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Guilherme Paulus has hit the odd in the Brazilian entrepreneurial challenge. He has withstood all these challenges, and he advises other entrepreneurs to emulate him.

Working in this nation, as an investor is very hard owing to the perspective of the natives on investment, the government may also thwart your efforts Guilherme Paulus has seriously fought the battle and succeeded. For more information about Guilherme Paulus , view his Crunchbase profile.

Guilherme Paulus

He was born in Sao Paulo in 1949. He grew up with the vision of becoming an entrepreneur. He went to university and graduated with a university in business administration. Guilherme met Carlos Vincente Cerchiari at the age of 20. Vincente was a government official and wanted to expand and bring tourism to Brazil.

Guilherme bought the idea and agreed to parent with this government official. Since he had no money as a young man, he decided to provide the human resources while Vincente gives the funds.

They build the first project; Oparadora Agencia Viagens CVC TOUR Ltda. Guilherme Paulus operated all the activities of this firm. They open a store in Sao Paulo, but Vicente left the company after4 years.

He succeeded in the entrepreneurial industry even after the government official left him; he had the will and passion. He continued to expand the business and ventured in the adventure and fantasy.

One fascinating thing was that he placed the first store in front of the movie exit. People became familiar with this store, and hence his business boomed. He opened the stores in Brazil.

The store received many clients that he ventured in aircraft.

These aircraft carried tourist form one part of Brazil to the other. He enjoys investing in Brazil to promote the people around him. He Offered international flights; the business experienced heft blow he, therefore, prefers operating locally.


Guilherme Paulus is a successful interpreter in Brazil. He grows up with a passion for investment and studied business administration as a young boy. He met a government official, and they collaborated to improve the tourism sector in Brazil. From the investment, Guilherme has used the profits to rise even to the greater entrepreneurial heights.

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In a recent meeting, Brazilian financier Igor Cornelsen talked about the many great investment opportunities in Brazil. During a recent conversation, Igor Cornelsen discussed a few things that will benefit investors who wish to get into the Brazilian market. He provided three tips that will likely help many investors get the most out of their experience investing in the nation. His first tip was to establish relationships with the native population. Since Brazil is a very social culture, it will be important for investors to focus on meeting people so that they can be introduced to new opportunities. Another tip provided by Igor Cornelsen is to be mindful of Brazil’s regulations and taxes. The nation has a lot of bureaucracy so it will be important for investors to be patient. Igor has also stated that investors will need to make foreign currency transactions with banks that are authorized to do these transactions.


Igor Cornelsen is an investment banker and consultant based in Brazil. He has established a reputation of being one of the most trusted experts on finance and investing. Over the course of his career, he has developed an expertise on commodities and foreign exchange currencies. This has allowed him to be a leading advisor to foreign investors who are looking to capitalize on the Brazilian markets. Cornelsen has worked with Bainbridge Group Inc. which is a leading investment firm. He got involved with this firm due to its reputation of making significant deals in the stock market. By being affiliated with this firm, Igor has been able to establish credibility as well as gain more practical experience in the financial sector.


As well as being an investment banker, Igor Cornelsen is also a consultant. At this position, Igor regularly provides advice to investors about the many investment opportunities available in Brazil. With his advice, he has been able to help a number of investors gain valuable insight on the Brazilian markets. Along with providing valuable insight on the Brazilian markets, Igor has also been able to provide expert guidance on how to attain success in the Brazilian market.