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Dr. Vijay Eswaran is the Malaysian entrepreneur who founded QI Group, and he has led a massive expansion of personal business and direct sales in Southeast Asia. Continue reading to learn how Vijay Eswaran managed to build one of the largest companies in the world.

Vijay Learned About Direct Sales Early On

Vijay learned in his college days that direct sales could work. He sat through several seminars that explained how direct sales worked in the real world, and he used that information to begin his company. He was sure that network marketing could become a massive enterprise, and he was right. He started with QNET, and now he manages QI Group.

Vijay Recommends Some Time To Reflect

Vijay often talks about how he no longer has a “typical day” that other business managers have. He could be anywhere in the world working on new deals for his company, but he still starts every day with a bit of meditation. Quiet reflection is a good way for Vijay to get in the right frame of mind for work, and he recommends that everyone in the business world take a moment to relax before diving into a busy day.

Vijay Believes Everyone Has Good Ideas

Vijay works with people on his team every day to learn about and cultivate new ideas. Vijay knows that he is not the only person with good ideas, and he likes to hear from his whole team. He also networks so that he can learn from other business managers and owners.

Vijay’s Approach To Business Helps Companies Grow

Using Vijay Eswaran as a role model will help business managers and owners grow their companies quickly. Vijay has shown that the concept of direct sales works well, and he has also shown that a company can generate new ideas with help from a cooperative team. Learn More:

Daniel Snyder was born in 1965. Currently, he is the owner of Washington Redskins, the Chairman of Six Flags Inc., which is the biggest amusement park & theme park operator, the owner of Johnny Rockets chain, and the primary investor of Red Zebra Broadcasting, which is the home to Redskins Radio Network

He is married to Tanya, and they have two daughters and one son. His father used to be a freelance writer. When Daniel Snyder was 14 years old, he worked with B. Dalton bookstore for his first job. At the age of 17, Daniel Snyder experienced the first business failure when partnering with his father for the business to sell bus-trips to the Washington Capitals fans to watch the hockey team playing in Philadelphia. See This Article for more information.

By the age of 20, Daniel Snyder dropped out of University of Maryland, and he was running his business, which was to lease the jets to fly the college students for the spring break in Caribbean and Fort Lauderdale. Daniel Snyder claimed that he had cleared $1 million by running the business with a friend and two telephone lines in his parents’ bedroom.

Dan Snyder courted Mortimer Zuckerman, a real estate entrepreneur, and he agreed to finance publishing Campus USA, which is the magazine for college students. They invested about $3 million for Campus USA, but it never generated enough to pay advertising and was shut down three years later, but Daniel Snyder’s persistence and charm captivated Zuckerman.

In spite of the collapse of Campus USA, Daniel Snyder had focused on another big idea, the WallBoards. Daniel Snyder realized that mass marketing was waning with many of cable TV channels in a segmented world, and the advertisers were very eager to reach “targeted” populations directly. Drasner, Zuckerman and more investors saw the potential profit in Daniel Snyder’s next venture of marketing products, and supported him. Click Here for more information.


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Adrian Pereira is an accomplished businessman from Victoria in Canada. One of his notable inventions was founding, where stats on players are regularly updated and people can criticize each other’s picks. The businessman admits he and his friends use the platform every day along with the millions of visits the site gets.

Adrian Pereira also launched, an accompanying site like that specializes in NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL. Participants can find trends and use analytical tools for their sports bets. Both of these companies are based out of Victoria, Canada. Click Here for more information.

According to a recent article from August 8, Adrian Pereira plans to expand The Eco Pea Company to four different warehouses. Eco Pea Company develops diapers and baby wipes made out of bamboo that can be used for babies with sensitive skin.

The products are also said to be good for the environment and contain no harmful chemicals. Adrian and his wife decided to create their own line of diapers and baby wipes after their own child suffered from allergic reactions to the regular ones on the market. Adrian Pereira has founded many companies but has shifted his main focus on expanding The Eco Pea Company.

The individual has a lot of passion for his current project and remains steadfast at coming up with healthy alternatives for families. He has been praised in the past for his passion and dedication. After he and his wife conducted some research, they found regular diapers were bad for the environment because regular ones could take centuries to decompose. They also just wanted to provide something better for their child. Visit This Page to learn more.

However, the idea turned into a mission for the two parents. In a statement from their website, they state they wanted to create something that will be passed down many lineages that made a difference on the environment. The couple found bamboo to be the best material because of its softness and durability.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong founded Jingdong in June 1998 in Beijing. When it was first established, Jingdong was a storefront that specialized in the distribution of magneto-optical products. In the first few years of operation, the company enjoyed significant success expanding to 12 chain stores in Beijing, parts of Shanghai, and Shenyang within five years. Within the same time, the company generated close to 9 million US Dollars in annual revenue. After seeing how successful e-commerce had been at the time, Richard Liu decided to start an online version of the company in early 2004.

Qiangdong started a national logistics system to handle the significant increase in the popularity of the company throughout the country in 2007. During the early years of the business, you realize that most logistics firms across China could not manage deliveries in every part of the country.

Most people in rural areas had to travel to the nearest towns to purchase the products they desire, which increased the prices in the small cities. Having earmarked it was an investment opportunity, Liu Qiangdong decided to create a national logistics system to ensure that none of the products were lost or damaged during the delivery process.

There were 3210 delivery and pick up the points Catherine close to two-thirds of the country by the end of 2014. Amazon copied the model, stopped working with third-party logistics companies, and started making the last-mile delivery on its own in the US markets. Visit This Page for more information. has quickly become the biggest online direct sales company in China if transaction volumes are anything to go by. In 2014, the company into it over 50% of market share and went on to be listed on NASDAQ in May the same year. In 2016, became the first internet company based in China to break into the Fortune 500 companies list. It is now the third-largest internet company across the world and the largest retailers across China based on revenue.


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What can we say about Gulf Coast Western and Matthew Fleeger? We can say that Gulf Coast Western started out as a small family business focusing their operations in the deep south and Gulf Coast areas. Gulf Coast Western is now a major player in the gas and oil industry. We can also say that Gulf Coast Western is the managing investor of a strategic investment platform know as Joint Ventures. Gulf Coast Western Has earned itself a stellar reputation for this most honorable of honorable positions. Yes, you guessed it Gulf Coast Western is no slouch. as a matter of fact, Gulf Coast Western is the cat’s meow of business the absolute cream of the crop.

Since 2007 when the reins were handed over to his son Matthew the company has taken a bit of a different turn. Forming strategic partnerships with other forward-thinking companies Gulf Coast Western began to be led into the future with Matthew Fleeger at the wheel.

Matthew Fleeger implemented changes that would lead the company into bigger and better ways of doing things. In addition to operating a profitable business Matthew (Matt) Fleeger was making a name for the company by putting the customer first. He was operating with full transparency cost control management and the implementation of pertinent technology. He was doing all this and more while putting the customer first.

Forthright professional and honest are words one might use to describe the people who work for and are associated with Gulf Coast Western from the CEO and on up and down the proverbial ladder. Marching in time with their customers investors and associates is what gives their public the comfortable and secure feeling when doing business with Gulf Coast Western.


So, Gulf Coast Western and Matthew Fleeger a great business with a great leader at the helm. Honesty integrity transparency benevolence and kindness these are all things a company must have to succeed. Well done Gulf Coast Western.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Peter Harris is an entrepreneur in the insurance industry. He has been in executive positions since 1989 when he was hired as the finance director of Boston Marks Group Ltd. In 1992, he was hired as the chief executive officer at General Capital Ltd. This company provides investment banking services to wealthy clients across New Zealand, He joined CBL in 1996 as the international business director. He was promoted to managing director and CEO of the insurance firm in 2007. Under his leadership, it became New Zealand’s largest insurance firm and attained a rank of A- from AM Best.

He grew up on a dairy farm in Waikato, Rangirri, New Zealand. Peter Harris learned early on that hard work was a requirement and something to be enjoyed, just like a firm handshake. Since where he was born lacks good schools he was sent to a boarding school for his education. He was a student at Southwell School of Hamilton and became the Head Boy. A prize was later named in his honor, which is given to students who defend disadvantaged students.

Having grown up on a farm, Peter Harris was strong. He played rugby while growing up and was on the rowing team. He was a co-founder of the Spirit of Adventure Foundation, an organization that promoted sailing among young people. Peter Harris later sponsored the Young Enterprise Trust and his country’s men’s and women’s rowing programs.

Under his leadership, CBL became a publicly-traded firm. Its stock was listed in 2015 and had doubled in value by 2017. In that year it became one of the NZX 50 members with a value of NZ $780 million. Peter Harris credited building long-term relationships with other organizations as key to his company’s growth and success.

Peter Harris was named by the EY Awards as their “Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2017. In that same year, he was honored at the Australia New Zealand Insurance Awards as the “Leader of the Year.” He says that he has learned more from his mistakes than his successes. He doesn’t give up easily and is always ready to stand up for his beliefs.

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Niranjan S. Shah, PE, F.ASCE is a prominent businessman in the United States. He is an entrepreneur, founder and philanthropist. Niranjan Shah is an active founding partner of Globetrotters Engineering Corporation. He is also the founding father of Globetrotters International, Inc.

Mr. Shah is an established member of the Chicago community. His company is based in the city. Globetrotters is a leader in the areas of engineering and architecture. The company provides numerous related services, including construction management and consultation services. Niranjan Shah started the company as a small, local engineering office. The company has been in operation since 1974. His expertise is now internationally recognized, and Globetrotters Engineering Corporation currently serves clients in the private and public sectors.

Niranjan Shah has been active in Chicago politics. He is Indian born, and he came to the United States as a very young man. Niranjan Shah is a Democrat, and he has met many of the most notorious politicians in the country. He has been to the White House on numerous occasions. Niranjan Shah was a frequent guest when President Bill Clinton was in office. He was there when the President and First Lady hosted a lavish dinner party in the 1990s. The event lasted well into the wee hours of the morning. Niranjan Shah and the other guests were treated to an evening of dining and dancing.

 He has had a successful career as an engineer and architecture in Chicago. He is a self made man, and he has come far after a humble start in his home country. He has been committed to many worthwhile causes in Chicago. Niranjan Shah left his small Indian village to pursue his dreams in the United States. Niranjan was born into a working class family in India. Mr. Shah displayed his entrepreneurial spirit from an early age, and he was a good student. He achieved his degree in engineering at India’s Birla Engineering College at Sardel Patel University before moving to the U.S.

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Many years ago, a young man was born in Indian. Nitin Khanna, a strong and bright boy, grew up in this country, but his dream was to become a global entrepreneur. Although his father spent most of time working in the army, Nitin Khanna got inspiration from other family members who were mostly operating businesses. When he was not in school, the bright boy would help in running the family investments. By learning vital business operations when he was still in school, the business leader did not have a tough time establishing himself in the market. By the time he was graduating and venturing into business, Khanna was a different entrepreneur in the tight market. Many young professionals struggle when they come into the market for the first time. These investors depend on professional help to set up their businesses and earn profits. For Nitin Khanna, the journey to become a renowned entrepreneur was easy because of family. When he was growing, his family made him understand that anyone can come up with a business idea and make it successful when they have the right attitude. In recent years, Nitin Khanna brought a new concept concerning cannabis. This special plant does only recognized in few parts of the world. In many areas, the plant is not legalized.

In the year 2015, Nitin Khanna conducted research and noted that cannabis can be used in many ways. Khanna started to show how this plant can be of great help when legalized in most parts of the world. The business leader invested a lot of money in this plant, and in a short time, and he started earning significant profits. The company dealing with cannabis is known as Cura Cannabis. When starting this company few years ago, Khanna did not know that he was going to earn so much wealth from it. However, the executive had discovered an amazing opportunity, and nothing was going to stop his efforts. Although he sold Cura Cannabis few months ago, the visionary leader is optimistic that other countries of the world will appreciate the plant and use it perfectly.

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TigerSwan, a company based in North Carolina, specializes in providing global consultancy services for risk management and mitigation.

The brainchild of CEO Jim Reese, himself a disabled veteran, the concept of TigerSwan was conceived during his last combat rotation in Iraq. Taking advantage of preferential status for Veteran-Owned and Service-Disabled Small Businesses, TigerSwan was able to obtain government contracts which provided it with capital to grow.

Today, TigerSwan employs over 300 people with operations in more than 50 countries across the globe. The company has expanded to provide a full spectrum of security and construction services – from protecting corporate assets to high profile executives, from families on vacation to government contractors in foreign countries. In addition, it provides other risk management solutions as well as construction services.

The core TigerSwan services include the GuardianAngel Platform which is a visual analytics platform to maintain safety as well as the GuardianAngel Mobile App. The mobile application provides round-the-clock security in a global environment, contributing to significant peace of mind for consumers.

james reese tigerswanTigerSwan also provides physical security services protecting assets and increasing operational safety while mitigating risk. TigerSwan excels in culturally diverse and unfamiliar environments with rapid response and deployments.

Another service that TigerSwan offers is varied types of construction, especially in hostile and unfamiliar environments around the world like the Middle East. Typical constructions undertaken are different kinds of commercial and institutional buildings, multi-family housing, personnel and vehicle security inspection areas, munitions storage areas, range construction and so on.

TigerSwan CEO James Reese has served over 25 years in the US Army. He retired from military service in 2007 as Lt. Colonel, 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta. Turning his intimate knowledge of military operations and the Middle East as a Special Operations Commander into a thriving small business, James Reese has displayed great leadership and foresight. He believes in the Servant Leadership model and particularly enjoys reaching out to fellow veterans. The TigerSwan team is made up of individuals from different branches of the United States Armed Forces and many Federal intelligence agencies who work alongside civilian employees to solve client problems.

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For those who are passionate about their professional lives and career, combining education, experience, goals, and dreams seem to come easily or so Dr. Tm Ioannides, CEO and founder of Treasure Coast Dermatology makes it appear. Dr. Iaoannides knew from an early age that he wanted to help people, and he has been drawn to dermatology throughout his studies at the University of Florida School of Medicine and Health Science Center, and his residency at the University of Miami’s School of Medicine. This is important for young entrepreneurs to understand; hard work and determination to excel are key factors in building a stable foundation in any career.

Today, Dr. Tim Ioannides has six medical dermatology offices in the St. Lucie/Indian River County of Central Florida. Treasure Coast Dermatology is well-recognized and is a major part of the medical community there. Dr. Ioannides and his dedicated staff have established a unique niche in central Florida with his professional passion directed towards helping individuals with various skin-related issues requiring medical attention.

He began his career working with an established dermatologist who focused on the cosmetic side of dermatology. Though Dr. Ioannides was very talented in this area, he felt led towards the medical side of the practice, and after only a short period, he opened the first Treasure Coast Dermatology office to follow that desire. He has combined his talents and gifts including his strong business sense and an unparalleled loyalty for his patients offering excellent customer service, he has created and earned a stellar reputation as an entrepreneur, practitioner and community leader.

For three decades, Dr. Ioannides has been serving his patients and dedicated his practice to higher levels of research. These are areas that this dermatologist has developed superior skills, and he continues to help his patients with amazing medical technique and excellent customer service.

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