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Data Systems International is a cloud inventory firm that aims at solving existing business challenges. The company has a robust suite of apps that offer a competitive edge to business entities and organizations with end-to-end visibility and real-time solutions in the supply chain.

Over the years, Data Systems International has proved to be the leading firm in the revolution of cloud-based inventory management solutions. Notably, various supply chains have had a series of challenges over the past five months following the coronavirus outbreak. See This Article for more information.

People are expected to adhere to health guidelines, including social distancing. Data Systems International has launched touchless apps to empower supply chain companies and organizations to optimize inventories. It will also help employees to remain safe and productive by reducing personal contacts during the pandemic.

Data Systems International launched contact-free Proof of Delivery mobile app featuring GPS and image capture alongside remote approvals. Such features aim at reducing and eliminating paperwork process when providing real-time tracking and reliable delivery data. The app works with both offline and online capabilities making it reliable for business entities.

Data Systems International has created driver check-in and check-out alongside the exchange of electronic documents. Paper-based bills of lading have now been digitized; therefore, there is no transfer of paperwork between employees. Workers can now work remotely from their office or homes as drivers practice social distancing. Digitization has increased safety, visibility, and productivity to everyone involved in the process.

Data Systems International offers Cloud Inventory® management solutions to multiple customers worldwide in sectors including energy, engineering, gas and oil, construction, food and beverage, and manufacturing and distribution. Click Here for more information.

DSI provides flexible and robust solutions aimed at delivering supply chains with end-to-end visibility. Through DSI Cloud Inventory® solutions, companies have increased revenue generation, inventory optimization, compliance, and productivity. The firm has a supply chain expertise to offer solutions facing business entities and organizations.


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