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Free speech is a very complex issue. It can be extremely difficult for people to balance the right to speak out and protest against things they disagree with. Some people go to the extreme with voicing their views or with standing against things they do not like. Certain people, issues, ideas, organizations and laws can be challenged within society but how far should people go with their rejection of these individual entities?

Sujit Chouhdry is a world renown constitutional law expert. He is a leader in his field and his knowledge about constitutional law has been noted by some various governments. He has worked with various governments with establishing their constitution and with its interpretation. Sujit Chouhdry knows that free speech presents a dilemma for many American people. Some organizations, groups and individual will naturally abuse this constitutional right.

Some groups will naturally say and do things that are not within the bounds of legally protesting. In the past, organizations and individuals have stirred up crowds. They have also caused panic with their words, made people feel like they are inferior, spoken out against certain ethnic and cultural groups and have made hateful speeches. Other groups and individuals caused riots and public outburst with their harmful rhetoric as well. Sujit Chouhdry realizes that the law tries to control these things but they too can be a problem as well.

The Supreme Court and the minor court systems have created different laws that actually forbade people from saying or doing certain things out in public. However, these court systems granted people the right to say and speak certain things that many people do not agree with. The point is that the law has to constantly change and remain flexible enough to handle all cases and situations involving freedom of speech.

Sujit Chouhdry knows that legal systems who uphold the freedom of speech must constantly evaluate this right. The process for evaluating this right is never ending and is always changing. Sujit Chouhdry’s experience is invaluable on this matter and he knows that it is a never ending situation.

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