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Founded in 1938, IC Systems has been a family-owned for the collections company for the last three generations, based out of Saint Paul, Minnesota (Bloomberg). They were nominated for the Better Business Bureau torch award for ethics three years in a row starting in 2013.

IC Systems works hard to make sure that their core values are followed by every employee. By treating people with respect, integrity and dignity they are better able to exceed expectations and help keep businesses and their customers relationship in good standing.

IC System states that 15% of consumers with past-due balances live several miles if not in different states from where the original service occurred. But unlike many other collection companies IC Systems is not only licensed for all 50 states within the United States but also licensed for Puerto Rico and Guam. This allows them to collect debts from consumers that live in other states without worry of putting themselves or other businesses at risk of being reprimanded for practicing without a license.

As well as helping with debt collections IC Systems takes great pride and their dedication to their community and their charitable contributions. IC Systems contribute to Charities including but not limited to arming Heroes, Toys for Tots, Special Olympics Wisconsin and American Cancer Society. Plus on top of helping the community and donating to charities IC System has ECHO, which is their in House charity committee. This charity plans monthly efforts and considers any employee that is facing a personal or Health crisis as well as deciding on the distributions of funds donated by the employees of IC System and IC System itself.

Current and previous employees of IC Systems has given 3.6 stars out of five to IC System on indeed. Three reviewers out of 16 gave IC Systems a four star review while six gave a 5-star review. With comments such as a great company to work for and a productive place to work.