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The healthcare industry has faced a number of challenges during the past few decades. One of the biggest has been the integration of telehealth. This form of technology has the potential to do tremendous good; however, it has had a hard time spreading throughout the field of medicine. The CTO of Virtual Health, Jack Plotkin, would like to see this change. He is one of the leaders in this field and believes that, this time, telehealth is here to stay. In this fashion, telehealth will integrate with every major hospital system in the country and will do tremendous good for patients everywhere. This time, it is going to integrate.

In the past, one of the major challenges facing this healthcare delivery method has been the problem of information sharing. In today’s era of medicine, doctors have become more specialized than ever before. This means that, instead of patients having access to a one-stop-shop for all of their various medical needs, they are visiting multiple doctors to make this happen. This means that doctors need to be able to share information with each other to ensure that their patients are taken care of. Telehealth used to have a hard time doing this. Now, thanks to the advances in the field of technology, this can happen. Jack Plotkin and Virtual Health are some of the leaders who are improving the capabilities of virtual healthcare.


Jack Plotkin is one of the leaders at Virtual Health. He thinks he has found a way to improve information sharing throughout the virtual community. This will give doctors access to the necessary information, helping their patients receive the care they need. This includes tools such as health records, patient enrollment, and insurance claims. With these advances, it will be exciting to watch telehealth continue to expand moving forward. This time, it is going to become integral to the field of medicine.