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Classdojo is smartphone application which facilitates communication between a student’s teacher, their parents, and the student themselves. It is used at schools across the United States and internationally having been converted into a number of languages. The users of this app can communicate in through text messages, photos, and video. The goal is to get everybody working together as a team so that the child’s education is successfully supported.

Classdojo was released several years ago and is now being used in about 90% of K-8 schools in the nation. Internationally it is being used in more than 180 nations around the world. 20% of the individuals behind the app were formally teachers which informed the team on what was most important to include in the app.

The Classdojo app includes a video that teaches Growth Mindset with Empathy. This helps children form socially into children that thoughtfully think and treat others with respect. Since this was included in the Classdojo app about 1 in 3 kids between the ages of 5 to 14 have viewed the video.

There are four main areas to the Classdojo app. The first one is the Classroom which is where the culture of the class is formulated by the teacher and the students together. They can decide which areas are most important, such as teamwork or creativity, and then work towards progressing in those areas which are shown on the app. The next area is Messages where parents, teachers, and school administrators can send messages to each other instantly.

The Stories area of Classdojo is the pictures and video section. Students can create their own stories in this area and share it with their parents and teacher. Finally, the Big Ideas area gives teachers and parents a way to access content that includes things such as the aforementioned Growth Mindset.