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It was not that long ago that if you had used the words “Bitcoin” or “cryptocurrency” you would probably have gotten a blank stare. Now there are financial analysts who are speaking almost every day about some of the popular cryptocurrencies and their current price action. Companies, such as Southridge Capital, have come to realize that cryptocurrencies are becoming part of our everyday lives and they are here to stay. One of the attractions originally to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is that they are not regulated by a central bank and can function without regulation. Satoshi Nakamoto is the mysterious person behind the invention of Bitcoin and almost nothing is known about him.


The rise of Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies started off gradual. There were merchants who saw the potential of this peer-to-peer payment process and they began to accept it as a means of exchange. Eventually, the cryptocurrency would become one of the most popular assets to speculate in. Although most people still had no understanding of Bitcoin, hot money was pouring in fast and driving the entire crypto market to sky high-valuations, eventually hitting $300 billion in a short period of time. The largest institutions are looking for ways to adopt Bitcoin for everyday use for their clients. It is the Blockchain technology that enables Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies to be unregulated. The CME Group was one of the first financial companies that took a step further and made it so their clients could speculate with Bitcoin in the future market. Cryptocurrencies are still in the early stages, however, companies such as Southridge Capital are betting big that there are good times ahead for the Cryptocurrencies. To see more visit


Stephen Hicks is one member of the financial community who has been a big supporter of cryptocurrencies. He founded Southridge in 1996 and has over thirty years of experience working in the financial sector. He believes experience is the reason many seek out advice from his company. He is bullish on the cryptocurrency market and the Blockchain technology. He also feels that marijuana stocks are going to be a great area for investors. For more details you can visit



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