef. Fruit is added to give the dog energy and spinach to help with iron and energy as well. Most dogs love these flavors and are sure to empty their bowls. Beneful dog treats and Beneful dental chews are fantastic treats for your dog. As dogs age, we need to make sure to keep their teeth in good condition. The dental chew bones and treats are the perfect treats to give your dog after walks or exercise. The dog will love the treat and it is sure to keep his teeth clean and healthy. When your dog is in his later years, Purina Healthy Weight from Amazon may be the food for them. It is yummy and gives them a mix of textures to keep them satisfied with their diet. A good diet of Healthy Weight Beneful and daily exercise will keep him healthy and happy. The real chicken is a great source of protein for the aging dog. His bones and teeth will remain strong. Your dog will continue to show his or her excitement during mealtime. His or her coat will remain shiny and healthy for the duration of his long happy life.