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Seattle genetics is a biotechnology company that specializes in the development of precision medicine therapies. Dr. Clay Siegall, the founder, mainly emphasizes on diseases whose mortality rate has not significantly improved in the last decades. He got his Bachelor’s doctorate in zoology from the-the University of Maryland and a Ph. D. in genetics from George Washington University.

The man is a legend in the medical field. He founded the company in 1998. Through his ingenuity and skills led the firm to the apex of targeted therapy. He made his breakthrough when he made the first FDA-approved antibody conjugate. Now it has various approved indications. He is also accredited to the development of a robust pipeline of more than 20 drugs and a series of strategically executed partnerships with other pharmaceutical companies.

Seattle Genetics has undergone tremendous growth from a small tart up to drug powerhouse. All this has been through the leadership of Dr. Siegall. He is not done yet. There is an ever-growing list of medications the biotech firm is developing. The company is advantageously positioned by focusing on precisely where the 21st-century medicine and drugs are heading.

According to Dr. Siegal, the old approaches to cancer treatment like chemotherapies are destined to be ancient history. As targeted therapies prove their value in the decades to come, he believes the past treatments will not be as efficient. The future of medicine is in the new ways being developed in his lab and many other biotechnology labs in the worlds.

His interest in Medicine propelled Dr. Siegall into this field. He saw the power technology had to correct fatal health conditions and was inspired. It was while studying his undergraduate degree that he became interested in cancer treatment. A member of his family fell ill with the disease. During this ordeal, Dr. Siegal realized how brutal the treatment regimen was.

He set out to find alternative solutions. In his path, the then young Siegall came across radiosurgery and amputation but decide it was still not good enough. The other motivation behind his journey was money. Dr. Siegall admits he got into the private industry because he felt he should get more for his patents. His employer kept all the returns from his work.