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Jon Urbana is best known for his skills in his former profession as a professional lacrosse athlete. However, he is gaining recognition as an entrepreneur who is interested in giving back to his community and making the world better for the future. Urbana currently is currently working with Earth Force Inc to help children to become passionate about the environment. Earth Force Inc teaches the youth about their local environment and how they can take an active step in protecting it.
Urbana is passionate about helping the youth. In support of Earth Force Inc, Urbana has set up a GoFundMe account, in order to receive donations for the non-profit group. He believes that Earth Force Inc will help inspire the youth to take an active role and help build a better environmental future. He’s built up grassroots support on Twitter¬†and has plenty of advocates on Instagram helping to support his cause.
Jon Urbana is an active airplane pilot in his downtime, and a Villanova University graduate who finished with his BA in Economics. After finishing his education, Urbana went on to play lacrosse professionally. During his career, Urbana earned the Tewaaraton Award watchlist position as well as being recognized as both a NCAA Division 1 All-American and the CAA Defensive Player of the Year. After leaving professional lacrosse, Urbana went on to be just as successful in his other endeavors.

Since leaving the sport of lacrosse, he has delved into the world of business and has opened a camp for children. In 2011, Urbana helped to co-found the Next Level Lacrosse Camp in Colorado. At the Next Level Lacrosse Camp, children are taught the sport of lacrosse and how to fine tune their skills. Urbana serves as the head coach for the camp. Urbana is also the head of business development for Ellipse USA, a company that is working to revolutionize laser technology.

To donate to Urbana’s Earth Force fund, click the link for his Go Fund Me page.

CEO of Ski Valley Holdings, Andy Wirth expressed his gratitude to Reno City Council for voting in support of the Clean Power Plan, through an Op-ed that was published by the Reno Gazette-Journal.
Andy said, it is a move that will help the country advance from the use of traditional coal energy and using clean, renewable energy. The vote made the council an important entity in the Clean Power Plan movement. He went further to acknowledge that times have changed in a big way, with a healthy, new sustainable and growing economy giving everyone in the region a chance.
He said that the stakeholder companies are utilizing the elected officials and Region utilities in creating a clean energy economy. Andy insisted on the need for clean energy now and not as a thing of the future. He expressed his belief that a vibrant and healthy economy is fuelled by strong policies like Clean Power Plan. He stressed on actual leadership, long-term, rational and logical thinking from the elected leaders.
Andy believes that it can make the region an example of clean energy in the creation of a strong economy. People are still burning coal for the production of electricity, which leads to the low-quality air that people breathe, the drought, forest fires, and carbon footprint, which contribute to the climate woes. Andy said that there is a big opportunity in sourcing for clean energy. At the same time, he challenged companies such as Microsoft, Apple, and Tesla to join in the movement and continue providing employment to the people.
Supporting the Clean Power Plan and ushering in a clean energy future will enable the economy to grow remarkably and people will benefit a great deal. Andy urged the elected officials in Congress, State Government, and civic entities to support fully maximum clean energy while at the same time helping the regional economic growth.
Andy Wirth is the chairman of Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority. He has been in the mountain resort and hotel industries for over 25 years. He is the CEO Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. Andy Wirth is also a contributor to environmental and community service organizations in the Lake Tahoe region. His focus is the improvement of the area.