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Building two brands from the ground up has not come easy for Doe Deere.

Her passion has served as the driving force to her success from the moment she became an entrepreneur.

Passion along with authenticity is what she believes is critical for all women to hold as they create the life of their dreams.

Deere is the founder of the jewelry line, Poppy Angeloff. It’s an eponymous brand that is Victorian inspired for the millennial woman.

It is steadily growing and on track to break 2018 sales. If one knows Deere, then they know that this is only the beginning.

Deere initially became an accidental entrepreneur. She and her husband founded Lime Crime cosmetics only after generating buzz from followers on her makeup artistry skills.

As she began to receive countless inquiries into how she was creating her signature and eye catching makeup looks, Deere dove head first into turning her gift into profit.

They started small and struggled to find a manufacturer that would take on a small company, but eventually they did land a manufacturer.

From there, success seemed to come overnight. Selling out their first 1,000 eye shadows in every color within a week.

For ten years, Deere and her husband owned and operated Lime Crime. In 2018 they sold the company.

Now their primary focus is expanding the Poppy brand.

After over a decade of entrepreneurship, Deere believes in holding steadfast to three rules in order to grow a business such as Lime Crime or Poppy Angeloff.

The first is maintaining passion for what you are selling.

The second is to truly put yourself in the role of the customer.

The third is to take risks.

Combined, these rules have served as the backbone for Deere going from just an idea to a multi-million dollar brand, two times over.

And it is this advice that is currently inspiring countless women to live authentically and follow their passions.

With a name like Sunday, Sunday Riley, was destined from the beginning to create a business. Her dad even decided to name her with business in mind. Although she may not have started as an entrepreneur in her career, she founded a business named after herself in 2009. The brand that she has created is now booming and her skin-care products have become widely popular.

Sunday Riley products are known for being high-end, yet amazing. The price tag comes in part from the fact that Sunday Riley is committed to sourcing ingredients well rather than cutting corners. This yields amazing products that combine science-based active ingredients such as lactic acid with balancing botanicals. The product Good Genes is a great example of this amazing combination.

For those who want to look like they naturally have good genes, then the product Good Genes is just what they need. It can be used daily or overnight to smooth skin and make skin more radiant. Coming at a price of $105 for 1 oz., Good Genes is certainly a high-end product. However, high-end skin care products such as Good Genes are doing amazingly well for Sunday Riley.

Since Sunday started off as a cosmetic chemist, she is committed to making amazing products. Another great product is the Power Couple Duo which contains Good Genes and Luna sleeping night oil. This combination helps to smooth skin, bring more radiance and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Despite the amazing brand and products that Sunday Riley is creating, she is also very down to earth. In fact, when asked what the most important thing is someone could do for their skin, she simply talked about washing your face. While this is simple and well-known advice, it shows how she is willing to be open and honest. This honesty extends into her work. For example the website details what the active ingredients in each product do for your skin. This includes both the botanical ingredients and other science-based ingredients such as retinol. Sunday Riley provides upscale and chic skin-care products that work.

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