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The Chairman and CEO of the Capital Group, Tim Armour, commented on Warren Buffet’s investment strategy of wagering USD 1 million towards charitable works. Warren did this with the aim of obtaining better returns compared to other hedge fund managers who simply invest in the passive index fund. Tim supports Warren’s move and believes that cheaper, simple investments should be purchased and held for long periods. Tim Armour emphasizes that the bottom-up investment strategy by thoroughly analyzing firms and building a long-lasting portfolio has been an effective approach for numerous years. According to Tim, several mutual funds lead to mediocre or poor returns in the long run. The low-cost strategy that delivers excellent returns in the long run should, therefore, be embraced by Americans who want to stand out from the crowd even in bad times. Click here to know more about him.

Tim Armour Elected the Chair of Capital Group

Capital Group is the home of American Funds and among the leading investment management companies in the world today. On 28th July 2015, the firm’s Board of Directors made public Timothy Armour’s election as the Chairman of the company’s management committee as well as the chair and principal executive officer of Capital Research and Management Company. The chairman’s position at Capital Group became vacant after James Rothenberg, the company’s former chairman and CEO died of heart attack at the age of sixty-nine years. Tim studied at Middlebury College where he undertook a degree in economics and graduated in 1983. He is based in Los Angeles.

Other than serving the top-most management position, Tim is an equity portfolio manager. He has gained all his thirty-three years of experience in investment at the Capital Group, where he began as the Associates Program’s participant. Tim Armour, who had been groomed to take the position of the Capital Group’s CEO, has the relevant experience to take the company to greater heights.

One thing that can be said about bullies, tyrants and other oppressive personalities is that they need to be stood up to for the people that are being oppressed by them. While there are a lot of studies that link bullying behavior to troubled homes, it is also important to know that troubled upbringings do not give one a pass for treating others as less than they are. Everyone has a right to be treated equally no matter how bad they have been treated at some point in their lives. Mr Thor Halvorssen understands that. This is why he is standing up for human rights.

Thor Halvorssen has been one of the most effective activists for human rights. He has been so effective that he is being considered the new face of human rights activism. One of the things that Thor Halvorssen is doing is cultivating relationships with people of all walks in order to help with the fight for human rights. Among the people that Thor Halvorssen is working with is Christian Bale, who is known for his work as Batman in The Dark Knight Trilogy. He was having a conversation with Chen Guangcheng who was exiled from China. Click here to know more.

Thor Halvorssen himself is no stranger to human rights violations. His family has a history of involvement. His family was in Norway and then moved to Venezuela due to some controversy in Norway. Thor Halvorssen himself has found himself getting beaten up in his fight for human rights. This is a fact that he is okay with. He consider this as part of a days work. He is one of the people that believes that an activist should be ready to roll up his sleeves and take in some punishment himself for the cause. This is a far cry from the stereotype of people who are all talk.

Eric Pulier has been one of the most sought after people in his field since he started working on enterprise technology way back in the 90s. He came to the attention of the Clinton administration, and they put him on the Y2K transition team. He made it easy for them to figure out how to move to the year 2000, and he has helped the government on a lot of projects including the enterprise technology that was used on a lot of different government department phones. That is why he has been so popular, and he still works to make sure that technology is progressing.

The person who is trying to make sure that they can get the right kinds of help for their computers and cell phones should use Eric Pulier’s technology, and they should look at home he is helping with the X Prize committee. This is the perfect chance for him to get the right people in the right forum to talk to them about how them will improve their technology for the public. The public has been looking for a lot of new technology that is usually made by people like Eric Pulier, and now he judges it and gives advice.

I have been one of the people who still uses the enterprise technology that he created, and he has shown me that I am able to run my business in a more efficient way. I want to be able to keep up with the times, and the only way to get that is to make sure that I will be able to keep using the things that Eric Pulier made. He has made it very easy for people like me to get a lot of work done with cell phones that I hand out to the people that work for me.

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Superstar corporate CEO Susan McGalla wants all women to know that they can achieve whatever they desire. All it takes is hard work and the right attitude. McGalla is in the sorority of female executives on BizJournals who managed to climb the corporate ladder all the way to the top. She has successfully run several corporations and left them in much better condition than she found them.

But as Susan McGalla will tell people, it hasn’t been all peaches and cream. “It’s been a very challenging ride sometimes.” Even in this day and age, women in the boardroom isn’t acceptable to some men. There is still a great deal of misogyny and backwards thinking. “Unfortunately, a few men who still think women should be barefoot and pregnant,” said Susan.

Susan McGalla learned her never say never attitude at a young age. She grew up in a family with two older brothers and a father, who was a football coach. It was her family’s philosophy – what didn’t kill you, simply made you stronger. Susan has taken that attitude everywhere she’s worked.

McGalla got her first taste of the corporate world right out of college at Joseph Horne Company. She worked in management and noticed there weren’t too many women moving up. That didn’t necessarily concern her, she just used it as a tool to work even harder. After 7 years, she moved on to American Eagle Outfitters. After proving herself to be a formidable asset, she was installed as CEO. Susan McGalla worked extremely hard to make the company the best it could be.

But she wasn’t done yet. After 10 years, she was named CEO of Wet Seal Inc. Although her tenure at the company was short, she learned a great deal. Susan soon realized it was time for her to spread her wings and run her own company. In 2009, Susan McGalla founded P3 Executive Consulting. She has a staff of professionals who help guide and shape other corporations.

Susan says she may delve back into the corporate world some day. But for now, she’s enjoys helping others cultivate their full potential. She urges all women to take that step. Regardless of how intimidating it may seem, it is a tremendous opportunity to help yourself and others around you grow. Read the full article at

Ken Griffin is a big name on Wall Street for the success that he has produced with his investment firm known as Citadel. He is perhaps starting to gain a reputation around Harvard as well for the generous gift he offered them. He offered $150 to Harvard to help fund student scholarships. The school is near and dear to the heart of Griffin who graduated from there with a Bachelor’s Degree some time ago. He believes very much in education, and he will be the first to tell you that his education helped him get to where he is today. It required a lot of hard work in general, but the education was a critical part of the entire process. Griffin is an investor and he has managed to make up a net worth of $7 billion with many years stretching out before him to make even more. In fact, an exciting thing about him is that he is actively climbing up the Forbes list of wealthiest people on the planet quite quickly. He jumped many spots in 2015 when he went from 91st to 69th in just the span of one year. A lot of this move had to do with how he played the market watch. While others on the Forbes list ahead of him panicked and made the wrong moves in 2015 in the markets, Griffin stuck to his strategies and produced results that were the envy of the entire market. He did not get distracted by the turmoil in August or anything else for that matter, he just kept working through it. People who move up the Forbes 400 list tend to do so because they take concrete actions that help them climb that ladder. It is how they got to where they are right now in the first place, and it is also how they can continue to jump up more spots along the way. It is not as though he needs to do so in order to prove anything to anyone, but it is always a great feeling to be recognized as one of the wealthiest people that exists on the planet.

When talking about controversial businesswomen, no one is as good as Doe Deere to fit this description. Girls are constantly seeing her pictures on Instagram, where she regularly posts many beauty tips, makeup tutorials, fashion tips etc. What makes her controversial is not just unusual name, but her company and everything this company stands for. In addition to this, she is also a musician and a model. Overall, everything that makes any businesswomen unique.
Her Music Career
Miss Deere founded a rock band called Sky Salt with her husband in 2002. After two years, she released a CD called ‘I Believe In Fairytales’, and her band toured in the country playing at many bars and clubs. However, the band had so many difficulties in arranging shows that she disbanded it in 2006 and begin recording relaxing music by the name of Doe Deere. She posted her songs on Myspace , but after some time she decided that this was not enough to keep pace with her personality.
Doe Deere’s DYI Line
Doe Deere began selling DIY clothing in 2003 on, the time when she was known as Xenia. She did this on eBay, which many popular designers visited in order to test out their lines as well. This is how girls came to know Miss Deere, and she enjoyed cutting her T-shirts and making different models from it. The common theme among DIYers was the use of unusual and bright patterns and colors. She later changed the brand’s name into Lime Crime, and this is also the time when her obsession with Shrinkle, a fashion designer, began. Her line then consisted of T-shirts that were cut, and after that she tried something different.
Lime Crime: The Most Unique Cosmetics Line
Miss Deere started this company as she wanted the cosmetics that would stand for her personality and imagination. The theory behind Lime Crime is that it is not just aimed at enhancing girls’ appearance, but at expressing their personality as well. Her idea was that girls should not be limited to traditional colors, but also to bright colors, which can be an expression of who they really are. Any vibrant color can be used for this purpose, from blue, green, white to even black. Her style is definitely feminine, and the brand has become so popular that many girls find inspiration in her makeup tutorials she regularly posts on Instagram etc. In addition to all this, Miss Deere’s cosmetics products are vegan , and it has been proud since the beginning to be the first cruelty- free cosmetics line.
To conclude, Doe Deere, the most controversial businesswoman, now represents the main inspiration for many girls who see their makeup as a way of expressing themselves. Her vibrant color products, together with its unusual names, are something any cool girl must have.